It was weird going through my notes for Different Is Beautiful. I should have taken a photo to post before I threw them out. There I was reviewing the orgins of the almost ready Different Is Beautiful. I kept the notes. These notes contain a good concluson, perhaps a thought I want to add to the book.

I had this crazy thought. What if someone found these? What if these were the last story I ever wrote? Is this the best I could write? A good reflection of my talent? No, my sketches nor notes don’t have to be. They are ideas and practice. I’ve heard many artists talk about practice. To get to the good you have to go through the not so good and bad. I’m proud of all my stories. I know that the more I write the better I’ll get. I look forward to that!

The other positive from cleaning up is that I gathered all of my notes for the love book. DO I still want to call it love? This big butterfly has a heart shape on the botton wings. I’ll paint this for the book but with a new color scheme.

featured in the book Different is Beautiful

I did experiment with texture. More on that tomorrow.

First put ideas on paper

I haven’t been doing my creative exploration with heart shape objects. I have but not as much as I’d like. I want to go back to watercolor. I’ve been tracing letters. I do like the sporadic fun ones. Right now art seems like a form of theraphy. Last night I watched Mahogany and Diana’s sweet melody, “Do you know where you’re going to…lingers.

On occasion I’m asked why I create. Self love. Sometimes people and circumstance are too much and art always brings me back to peace and love. And when I say self love I mean self positive talk. These books and every thought are my muse, my song, my dance, my I’ll be ok. Yes one day at a time. Oh and I create for the thoughts that have betrayed me. These words in Think and Grow Rich explain a lot.

The presence of a single negative in your conscious mind is sufficient to destroy all chances of constructive aid from your subconscious mind.

Ok I just had to share this and here’s to a good week. I’ll be sketching on Wednesday but I really need to focus on editing Different Is Beautiful! For some reason watercolor painting with oil pastel details seems to be making me happy. I added a blue ribbon eel and a thorn insect to the animals. Next week I’ll be sharing more creative exploration so you can create along with me. I’m making plans for spring break. I need a summer job.

I am so happy that the tribe is growing! Please subscribe if you haven’t yet. The next book will launch April 21. I really want the Love book to be ready by April 21. The e-book will.

The book is done!

I’m finally done with my book. Yup, Road Trip lessons for life is done. I made it with one day to spare. I’m afraid to read it and discover I need to do lots more…

Free ebook coming soon.

Favorite Project

Gathering up some of my favorite projects for my portfolio. Im going to redo my portfolio to include highlights and the process of book creating.

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Have Self Control

Funny experience today, I added a new section to the book. The highway is a busy place: FOCUS Drive like you’re taking a driving test. Have self control. The irony is I nearly lost it. Every time I tried to submit a page everything shifted. There was a little swearing. But that part of my life is over, I think. I’ll definitely be looking for an alternative for the next books.

Painting like this makes me happy. I’m much calmer now. No I didn’t paint this today but I love looking at it. I can’t wait for my new paint palette to arrive. My previous set was a Windsor Newton Cotman. I need to watch a video on different papers for the book interior.

Does this seem fuzzy?

I am officially done with the manuscript for Road Trip. I did leave out a few pages but I’m done. This seems fuzzy and unclear when I resize. The standard size I scanned looks great. I scanned at 600 DPI but not sure what’s wrong. And I thoght the hard part was the writing. Ha.

Today is the last day to get my e-books for free. Make sure you subscribe to my blog so you’ll know when Road Trip is finished and ready for free. “It’s another manic Monday I wish it was Sunday because that’s my fun day.” Honestly, Sunday was a little manic.

More doodles

Today I sat for two hours…the house was calm … too calm…but I sat with my creativity and let my mind wander. One idea led to the next. I thought about my letters and added more ideas. Lots more!

Gave each letter a thought. I now have a map, a map that I’m excited about. A few days ago, I had no idea. Notes after notes, I mean sure I had ideas floating around but no direction. All of a sudden everything’s coming together and making sense. Don’t you just love when this happens? It’s so important to show up every day because at some point, you get past the nonsense.

I know I keep writing the same thoughts but writing this book has been an emotional roller coaster. I was grumpy a good part of this trip. But I had every single one of these beautiful thoughts. So I have my doodles and I’m working on my lettering.

I can’t believe I was sitting, just me and creativity… my memories. I sat for two hours TWO HOURS and it felt like a lot less than that. At one point I thought maybe I should go to the store and buy Sharpie pens in color. Lizard brain showed up and I said,” No I’m going to sit and write.” It was beautiful.

If you’re a creative like me then you completely understand.

Lettering Practice

Now that I know I’m doodling the whole book, I spent part of my lunch lettering. I remember the days when I’d research lettering styles and go over the anatomy of type. Takes me to my skillshare hand lettering reference guide.

This sheet is a free downloadable from I just love these letters. I played around with different ideas. I caught myself critiquing the spacing and making connections between the word and the right elements to express it. I even noticed the that all the letters have the same width. Having the same width makes letters cohesive.

I miss lettering. Road Trip helped me remember that. All this exercise took was 15 minutes. I’ll give myself a few more days to hand letter and doodle.

More doodles and for reals plan

Today I sat unmotivated again…I tried drawing with a pencil. The erasing started… and then I let go. Sometimes I forget that the point of sketching and doodling is in ideas. Ideas don’t always have to make sense. The best ones don’t.

I’m going to sit down when the house is calm, without interruption and just draw the entire book. I’ll practice a little tomorrow. I’ll play. I want to draw without thinking.

I went through my watercolor paintings and none of them are quite right for the book. Not one.

This isn’t perfection. I can paint better. I have. I do love the trees and maybe that’ll be the cover?

I won’t keep going back and forth with this book. I’m not aiming for perfection but I need to do my best. I should have fun. I’ll stick to ink doodles for the entire book. I want to improve on my drawing skills. I can use the fall workshop to work on watercolor.

Back to the book, I’d love to sit down and let my mind wander and DRAW.