Creative Exploration

Note To Self (daily prompt-hidden)

Most of the talent in this world remains hidden. You have ideas, precious wonderful ideas! The problem is you leave them in a box lost in a cabinet and collecting dust. Your ideas are like hidden treasure burried deep in the sea. The good news is you can grab that box, open it and share those treasures with the world. Here’s how to open the box:

Replace negative thoughts with positive ones

Replace hopes and wishes with actions

Love Yourself

Creative Exploration

And so I begin a new book…

The first step is reviewing my notes. Typically I’ll be among my usual and idea comes begging to be written. Sounds crazy I know, but Elizabeth Gilbert describes this so well in her book. It so true! Any way I’ve had this story for months and it’s the one I want to work on. These are a few of the animals.

I’m thinking of so much right now but animals from the most beautiful color to the rarest of the world intrigue me, spark my curiosity really. I’m always left with a notion that beauty before me is purpose. We all have a purpose and in that purpose we are bound by love. Yeah deep stuff. BUT I see a book that children of any age can read. It must be read.

Oh Friday I begin my fall workshop. On various days I’ll post fun fall projects. I’ll also post on my book process ,Tuesday through Thursday. I’ll be painting some fish. Yes I have great ideas for mixed media fish. I hope you got my Road Trip e-book. If you haven’t there’s still time. It’s available for free till Friday October 11th.