Pink Collage Blooms in Progress

Collage is another fun way to make art. You paint textures on paper. You let your eyes create color balance. You don’t know what it’s going to look like until it’s done. You have to trust the process. Sometimes we want to control every single detail. It’s more like all the time. That’s why I stopped sketching with pencil because if I do I start thinking perfection. This design is one of my favorites. I just made it. It was all play.

every butterfly needs a cocoon collage

Yes that is why I started Creatively Hue. Creatively Hue is my cacoon where I can bloom. When you’re ready you just come forth open up your wings like the hungray caterpillar and flutter. Every day there are more of you and I can’t thank you enough. If you aren’t a subscriber then please subscribe. There’s poetry. Fun blooms,always. Books and so much more. Your best work is waiting!

Light and Dark Color

Oh my I forgot how beautiful this painting is. There is dark mysteriousness. The moon is dreamy, so warm.

Without a dark stky there is no glowing moon.

Always greeting my mind my heart, hi!

No dreans are to big

No matter the season there’ll always be a fig

The way you glow

Needs and wants I have them, this I know

Ok we’d be foolish to say more dark times please. Dark times are the moments we become wiser, braver, stronger and smarter. Maybe many dark times hurt so much because we aren’t used to being responsible for our inner experience. Many times what we call dark times aren’t that dark. It’s more like time to remind ourselves of who we truly are. We were born to make beautiful art!

With color this is the same concept. You have red, mix in a little white and you get pink. You have black, mix a little white and you get graceful gray. Lately there have been several occasions where I add too much blue or green and the color is dark, all seems unworkabke. Then I add a litle white or yellow, sometimes who knows what I I mix up. Suddenly, it’s where have you been all of my life.

Copy Paper Feels So Free

I ran out of mixed media paper. It’s more like acrylic paper. Mixing is harder with acrylic than with watercolor. By the time I mix a good color the paint is all dried up. Mixing with these types of primaries is a good challenge.

These blooms make me feel like I painted a mural. I could change the color but the blooms and the blending are beautiful. Then I started painting on copy paper. Copy paper and inexpensive paints! It feels so free. Oh and spraying watercolor over dry acrylic is like using watercolor over masking fluid!

Make Art. Be you.

Choose a word and doodle images that represent the word

Be who you are. Who are you? Make art and go form one idea to the next. You may feel uncomfortable. Fight the urge to throw away your work. Well it’s not a fight really. It’s a need to belong, to be heard. The problem is we already have an audience. The trees. the flowers the bees, the butterflies…they are listening. Are you?

I should do more of these. I will.

Nature is an art teacher

Color tells a beautiful story. One look and feel of nature and you feel alive. Pay attention with your senses. Drop it all and smell the flowers. Listen to the birds. Paint what you feel. There’s no rules. There’s no sense. Everything in nature simply is. We simply are. All we need to do is look within. Painting from within is where our best work is. The biggest best part of nature is…nature encourages me to paint my ideas. Observe a stigma and the petals and you’ll know what I mean.

Wait a minute! The mosaic flower could make a great book cover for the color book? Yes! Oh let me close my eyes and imagine my walk before I paint. It’s a gloomy storms a coming kind of day.

5 minute painting sketching

Step out of your comfort zone and paint. Choose your least favorite color and paint. Get to know your brush. You’ll find that these 5 minute drawings produce the best work.

Now it’s time to paint in color.

painting with an ornament

yellow and pink flowers painted with an ornament

All that matters is that you paint. Pick an ornament and paint. Wait I painted some new blooms a few days ago. If it doesn’t make sense then it’ll probably be good. Trust yourself especially when you don’t. The flowers, moon and the stars always believe in your dreams but the question is do I believe in my dreams? Yes!

Keep painting and bloom into beautiful

turn a mistake into blooms by painting flowers

I had an idea and wait where is that photo? Oh right. The shapes are all wrong but the color is beautiful!

I chose these blooms today because sometimes you may make mistaks or don’t see the blooms yet. That’s when you have to keep working. Last night I went for an evening stroll. The field full of bright colored daisies are now dry and gray. It is raining today and thank goodness. But I still felt spring. You have to. The first layer was great practice. I painted which is what I need to do to get better! The first blooms led to these.

turn a mistake into blooms by painting flowers

I’m going to keep painting, dreaming, creating, and writing. I’ll do it all without comparison, perfection, ego, rules, judgment—I’ll paint with love.

stamp with lids…

or leaves. Today I watched on as others mixed color, painted leaves and stamped. I would have taken a photo but my phone battery was practically dead. I watched on as they painted. Each was given the same tools: leaves, acrylic paint and a paint brush. Sure there was a quick demo. Once given the tools there was no hesitation. Before my eyes I saw them mixing wonderful color. Simple tools made beautiful art. These students were artists, no doubt. Seriously there was no doubt. None.

And that is how you paint, how you be an artist. You pick up the brush and paint. Paint leaves or lids. Use the back of the brush to press down your stamps. Yes I saw that too.

I am.

Every Butterfly Needs a Cocoon Collage

every butterfly needs a cocoon collage

I was painting, when am I not painting. I mixed up a lavender tone. I had a fresh sheet of paper and a brilliant thought. Bring color and balance to every garden. What an idea! I was in my flow. I could go from idea to idea, let go. Then came noise. My mind was cluttered. I was painting to finish. Peace was no longer there. It was, always is but I detached from it.

The Allium I painted, it was the wrong color, wrong stems, and most of all it didn’t come from the inner me. How could it? My best happens in my zone, in my cocoon. Yes my cocoon is where nothing exists but me and my idea. Sometimes you have no idea. The skills are always there. Skills can always be improved.

An hour later I was in my zone and sketched a beautiful Allium. I will paint the Allium and share the rest of the story on a later post. My point for today is that we are all butterflies capable of being that burst of color that happens upon you. Butterflies remind us to flutter flutter and be color.

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