stamp with lids…

or leaves. Today I watched on as others mixed color, painted leaves and stamped. I would have taken a photo but my phone battery was practically dead. I watched on as they painted. Each was given the same tools: leaves, acrylic paint and a paint brush. Sure there was a quick demo. Once given the tools there was no hesitation. Before my eyes I saw them mixing wonderful color. Simple tools made beautiful art. These students were artists, no doubt. Seriously there was no doubt. None.

And that is how you paint, how you be an artist. You pick up the brush and paint. Paint leaves or lids. Use the back of the brush to press down your stamps. Yes I saw that too.

I am.

Every Butterfly Needs a Cocoon Collage

every butterfly needs a cocoon collage

I was painting, when am I not painting. I mixed up a lavender tone. I had a fresh sheet of paper and a brilliant thought. Bring color and balance to every garden. What an idea! I was in my flow. I could go from idea to idea, let go. Then came noise. My mind was cluttered. I was painting to finish. Peace was no longer there. It was, always is but I detached from it.

The Allium I painted, it was the wrong color, wrong stems, and most of all it didn’t come from the inner me. How could it? My best happens in my zone, in my cocoon. Yes my cocoon is where nothing exists but me and my idea. Sometimes you have no idea. The skills are always there. Skills can always be improved.

An hour later I was in my zone and sketched a beautiful Allium. I will paint the Allium and share the rest of the story on a later post. My point for today is that we are all butterflies capable of being that burst of color that happens upon you. Butterflies remind us to flutter flutter and be color.

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Ranunculus Love

paint easy flowers with spirals lines
  • colors
  • color chart
  • noticing a few heart shapes in a reference photo
  • spirals

…just a few reasons why I want to paint these. Last night I dreamed of painting these again with thinner lines. Weird I know. I am divided. No I need to paint these again? I will but with the idea that these blooms aren’t wrong. I prefer to just make, just paint and see what happens.

The best learning you will ever do is by creating, Creating is how you build trust. Trust is everything.

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How I feel when I’m with you

The previous night I had this idea. The shade was supposed to be pink. In my thoughts it was blue but I’ve been painting lots of blue blooms these days. It had to be blue.

There’s this peace I feel in nature. Last night I went for a much needed walk. The air was cool, breezy, filled with flowers, trees…I felt cool. I felt the same way as I was painitng this flower.

I am working hard. Yes practice play experiment explore and come into my style my craft. This morning’s read was all about drawing from your experiences.

Right now I like the idea of my work feeling like summer days, capturing the emotions of being in nature and just all about you and painting.

So What Makes You Special?

This is the question for week 12 of Mark McGuinness’ The 21 Century Creative. What makes me unique? Different? What can I do that is better than anyone? I thought about this question as I painted this flower. Why do I do what I do? Am I good?

Off the top of my head here goes:

Ideas. I have lots of them! Great ones!

I am really good with optimism. Even on dark days I almost refuse to be anything but positive.

Happiness takes work. I work at it.

I’d like to think that those who know me or you who read my post comment that my work makes you smile. I bring color and a positive environment. Oh I hope it’s true.

What is different about me is that

I am not a good cook but I like to cook.

I can’t sing but I love to sing and I often do!

I am no good at art in the sense of realistically drawing/painting a town in Mexico. Oh but the flowes I think I can do that.

What makes me an artist is that I am curiously creative. or is it creatively curious?

There’s this sense of ease and playfulness in my work. The color, textures and ideas IDEAS are cool. I like my ideas, Period.

I have always been curious about the animals. About the world.

Well that is all for now.

What makes you special?