Creative Exploration

Feck Perfuction

This book is a good read. I have read it before but now I’m reading it with my new word of the year Greatness.

Ok wear your invisible crown if you want to but I just mean the greatness you were born with, the greatness you felt when you scribbled on a paper and hung it on the refrigerater, the greateness you felt when you had an idea and shared it. Most importantly there was the time everbody was your friend because you just wanted to play.

Wiat a minute I should paint the word greatness? A few sketches?

Creative Exploration

How many ways can you paint a tree?

Side to side with a round brush.

Shades of green

a little blue must be seen

a size ten round brush

Dip and the noise hushes.

Used the wrong side of the paper

Now the design is greater

It’s a tree like this

reminds me of true bliss

You think as you paint

No need for them to open up the gate

You already have your place and it’s great!

Creative Exploration

Why not? bloom

Painting a bloom that looks like this? Why not?

Working on lots of projects? Why not?

Call myself an artist? Why not?

Believe in my dreams even if I’m the only one? Why not?

Pay no attention to the doubters. Do what you ‘re going to do. Why not?

Keep on writing and painting even if you’re the only one who loves it? Why not?

There is possibility in every dream. I know this is just a flower. Part of me wanted to say really? All you did was swirl the brush in pink, let it dry, and proceed with orange. You used leftover collage paper for the stem and leaves. Oh and then I used the bottom of a brush to stamp in the stigma.

But an even bigger voice says firmly,

Why not?

Creative Exploration

Let’s do this

Write a book. Write books. Workshops. Have readers and fans anticipating what flowers I’ll be creating next. Work all day in my home studio. on a ranch. Online courses. Right now I want to redesign my blog, build my brand and finish the color book Creatively Hue is growing I can’t thank you enough. With each bloom, each creative project, I share my love for color, texture, and nature. My art helps me connect with my inner source. It’s in this inner source, this spirit where nothing else matters, like…

I can do it all.

Creative Exploration

Flow. Go. Do your thing.

Sometimes I try to paint flowers. I’ll work on all the details. As I’m about to finish I pick up the brush and go for it. That’s where the magic happens. You try too hard because you’re creating from the wrong place. You have to build a habit of creating from the but I like it place. You compare and judge your work by the rules or what you think is expected of you.

Flow. Go. Do your thing.

Yes this is a good title for these blooms. I’m glad I decided to share these flowers. Ok time to work on the color book.

Creative Exploration

How do you Bloom?

There are so many different ways. I don’t have a favorite. I like the color. It’s a thrill to see what I can come up with. I want to paint what I feel when I see the blooms in my neighborhood. I have a collection on pinterest. I must paint the yellow, pink and orange roses I saw on instagram.

A little lunch time doodle sounds like a great idea!

Creative Exploration

A Free Creative Spirit

These are a few of my favorite sketches. I seem to be doing this a lot these days but sharing keeps me creating.

My lettering isn’t centered. Some wouldn’t even call it lettering. Together we bloom was painted on copy paper. The collage flower was painted with old paint. I painted the tree with a Crayola flat brush. Nothing on Crayola, Crayola makes good art supplies. Some might say Crayola is for kids.

Artists like to build up a tool box. I watch videos and see expensive brushes and premium paints. The truth is who cares. Ok I am a collector of color but what produces good work is a free spirit. It’s the freeness that comes form a state of being. You go fron idea to idea. There’s no mistake or mess. There is but you just fix it and move on. You keep working and enjoy the process.

Sweet or sour? It’s your choice. This painting was a distater. Who knows what the green was before. I painted over it and covered the mess with the letters. Oh that’s why I added the lightbulb. The color is brillant and what an idea. The texture is amazing. I guess today I just wanted to write these words.

Who cares what people are doing. Who cares what people think. Live for you. Create from your awesomeness. That shines much brighter than the perfect hue.

Here’s to more work. Oh my goodness the editing for the color book is amazing! I’ll tell you about that in a few days.

Creative Exploration

Colorful Leaves for the book? Yes

colorful fall leaves
colorful fall leaves

Talk about color! I love it when there you are walking along, your day, taking it all in and you see leaves. Yes, leaves in such amazing beautiful color. Thank you nature! I totally have to add these to the book. The way these leaves fell off the tree. Nature you are my beloved art teacher. You are teacher of all things. It’s going to be fun creating this texture page. Creating these textures will be good to wrap up my year in thoughts and to prepare for my new course.

Creative Exploration

Feeling Free Bloom

Painting dots is relaxing. Here I used a paper roll to stamp the flower petals. You can see some of the texture in the light blue. The stigma was done with yellow ochre watercolor. The outline was made by stamping dots with the top of a paint brush. The blue with the yellow ochre is amazing. Some time ago I shared my blog with a co-worker. Her words, I love your use of color, made my day! My yellow and blue made me think of her.

I love trying techniques. I love mixing color. There is a thrill in leaving everything up to chance. You never know what will happen. In making this bloom I had amazing texture. I used a flat brush to further paint the petals. It was all good. I was happy but the bloom wasn’t finished. I added more petals with a darker blue. I almost threw it away. Why did I cover up the lovely texture? I kept painting. What a roller coaster ride! Oh my I almost forgot the orange and burt sienna dots in the center. Thank goodness I had the idea to blend the color together with yellow ochre.