Expressive Flowers

Pink and Purple Blooms

There is strength in letting go and painting. There’s pink, purple, blue, and a little sparkle. These colors are the creativity, faith, and play that should be in every painting session. I layered, splattered, painted and you know what, this is the best painting I’ve done in a long time. I say best because this is me, my ideas. Yes, my influences come from everywhere. But I’m not painting with outside forces. It’s just me. It’s the tools. Sure I’m holding the brush and gliding it along the page but the idea takes over. It isn’t about me. It’s the idea.

Kute Blackson had this amazing quote in one of his posts. Surrender your attachment to the outcome and get into the flow. Yes! That is what I did for this painting. I need to keep going.



Expressive Flowers

Ornament Flowers Book Cover

There’s no right way to paint a flower. That was the title from the beginning. I added a few new flowers. This book has changed the way I create. Even now I found this amazing artist. She paints acrylic flowers. Then she embroiders details over them. Her blooms are colorfully amazing! And then I go back to my work. I feel like I am still looking for my colorfully amazing.

The truth is, every now and then I feel it. I paint with it. Then the carefree painting disappears. I forget that we all walk different, but we are the same. We are the same love. This summer, just like that I decided to let go. I’ll paint flowers. I choose to be inspired by the ideas in There’s No Right Way to Paint a Flower. Yes, I’ll be inspired my book and on a spiritual quest.

You can get your copy

Expressive Flowers

Painting with a napkin?

Yes I was playing around with a big flat brush. Some paint splattered on the page. The shade of yellow I mixed wasn’t working. Like a true artist I made it work. I had a napkin and why not paint with a napkin?

You are pressing and blending at the same time. There’s no control of what the flower will look like until you finish. You can create watercolor textures and then write quotes over them. That’s a great idea! When the textures were almost dry I used a flat brush to define the shape of the flowers. The stems didn’t look right so I cut out the blooms and repainted them. Collage you you are a saver. The blue flowers were all napkin. I’m still working on these.

There is no right way to paint a flower. Always work with what you have!

Supplies used were watercolor, napkin, and a small flat brush

Creative Exploration

Keep painting and bloom into beautiful

turn a mistake into blooms by painting flowers

I had an idea and wait where is that photo? Oh right. The shapes are all wrong but the color is beautiful!

I chose these blooms today because sometimes you may make mistaks or don’t see the blooms yet. That’s when you have to keep working. Last night I went for an evening stroll. The field full of bright colored daisies are now dry and gray. It is raining today and thank goodness. But I still felt spring. You have to. The first layer was great practice. I painted which is what I need to do to get better! The first blooms led to these.

turn a mistake into blooms by painting flowers

I’m going to keep painting, dreaming, creating, and writing. I’ll do it all without comparison, perfection, ego, rules, judgment—I’ll paint with love.

Creative Exploration

Walnut Ink Flowers

Walnut ink is messy, at least in the container I have. India ink is a better option. It’s cheaper too. Working with one color helped me focus on the feel of the brush and how to work with the medium. I focused on the shapes of the flowers instead of mixing the right hues.

I was working with a big brush and it holds a lot of water. It would be interesting to try inks with cotton paper. On my cheap paper, the paint went all over the place, making it hard to add darker areas.

BUT I don’t usually work with walnut ink. It felt good to try a new tool. Have you painted with inks? Coffee? I will probably use the rest of this ink to paint trees. A bear? Perhaps I should make a list of all things brown? Start a collection?

Creative Exploration

Proteas survive the toughest weather


They spout from fire. Not the color scheme I had in mind but my creative mantra is make. Wrong color, keep making. Odd leaves, keep making. Smudged green on the paper, keep going. Well that led to the pink sprinkles. Good idea. Overall good start. The scanned version will be beautiful. Up next are some beautiful purple and orange Zinnia single blooms. I have already selected the colors from my color chart.

Creative Exploration

How to paint flowers with circles

I like the idea of one color with various transparencies. Monotones. Thumbnail sketching is great because you get a creative boost and you could create patterns or hills of flowers. Ok these are obviously my ideas but there are countless ideas. Many times we wait until we have the “perfect idea”. Why not simply start?

Inexpensive suppllies like copy paper and tempera paint make it easier. I bought a tube of Royal and Langnicker white. Mixing time.

Creative Exploration

Drawing with two hands…

is weird. I started ok with the right hand ( I’m right handed) but kept looking to see what my left was doing. Then the right hand didn’t know what to do. This is a great practice for letting go of how you think you should draw. You have to simply draw.

Lines and blobs are easy. Fun. Yellow and Pink really shows how paitning with two hands made me feel. I really need to find a book or paper that is suitable for acrylic paint. It’s the you never know what you’re going to get that’s exciting.

I’m not used to painting with two hands. That’s what made it fun.

Who knew I could paint beautiful flowers with my left hand! Using my left hand creates a blowing in the breeze sporadic angle.

…and just like that I have another flower idea, 100 ways to paint a flower has begun! See you Monday!