Pink and Yellow Friendship Blooms

joy and friendship watercolor blooms to remind you that nature is on your side

The other day I went for a walk. I was deep in thought. I often am. I heard birds singing. Then a pink bloom or a peach bloom gets me. Suddenly I stop and each breath is love. It’s almost like that friend who calls you up. Sometimes you call them. You ramble about the days events just to get them of your chest. You ramble on about your fears and doubt. You dream. You dream the impossible. You let go. No judgement. No fear.

The great part is that there’s always nature. She’ll always give you a breeze or if not a warm hug. Or a rain dance … I could go on.

Hope you enjoyed these blooms. If you want to purchase the artwork go to the shop page. Are you a subscriber? It’s almost my birthday. I ‘ll probably give away a few books.

The world is your best aide

I paint flowers, mostly. There are these influences from all the objects and places I see. For example this fish is inspired by a mosaic park in Barcelona.

This book was inspired by a childhood curiosity.

a book about self love

Even now I look at a butterfly and wonder what it must be like to do nothing but flutter from flower to flower and place to place. Wonderful right? It’s amazing and such a boost when you think about how every animal, flower, land and it’s people are unique. Oh goodness I have yet to mention the moon and the stars. I have now.

All of these beauties are reminders of how much we are loved. We are one source. One force. One love. Yes I am getting all Star Wars. It’s true! Let go of all the nonsense in your head. Your thoughts rule your life. Walk and live like it’s all yours because it is. Faith With You. (I totally need this advice right now.)

Oh yes I want to paint another paper roll flower. Lots of them.

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Doodle with Walnut Ink

drawing various flowers with walnut ink

Years ago, I purchased Daniel Smith Walnut Ink. It’s a container with a lid and no glass dropper. It makes a mess. For the past few days, I’ve been painting some of my favorite flowers with walnut ink. Cheap $5 paper and one color is all you need to practice your doodles.

There’s something about drawing with ink instead of a pencil. The ink glides on the page. You get to work with the brush. There’s no wasting the expensive sheet of watercolor paper or Mission Watercolor. Oh and I recently started a sketchbook. The green Crayola marker on green paper makes me feel like a kid in a candy store.

I’m not sure why I purchased Walnut Ink. Oh right it was to add a new to my tool box. Creative exploration is such a breath of fresh air. This weekend go for a walk. Pay attention to what catches your eye. Listen with all your senses. Go to the art store and do the same.

As always thank you for your kind feedback and for subscribing.

What to learn from your projects?

Give your creativity a boost with hundreds of ways to paint flowers

To continue learning from me, I had to read Creative Bloom. Good book. Good lessons. What a confidence booster. I truly am inspired to keep painting.

Here’s a list of the lessons I’ve learned:

  • Learning By Heart is a the best book.
  • Look within. The more you look within the more interesting, weird or clever it will be.
  • you are a beautiful soul
  • give yourself time to edit so you can reflect and catch grammar mistakes.
  • No permission needed. I forgot why I started writing books in the first place. I always wanted to publish a book. I always wanted to be an artist.

If you are interested in the book, you can purchase it here.

What do you do?

The question I am working on, for when it comes up. I am working on an author bio too. Oh I could use some of your feedback, I document my process and turn it into daily inspiration. Good idea! For now I want to take a stroll through my posts. A year ago I started painting flowers. 100 ways was part of the book Learning By Heart. At that time I was working on culture.

Yes I am still working on my gift. The other day I was blown away because someone commented on my instagram post. Your work is beautiful keep sharing. My work? That’s something I say about my favorite artists. I do like my work. Yet it felt like someone appreciated my work more than I had. Then there was a blog post question. Who’s your favorite artist? The artist responded me. I am my favorite artist. I know right? Why don’t we get excited about our own work. There are times I do, all the time. But lately there’s been lots of ok or trashed work I still post most of my work because this work is part of the process, the beautiful journey! Yes I am one of my favorite artists.

I painted this flower years ago. I want to repaint my where are you flower. I tried but it hasn’t been the same. Neither am l. Thanks again for reading. Thank you for your kind words. I am learning as I go. We are learning.

Out with the old

Wow this must have been a new toy post. My palette looks messier. The messier the better. There’s hardly any paint left. I love the greens and blues so much that I will be ordering tubes, The colors are so vibrant. It must be the honey. I may keep this palette but break it apart and make it work.

I love the new one but it’s thin and there’s not enough mixing roon.

I have been feeling sick these past few days. I haven’t painted but one look makes me smile. I am building a list. Publishing a few more books. Lots more to come.

On why I’m painting flowers

We all begin with an idea of how to draw flowers. We scribble. We insist on black, purple or every color of the rainbow. We are born lovable, creative and curious. We fly to the moon or sail the seas in a cardboard box. Then comes the days when we stop drawing, stop having fun. This book is for creatives who say they can’t draw. It is for creatives who are in search of their best work. Perhaps creatives who struggle with creative block. This book is about the freedom that comes from play. This book is a reminder that when you truly observe the world around you, you’ll understand that there is no “right” way to draw. You’ll understand that different is beautiful. There is possibility in all of it. I am in search of my best work. I am realizing that it is already here, always has been. It is I who needs to keep showing up every single day.

(I wrote a summery soon to be ebook on my experience and I am not looking back. )