Acrylic + Stick Tree

I like painting trees. Greens and blues are a color scheme that I often come back to.

I like appying the paint in a series of dots and then using a brush or in this case what’s left of the brush. Wiat a minute, I carefully squeezed the paint bottles in a tree shape. All I did was take the stick and spread the paint in a right to left line pattern. Simple. Easy. Beautiful.

Mixing the right color is key. Did the brush in a little water helps spread the paint. More trees to come. I’ll add these trees to my holiday etsy shop.

Stamp Tree

This is a quick and simple technique. I used an old stamper and then painted in the trunk and star. Or did I use various pencils and markers? All the above.

I also mixed some awesome color. I don’t know why but I love painting around the circle with various textures and then writing in the circle. I am updating an old design. I like emerald green much better.