Creative Exploration

New palette is beginning to feel like home

a self made watercolor palette

I’ve made a decision. I will contiune to work on 100 ways to flower with power? There’s no right way to paint a flower? Yes, I like this title much better.

Maybe every Friday or a couple of days a week I’ll paint culture ideas. I’m just not sure where I want to go with the culture project. My plan is to build a collection of textures, homes, ceramics…the Lantern Festival is coming up! In March I could display all of my work and let the story emerge. Sounds good.

That means I have 2-3 months to write, edit and paint more flowers! I could work on the flower book for 3 days a week. The other two days will be for painting small projects and work for the shop.

I keep thinking about the other day when I opened my folder of over 100 flowers and the lessons I’ve learned. This observation made me want more. This year rather than set goals that become elusive I am contiuning to learn new skills, exploring and most importatnly sharpening my mind.

The strongest strength is that of the mind.

Ok this week I’m working on more flowers, an apothecary bottle, a butterfly, a freedon idea and …. so excited! I painted a brown Peruvian rug and writing for the book. There’s a lot of digitizing to be done but that will come at another time.

Let’s make a creative week! I would love to see your paintings and see what you create.

Creative Exploration

How to get the most from your brushes

Why…test them out. See what your brushs can do for you. I tested brushes from sizes 0 to 6.

See how comfortable the brushes feel in my hand. Test for thin, thick and sideways trokes. The pen/brush should glide on the page as you write. The easiest brush to write with is size 6. This brush has a round pointy tip which holds a good amount of paint. It was easy to do the thin strokes. My hand shakes more with the smaller brushes. Yet the size 1 and 0 write beautifully. I say it’s in the pointiness of the brush. There’s practice too.

What is all this practice for? These words need to be written.

Many of the images have alreadly been painted. There’s a few redos. This Friday is my deadline to create two prints. I could probably do more. This week I’ll be working on a fun project. I’ll be lettering one word using markers as watercolor. What else do I have planned? I’m painting a Peruvian rug.

Thank you for reading. Have a good day or evening?

Creative Exploration

Mosaic Fish

The park in Barcelona is a beautiful wonder. There’s something about painting each shape. You have to have patience. How it dries and the effect it leaves is all up to the water.

As for the color, it’s all complementary. Mixing a drop of green with a magenta makes lovely shades of pink. Having a size two brush helps.

I didn’t have a plan. All I wanted was happy tones and let the shapes find themselves. Fish are another world of curiosity. No two fish are alike, much like us.

Painting with white space helps me slow down. Not bad for a student grade pan set. I can paint all day like this! I will. Paint patterns and textures of the world while I write for 100 ways to flower with power? Sounds marvelous. I still want to paint flowers. I will.

What do you like to paint? Please share it on instagram or email me. These days I feel like a kid in a candy store. I find such peace in painting, that is until perfection shows up. I find myself asking everyone around me if they like to paint. I hope everyone has something that makes them feel the way I do when I paint.