Expressive Flowers

Pink Fan Brush Flowers

pink flowers on a peach background

Textures? What a wonderful idea! It started with a sponge, then a facial scrubber. It’s one of those why didn’t I think of this before moments. It’s all in a good day’s creative exploration. Didn’t I come up with a book idea too? Oh right my collage flower book! I’m going to ride this texture momentum for as long as I can.

There is a lot of good ideas to come! Make sure you’re subscriber. Paint with me.



Expressive Flowers

Words By Corita Kent

Don’t Belittle yourself. Be BIG yourself

Corita Kent

Nothing is a mistake. There’s no win and no fail. There’s only make.

Corita Kent

Have you read Learn By Heart: teachings to free the creative spirit? I didn’t know that target sold this book. I will have to buy it. I read it for free on hoopla . It is a great read. This book gave me the courage to continue with my no-right way to paint a flower exploration. I’ve painted and created over 500 blooms. I’m going to paint more!

On Saturday I went to the Arts District and walked through an art exhibit. My favorite work was, ok a collage piece but really it was this room. There was a window. That window led my eyes to an artist’s studio. There were flat paint brushes and a large easel. There was no canvas on it but a canvas drop was just waiting for a mess. On the other side of the room, I could see windows. The room was dark and just now as I write, I am overcome with a sense of wishing I could be in that room. I’ll be in my room tomorrow. You see that room, the brushes and the paint, I am in the room. Every time I paint it’s just me and my ideas. It’s simply my glorious creative spirit. Art encourages you to open up, open up to your spirit. Isn’t it beautiful! Creating allows you to look inside yourself. You learn to trust yourself. You can break away from societal norms, and unchain yourself. Be free.

Creative Exploration

What I’ve learned about being an artist

Being an artist is not about mastering technique. It is fully about connecting with that voice inside you, the one that is your spirit, your soul, that part of you that simple is. Once you do that, because it’s there regardless, then you build technique. Your greatest tool is you!