Creative Exploration

Make something new

I am all about lovely backgrounds these days. Usually my work is colorful against a white background. I adore color. I am not sure but it’s a style that emphasizes color. That’s how I’ve painted. I’ve also deviated from blue a little. I always keep coming back. Blue is a tranquil color. It looks good on everyone. There’s tones of invitation, warmth, FAITH, melancholy, peace…I could go on. For one moment the lettering could have been blue. The lettering looks good in brown. That’s a note for this creative exploration journal.

For today I want to say have no doubt. Do what you must. Take care of you. The universe will always have yuor back.

This design was used with a dried raindrop stamp. Works great with paint! Oh I did paint a flower.

New post time is every day a 9 am pacific time with the occasional anytime weekend post.

Creative Exploration

Finding the Flower in Eraser Stamps

I like this blue and the eraser stamp I made! I tried carving one as Corita suggests. It wasn’t working. I took the scissors and cut shapes. Imperfect circles and triangles. I dipped in acrylic and stamped. Sure I could have painted shapes but the randomness in color and texture is interesting. Painting with my left hand gave the same effects.

Randomness makes you stop and observe. Observing is good. I intentionally made petals. Then I stamped with the intention of finding the flower within. I almost threw out this page, until I observed.

Do I want to repaint these? On better paper? Yes but these will do just fine! Not bad for customizing .25 cent erasers. What would happen if I used fabric or other paper to stamp with? Mix a little water to the paint before stamping? Make monotones and stamp in layers? I should probably go back to my designs and take notes. I could apply these new techniques to my fall projects? Good one.

What have I learned from 100 ways to flower with power? So much. My creative write for today.

Thanks for reading? Are you a subsriber? Next week creative exploration- fall begins. In each project I’ll make it a habit to include tools you can use to create with me.

Creative Exploration

Plastic Wrap + Rock Texture?

I intended to paint a place somewhere in Australia. Not sure where this is, but what a beautiful photo. This voice insisted on realism. I decided why not check off the texture list I started. Plastic wrap it is.

All I needed was shades of blue and black. Then I cut the plastic wrap to fix each section accept the heart. Trying a new technique with no expectations but a little visual interest.

Magic happens during the drying process. I did add a few more layers. I love my iteration. The color and texture are amazing! And the thought…change is good, change is beautiful. Change takes time and evolution is always changing, growing and gift for us all.

Now this is the art that I want to create. These are the ideas that make me dance and sing!

Creative Exploration


A mix of flat brushes and purple paint with just a little blue, lovely lilac. Lilac comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are some heart ones. It would be a comfort to walk through a garden full of them. I didn’t intentionaly paint the heart petals but they’re there. Definitely going to paint more of these. Pink Purple. DIfferent shapes and sizes. ALL BEAUTIFUL. That works.

My intention was to have You Are Loved be a journal of all the heart shapes I see in nature. It will be BUT I want more. I love to go for walks. Seeing such beauty, kick-starts my creativity. I may be worried, sad or unsure. With the sight of Lilac or a tire swing a lovely thought pops into my head.

It gave me such joy to read Wise Trees, Live Your Love Story, and Different Is Beautiful! These books are my thoughts. They are ideas that keep me loving life and learning to start with self love. I love to help people. If you are interested check out my books. I know you’ll enjoy them. If you have email me or leave a review on Amazon. It would make me happy and such a help because I have so many stories. Let me tell you.

Creative Exploration

Create more of what you know how to do?

Again, not sure why, but I tried to paid Calla Lillies shading and all. I had mixed uo some beautiful color. The flowers were terrible. They wern’t that bad. Yes they were and here’s why. I didn’t really want to paint them. The flowers are pretty but I much rather paint these.

Intead of throwing out the paper. I painted over it.

painted flowers in shades of pink

Noe of course I need to scan, erase and put the pieces to the puzzle.

Now this is the painting that I enjoy! This is what I want to do more of. I have much to think about this week. Whar ahould I do with the lovely textture paper. Yes I had another sheet that I had to paint over. Both of these will go into the You Are Loved and sporadic hearts natured themed project. Yeah sounds good. At this Point all I want is to contiune creative exploration. This a great project to help me do that.

Have a great week! I still haven’t figured out if 6:30 am or pm is a good posting time? Time to paint!

Creative Exploration

Bleeding Hearts

Peach tone swatches

I set out to paint these flowers and nope it didn’t happen. Here’s why. I tried to replicate a reference photo. I ended up painting with the thoughts in my head rather than just painting with hands. Truth is I don’t care about paninting a perfectly perfect pear. I have seen that work on towels and ceramics at Anthropologie. It’s beautifuL.

painng pvals in shades of pink and orange

One afternoon I sat and painted. I took a flat brush and swiped left and right to make the oval shapes. I mixed up the colors. Everything from the shape to the color gives this a sporadically fun rhythm. I smiled when I needed it the most. I definitely want to paint more of these. Oh, this would be a cool way to do Easter eggs, triangles or hearts. I painted a beautiful butterfly. Well it’s halfway done.

The more you paint the more ideas just happen.

Thanks for reading! It’s almost Easter and I’m curious how others will be celebrating indoors. #hellomireya share photos with me.

Creative Exploration

What’s my problem?

What exatly was my problem with this? Twice I tried to paint and I’ve come up with a great gouache blending technique but…

I appreaciate my own work. Do I really? This weekend I finished editing the book. I expected to finish at 7:30 but ended up finshing at 10:15 or so. This morning I read through the book and of course the illustrations had to be changed. I still need to work on page layout.

So her I am left with sore eyes and a headache. The first step of any project is always to sketch. Put your ideas down on paper. Not so you can perfect but rather draw upon various resoruces to achieve maximum intention. So I’ll leave you with some of my begining sketches for the next book called love.

This week schools across the country will be celebrating Dr. Suess for Read Across America. I thought it would be fitting to share my collage animals and the inspiration behind them. These days I find myself inspired by my own work. Yet there are still times when an artist questions. Sometimes I’m melancholic and sometimes I’m over the clouds. Most of the time my head is in the clouds. So here we go.

Creative Exploration

First put ideas on paper

I haven’t been doing my creative exploration with heart shape objects. I have but not as much as I’d like. I want to go back to watercolor. I’ve been tracing letters. I do like the sporadic fun ones. Right now art seems like a form of theraphy. Last night I watched Mahogany and Diana’s sweet melody, “Do you know where you’re going to…lingers.

On occasion I’m asked why I create. Self love. Sometimes people and circumstance are too much and art always brings me back to peace and love. And when I say self love I mean self positive talk. These books and every thought are my muse, my song, my dance, my I’ll be ok. Yes one day at a time. Oh and I create for the thoughts that have betrayed me. These words in Think and Grow Rich explain a lot.

The presence of a single negative in your conscious mind is sufficient to destroy all chances of constructive aid from your subconscious mind.

Ok I just had to share this and here’s to a good week. I’ll be sketching on Wednesday but I really need to focus on editing Different Is Beautiful! For some reason watercolor painting with oil pastel details seems to be making me happy. I added a blue ribbon eel and a thorn insect to the animals. Next week I’ll be sharing more creative exploration so you can create along with me. I’m making plans for spring break. I need a summer job.

I am so happy that the tribe is growing! Please subscribe if you haven’t yet. The next book will launch April 21. I really want the Love book to be ready by April 21. The e-book will.

Creative Exploration

Painting flowers

Today was a great day. I did what I do when I’m surounded by art supplies. I created. This morning I began another round of editing. There’s much work to be done. This process is tedious and it helps to paint. Painting always helps. I did some research for the love book. Painting flowers in differnet color and shape seems like a good way to let my curosity play, stay positive and deal with the craziness of working on various projects at once. I plan on scanning these for more art posibilities.

A few thoughts from Different Is Beautiful

Nature is a masterpieceā€¦

Curiosity is all that makes us wander and wonder. What is the point of life if we do neither?

What happens when a bird cage is accidently left open? The bird flutters, flutters back to its own intentions, free to roam from flower to flower. Birds are after all, wild and free. Wild and Free