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Life is a highway

like the song and this project

At the time the advice was step out of your comfort and try something new. I love color and my drawing wasn’t good. What do I do? Draw and write every single word and illustrtion with a black Sharpie ink pen. Summer is almost here. You may find some good road trip advice here.

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I enjoyed looking through my old work.

Creative Exploration

Live your love story


You will come across naysayers and circumstances that want you to fail. Persist. Persevere. Yes, I wrote these words for me too.

One afternoon I was dreaming in the sun. I wote this story down. Was it it a pink pen and composition book? There have been many versions since then.

The art print is the first $12 I earned. It was a great letter but the typography was terrible, Yet someone on etsy purcahsed it. I have been writing ever since.

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Creative Exploration

The Opposite Hand

What a flower. Painting with the opposite hand gives up that control. You aren’t used to painting with this hand. You don’t know what the results will be. The variation in the strokes, size and width are much more interesting than a simple right hand. The brush and the color made me feel fall.

Change may feel weird and scarry but good willl come. Let the beauty happen by not dwelling on what was lost. For what will come will be far more beautiful. It always is.

And just like that I have and idea for the book. I am not going to plan or share every detail of this journey. I’ll share the bits I feel need to be shared. These flowers were painted with a mix of tempera and acrylic AND MY LEFT HAND. Who knew. I’m excited for what’s to come.

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