Expressive Flowers

World Needs Love Flower

Wow! I love the color and the stamp texture. I need to find more objects to stamp with. There’s this artist on Instagram. She stamps with all kinds of objects. I love love my candle lid. It’s rusting because I wash it after use. Oh, stamping wth a doile pattern would be fun.

This design did take some time. This was version two. What a version! I’m giggling. I’m smiling. My acrylic set is limited. I’m mixing all of the colors myself. Looking good. By the way this design was inspired by a window display at Anthropologie. Do I still have the image?

I do!

My pages were ripped out of an old agenda. I should write a book filled with paper book flowers. Each page has a thought, a poem, or laughable words. I may have to now. I do. I will. I have plenty of journal pages left. I’m excited about all the new ideas to come. This flower will be great for the collage course.



Expressive Flowers

Colorful Blooms

Good lesson in color. I painted a first version and that didn’t work. The neutral tones are beautiful. Some of the petal patterns work. Others I could do over. Not to happy about the brown dots either.

Oh, but I’m happy that I was able to paint. I mixed color and moved from one idea to the next. Sure I thought of the beauties I see on my walks but I was simply painting with no particular place to go. I was painting like Carrie Schmitt at the painting party. It felt good to squeeze the paint on the plate and mix colors. The leaves are beautiful but feels like they need a little more life.

No, these blooms aren’t going in the shop but I painted them. This is the beginning of many more blooms to paint.

Expressive Flowers

Giving art a second chance?

Use new tools like a dagger brush to paint flowers

I had these flowers in the love the color and petals but not a good bloom pile. The file was on my computer and in a redo file. The color is beautiful. Seems like color is a constant in all of my work. What was wrong with these in the first place? Maybe it was because the idea was quick to produce. I’m adding these flowers to my shop. These flowers are my process and a reminder to always have a faith in my work. Do I still have the actual artwork? I could paint a textured background. Even if I don’t have the actual blooms, I have the brush! I suppose it’s important to ask why I’m rejecting my work. Wait I’ve seen this quote someplace:

Make now. Question later.

You see that is a true artist. Though I may not be physically painting, I am painting in spirit, in my imagination! Art is always on my mind, in my heart.

With love,


Expressive Flowers

A sponge a stick and you have a bloom

Simple tools. It works. I haven’t painted much these days. Today I finally doodled with some pens. It was like, ah everything is suddenly right again. It felt like the breeze.

It’s been breezy and there’s nothing like a breeze. It’s fresh, free and nature! It’s almost like painting or drawing.

I need more of just watching the breeze. Suddenly I am thinking about all of my thoughts. It’s so important to take care of your mind.

Art helps you do that. I’m still working on a summer reading list. Oh and there’s a few new tools I want to test out. Oh and paint a few trees.

I guess I now have my weekly to-do list.

Expressive Flowers

Because I love Eric Carl‘s Work

Tomorrow I’ll finish this flower but yes, I love Eric Carle’s simplicity. He just paints and it’s beautiful.

I like my work too.

olorful collage flower

Collage has taught me to have patience and trust the process. It could take about two hours to work on a piece. You let your eyes do the arranging. Maybe collage can help me be a better painter.

Expressive Flowers

Flowers we need you all

This is exactly why I paint my various flowers. It’s nature. It’s us. It doesn’t get any better than this. I’m so glad I accidentally purchased this pink paint.

Today was a reminder of how much I enjoy just painting. I don’t need to be anywhere or do anything except play with the ideas in my head. We all need these moments in our lives.

Big Magic is such a wonderful book.I love Elizabeth’s idea that ideas are always floating around. We are merely a vessel that can bring forth those dreams. I appreciated sitting there, having the time to flow with it.

My problem is that I need to implement a lot more.

Know of any good art books? Any good reads? I’m going to do a lot of loose florals and reading this summer. Yes I’ll paint flowers and let the book write itself. Sounds good!

Ok movie time.

With Love,


Expressive Flowers

Collage and Color Purple Bloom

Same concept but better. The color, color keeps on shinning much brighter.

I can actually look at my work and see the ideas. It’s like I’m looking at someone’s work thinking, ok yes, beautiful, I see what you’re doing!

Expressive Flowers

No particular place needed to bloom

7 pink and orange ornament flowers

What’s that saying about no particular place…it’s in no particular place where the best songs are written, the best art is created, the rarest of gems are found and where you fall in love. Not sure when or how I thought to stamp flowers with an ornament but there was no particular plan. I am so glad I listened. Art helps you listen. There’s a voice inside each of us. This is the voice of truth.

Here’s to bright days and relying more on our sense of being.

For these lovely friendship blooms, I stamped with a min ridged ornament. You apply paint to the bottom of the ornament and stamp on the paper in a circular motion. Allow the paint to mostly dry and then use a damp brush to blend in wet areas. That’s it! I love painting these blooms.

With Love,


Expressive Flowers

Blooms on the Book cover

These ornament blooms are on the cover of my book. It’s nice to take an ordinary object and turn it into something amazing. Not sure when but the idea popped in my head. I should paint more of these. I’ll maybe do an Instagram live. No a story video on Pinterest! That works.

Everyday there are more of you. I thank you! We’re going to have fun this summer!