Expressive Flowers

Sometimes all you need is a pencil

pencil sketch of flowers and the words Lovin' Life

I should doodle more often. I didn’t have time to paint but I could doodle a thought.

A student had to watch a You Tube video on how to draw a spring scene. There were flowers, leaves a grasshopper, an ant and a ladybug. The video was good, and each student had to draw the same scene. Oh, but one smart kid added a beehive and he kept going. Isn’t it more interesting to draw your own spring scene? It could be the obvious, abstract or expressive. Yes!

Ok I’m going to go read The Magic of Color.

Creative Exploration

There’s room for everyone, doodle sketch

I am still astonished by my work. I say that because I realize I’m not as much of a fan of my own work. In going through my work, especially Creative Bloom, it felt like I was looking at someone else’s work. And that brings me to my creative calling. I was born creative; sometimes I get caught in the ways things should be instead of doodling. I drew these blooms in the last five minutes of my lunch break. The way I drew it, every little detail it works. Yet I tried to paint one in full color, and it just didn’t work.

Oh, but what came after did!

That reminds me, I want to add these and other blooms to society 6. I have over 100 blooms and counting.

Creative Exploration

Exploring tools to paint blooms

Testing different tools to paint flowers

Erasers, ink, brush handles, pens, pencils…. I like the idea of taking an ordinary object and making something extraordinary. Stamping with tissue paper was fun last night.

Painting helps you learn all these lessons.

Flowers are pops of color.

Or should it be pops of happy? Both

Creative Exploration

Growing Beautifully

Walnut ink is new for me. Aside from the messy bottle, this ink is beautiful. Reminds me of painting with coffee or tea. I want to stain and create vintage paper. Maybe a love letter note to self? In the shape of a flower? Yes.

My thoughts were begin with what you know and find new ways to combine ideas. I ended up with weeds. You might be growing beautifully. Weeds start growing, wanting to choke you. That’s when you proceed with heart.

Society does impose. I suppose.

There’s this whimsical need to express the imagination. Every impossible or crazy idea began with a crazy idea. It’s only sound, good when oh, it works!

I can use walnut ink for a holiday themed creative exploration. Choosing a favorite color would be great too.

Are you a subscriber?

I’m wondering how others would paint or draw flowers? There’s more than 100 ways.

Next week I’m doing brush techniques. And after that flowers with napkins and ink. I’m surprising myself.

Thanks for reading. Thank you to those of you who have emailed me your kind words. Oh I made a few changes to You Are Loved.

Have a good weekend! Stay cool!