Expressive Flowers

Sunflowers you make me happy!

There I was painting sunflowers. I had Cat Coq’s sunflower tutorial on my mind. I’m ready for fall. Sunflowers are trending. I want good work for the shop. I kept painting and referencing photos. This technique never works because I obsess over details. I was about to call it a day when pink sunflowers popped into my head. Pink and peach express how nature makes me feel. At that moment I knew I needed to paint and let my flowers bloom. Then I thought about the rainbow watercolor art print. The lines in between colors were uneven but the neutral colors and the Maya Angelou quote, beautiful!

I’m going to paint more sunflowers this week. All these sunflowers gave me the confidence to design a logo for my website but that’s another post. Here’s to painting like you mean it, painitng with your heart. Wait till you see my pink and orange collage sunflower!



Expressive Flowers

Good Morning!

7 pink and orange ornament flowers
Both are beautiful but I love where my color palette is going

I’m about to go be a fan and choose a book to read for my summer reading. Today I will be gathering my artowrk and digitizing. I have a stack that I need to go through. Oh, I’ll be going over my calendar and setting up my projects. Love is in the air and I am ready to fly. I love posting and working on my projects of course. I’m happy to be back.

Thanks for being a reader and thank you to all the new subscribers!

With Love,


Expressive Flowers

Much Love

Sometimes I feel small

but then I see you growing and it’s all so tall

And I come to my senses

This season, especially at this moment, I feel much love.

My poems are getting better. My blooms are wildly free? That’s a good aspiration. Here’s to you. Here’s to me. Here’s to us!

Creative Exploration

Pink Love You Blooms

Shades of pink and orange blooms

I bought palette knives to mix paint with. Palette knives make great paint brushes. I was thinking about the peach blooms in my neighborhood. Let these blooms encourage you to create your best work. Your best work is already there but you have to practice and paint. Nature with her color and breeze always reminds us to listen and trust ourselves.

Creative Exploration

Pink and Yellow Friendship Blooms

joy and friendship watercolor blooms to remind you that nature is on your side

The other day I went for a walk. I was deep in thought. I often am. I heard birds singing. Then a pink bloom or a peach bloom gets me. Suddenly I stop and each breath is love. It’s almost like that friend who calls you up. Sometimes you call them. You ramble about the days events just to get them of your chest. You ramble on about your fears and doubt. You dream. You dream the impossible. You let go. No judgement. No fear.

The great part is that there’s always nature. She’ll always give you a breeze or if not a warm hug. Or a rain dance … I could go on.

Hope you enjoyed these blooms. If you want to purchase the artwork go to the shop page. Are you a subscriber? It’s almost my birthday. I ‘ll probably give away a few books.

Creative Exploration

Silly Dreams and Ornament Flowers

yellow and pink flowers painted with an ornament

My work is getting better. I love these colors and the leaves.

These are beautiful too, I think it was the lime green that I didn’t like. This is a small ornament with line patterns. All you do is roll or paint the ornament with acrylic. Then stamp. Once the acrylic dries add a layer of watercolor. I could brows the Dollar Tree in a month or two to find some ornaments to stamp with?

Ok so paper roll flowers and ornament flowers. Love where this is going.

Creative Exploration

Good Day Blue Blooms

three blue flowers with the a quote good day

I saw this paper at Five Below and had to test it out. I’m looking for a cheap alternative to practice acrylic painting. Aside from the beautiful blue I mixed up, the paper is ok. At $5 for 50 sheets you can go through ideas and really keep painting. For creative exploration this paper is a good deal. I’ll try it out with collage. Oh yes I should paint some paper.

Have a good day.

Creative Exploration

Heart Petal Flowers and Valuing You

Thursday’s post arrived late. I goofed on the time. Now on to today’s post.

pink heart petal boom to remind you to know your worth

I had this heart petal flower in a repaint pile. I painted this in blue for faith in you but that’s in the repaint pile.

Easy sketchbook painting with copy paper and temepra paint for ideas

This week the podcasts, blog posts and a few instagram feeds are all on the subject of knowing your worth. There’s imposter syndrome. What do I charge? Am I good enough? How can I publish a best selling book? The book one, the Kute Blackson episode surprised me. I almost forgot about it. Just now I can hear Kute’s voice. Just write the book. You don’t need permission. I was deep in my work and it hit me. Your work is good. You can do this. You have skills. Even if you are a beginner with a million questions, love your work. All that matters is that you pick up the paint brush and PAINT.

Today I scanned everything. I fixed the orange flower. The T-shirt project is looking good. My point in sharing my work and this blog is that we all have a book in us. The question is are you going to write it? Words again from Kute Blackson. What a great episode. I feel silly at times posting advice when I’m learning as I go. Once again I appreciate your kind feedback.