Creative Exploration

Blooming in pink hand prints

Last night I was thinking back to when I started painting flowers. It all started with Learning by Heart: Teachings to Free the Creative Spirit. This book has changed the wait I paint. I still hold onto the photo or an artist who says I must capture the shadow. That’s what probably happened to the blooms underneath the ceramic plate. Ha. In other words, that’s never a good place to be. The whole point of learning is that it opens the door to anythng is possible. You can stamp paint with a clenched hand.

Hand painting was part of the 100 ways to paint flowers. All of these blooms led to Creative Bloom. By now I’ve probaby painted over 500 blooms. My color palette has improved. My portfolio is growing, which means good work. The idea behind Creative Bloom and all of the flowers I paint is about freeing the creative spirit. Your creative spirit is what helps your mind and mindfulness is everything. Creative spirit helps you imagine, overcome obstacles, and just live, live as you were born to be.

How do you free that creative spirit like a Stallion riding in the wind? You paint with your hands.

Hope you enjoy my thoughts on creativity, occasional poetry and my soon to be color book.

Creative Exploration

Finger painting pink and yellow flowers

pink flowers using your fingers to blend color and make flowers

My favorite part of this project is that I made a mess. Oh that reminds me I need to clean up a splatter on the floor! Done. I was trying to paint cosmos and poppies with watercolor. I had my sketchbook but trying to replicate my own work doesn’t work either. As soon as I started finger painting I felt more relaxed. I just kept painting. That’s when the situation turned around. More on that tomorrow.