Expressive Flowers, Roses Project

Roses-Keep Working

Let me begin with how fun and motivational my paper collage wildflowers are! I’ve been creating and collecting them in a folder. I took out the folder and began reading them not knowing what to expect. My wildflower thoughts made me laugh and smile. I now have an introduction letter for the book. And just like that, my wildflowers collage book is coming together! I love when this happens. That brings me to the white vase flower arrangement I painted. Like my wildflowers, this arrangement is fun inte,resting and I painted it! How about a little poem?

7 pink roses in a white vase


Let go of all that is no good.

By the almighty, you are understood

The trees

the breeze

with every dance

they love your stance

Pick up the brush

make a mess

don’t settle for anything less

Have fun!

You’ve only just begun.

The YOUs that make you interesting

That’s the biggest bling

Never hide your face

Because you are the difference that makes this word a wonderful place!

…just a quick poem. Sometimes I realize, I’m good at poetry. Would you like to see more poetry? Let me know in the comments below. This poem and this painting will go into the book. What a beautiful start!

Quick notes for these roses

  • pink is my hero
  • Reuse old art. Save it. Fix it.
  • Working with three colors is best.
  • Hopeless moments are the defining moments
  • Layers

Oh, if you’re curious I will be creating a video of all of my wildflowers. I’ll let you know when I post it on Pinterest.



Expressive Flowers, Roses Project

Roses-Ornament Peach Roses

…because a field of peach roses will make you feel peachy. Surrounded by peach roses. I stand in the middle of it all, like the missing puzzle piece. Everything and anything is possible. I extend my arms. I’m ready to fly. A breeze and warmth of the sun lingers on my hat and my hair.

There is an idea pin tutorial for these roses on Pinterest.

…and my rose project folder begins.

Here’s a list of what I did but check out the video for step by step photos.

  • Begin with white,green, yellow, red and turquoise
  • Mix various shades of orange ( red and orange)
  • Unify palette by mixing a dot of turquoise to warm up oranges
  • Use a paint brush to paint the bottom of an ornament
  • In a circular motion stamp onto paper
  • Mix white with leftover paint
  • Paint around the stamped circle shapes with a brush
  • Mix blue, green and a little turquoise for the stems and leaves
  • Watch the roses bloom before your eyes

Definitely adding this idea to the book. Roses: a friendship book for the spirit here we come!



Roses Project

Roses-painting for me!

The podcast episode featuring Cat Coq is inspirational. If you don’t know who Cat Coq is, she has her work in Urban Outfitters and recently Anthropologie. Having my work in Anthropologie would be a dream come true! Cat Coq is a print-on-demand queen. She quit her job because she was making more money on society 6. Companies like Urban Outfitters found her. When asked about how she started, here’s what she said: “I painted for me.” She painted for her. All I need to do is paint for me? It’s not about followers, subscribers, or making money. The other important question was what would you say to those who are starting out. If you could go back, what advice would you tell yourself? “I would have shared my work sooner. ” Let that completely be me right now.

Fun story. There I was blending with my finger, layering on the paint with a white brush. It was red, white, then red and white again. The bottom left has a beautiful texture. I sighed. Suddenly I hear these sweet words, “Are you upset because you’re painting roses” So somebody can tell that these flowers are roses! Yes, I’m doing something right! I did work on There’s No Right Way to Paint a Flower. But then, I always go back to doubt. As I said, I don’t know where this project is going, but it’s going to be good. I’ll use Carrie’s flowers as a reminder that all ideas are possible. It’s time to focus on color, and texture, making those brushstrokes taking my time, and capturing how I feel. The artist who’s doing a daily 23-minute painting challenge is inspiring too. Enough writing, it’s time to paint. A slice of cake would be good because that’s my favorite dessert.




Expressive Flowers

What Kind of Artist Am I?

I wonder if any of my ancestors were artists? If so, what kind of artists were they? A quick search of my last name reveals that there is indeed an artist, a conquistador, a musician, and a warrior. Yes, my great-grandfather spoke of fighting alongside Pacho Villa. Now that is interesting! Inspirational!

What kind of artist am I?

I paint with the heart of an impressionist. I rather paint the roses as they make me feel. This explains the texture and color of my work. But the emotion of my work is Expressionism. When I piant, what I paint comes from my spirit. Yes I long for spring, the days of long walks under the sun, butterlfies a flutter and me too. The birds singing their song and I capturing every color and every breeze. I’m breathing it all in now. It’s going to be beautiful!

Thank you to all of my new readers! Thank you to all of you who have been part of creatively hue. If you are interested in my work please check out my art prints. The idea pin for the ornament roses is now live on Pinterest.



Expressive Flowers

Pink Sunflower

Pink paper collage flower

Writing allows me to freely express myself. Writing helps me reflect. With a book you can go anywhere in the world you want to go. Writing is a doorway to the spirit. I blog because I’m not confident being on camera for a YouTube channel. Yes I know, and that’s why it’ll be good to film my course. I’ve been filming idea pins for Pinterest.



Expressive Flowers

Viva Pink Ornament Roses

Today’s prompt is what brings me joy?

Lovely rows of flowers painted with an ornament and with tones of pink

Let’s see…nature, family, helping others, the moon and stars, a slice of cake, a cup of tea, and the noodle soup I’m about to have for lunch. Painting roses with an ornament brings me joy. Painting gives me confidence and makes me feel free.

To paint these beautiful roses I held a mini ornament in my hand. I wanted to wrap rubber bands around the ornament but the rubber bands wouldn’t stay on the ornament. And I painted. I mixed up some sweet pinks. I dipped the ornament in paint and I painted. The paint should have been thinner. I didn’t want the texture to be thick in some areas. Yet I can imagine these roses in a pink frame. I think I have the first project that will go into the roses folder. Roses are my new project.

Thank you to all of the new subscribers. I appreciate your readership. I’ll be posting an idea pin tutorial for these roses on Pinterest.



Expressive Flowers

Earliest Painting Memory

My earliest memory is finger painting and making a mess! I’ve loved art every day of my life.

I still like to make a mess!

Here I am stamping with an eraser. It’s Corita Kent, James Victore, EttaVee, Shantell Martin…who opened my spirit to an art that has me understanding, this has always be me. I am an artist!

I’ve been going through all of my art and penciling in projects. Beginning next week I will start using these prompts to share my roses project. Is it next week?



Expressive Flowers

Artist Tips of the Year

Practice for Flow Not Perfection

Blue Flowers in a Blue Vase

Practice isn’t about getting good or great. Practice is about letting go. At some point, there’s this voice and you realize it’s there, always has been. I have sat and sat for hours trying to paint something. Nothing happened. On this occasion, I had one color, one damaged brush, and five minutes.

Paper Collage is a Great Way to Learn About Color

Collage pink flowers and lettering the words free soul in Spanish

I’m putting together a creative exploration course with a paper collage. Sometimes I go into the process knowing that I’ll be creating flowers but it’s nice to just use random tools to stamp and blend colors. Then I’ll get an idea and start cutting and arranging. The idea blooms right before my eyes. That’s what happened with the letters M and L.

Social Media needs my attention and consistency

Various papers painted with vibrant orange and pink tones

I like to experiment and paint. I occasionally post on Pinterest. When I do the results are awesome. At one point I had 80k monthly views. I had no plan but to share my work. It worked. I am still learning about SEO. I have ideas. Here’s to more traffic.

Focus on the Moment

I know I’m the artist and I get attached to my work but I shouldn’t. I should only be that spiritual connection that comes as I create. I’m not the end result of my work. Nor am I entitled to the fruits of my labor. My best ideas come when I focus on the moment. For example, I many times have the opportunity to paint with my students. I set up the paint and brushes and wonder what will come of the dried-up dollar store palettes and beyond-bent shapeless brushes. These thoughts have nothing to do with me, my spirit. What is me is curiosity? I’m always curious about what everyone will paint? And every time before my eyes, the children mix up interesting colors, and awesome textures and they are artists. No one gives them permission. They just pick up the brush and go for it.

Expressive Flowers

Painting is my breeze

What gives me a breeze? Painting is my breeze. Life is a breeze when I paint. I can walk among the trees, be cold in thought and suddenly the warmth of the sun makes my spirit dance. In that moment I am complete. I am free. Then there’s the times when I see the petals of a rose breezing in the sun. It’s these little details that make life a breeze, a breathe of fresh air.

This is the rhythm that reminds you that we are truly one.



Expressive Flowers

Pink and Purple Blooms

There is strength in letting go and painting. There’s pink, purple, blue, and a little sparkle. These colors are the creativity, faith, and play that should be in every painting session. I layered, splattered, painted and you know what, this is the best painting I’ve done in a long time. I say best because this is me, my ideas. Yes, my influences come from everywhere. But I’m not painting with outside forces. It’s just me. It’s the tools. Sure I’m holding the brush and gliding it along the page but the idea takes over. It isn’t about me. It’s the idea.

Kute Blackson had this amazing quote in one of his posts. Surrender your attachment to the outcome and get into the flow. Yes! That is what I did for this painting. I need to keep going.