Expressive Flowers

Lovely Pinks Ornament Flowers

I posted new artwork on society6. I worked on my calendar. I started my journal! I’ve stalked up on supplies and ready to go.

Here’s my summer to do list:

  • Promote books with Pinterest story videos for each of my books
  • Self love art projects. One idea is painted book paper blooms inspired by an Anthropologie window display. This begins July
  • Read. I have chosen poetry and a biography for starters. I have a list of books
  • organize/map out a collage course Oh I could host a mini course idea here and video on Pinterest
  • AND the biggest of all is to continue with flower exploration. It’ll be part 2 of There’s No Right Way to Paint a Flower

Now I’ll go review my notes, and go for a wonderful walk.

Expressive Flowers

Using household paint as your artist paint?

What! I never thought about that but why not? It’s paint. I was watching a video today and apparently you can. Since aim not painting this weekend, I can think about it and watch others paint.

Happy painting and with love,


Expressive Flowers

It’s Nature

three golden yellow blooms in acrylic paint

Every bloom

grows under the moon

I have a walk

You have a walk

We all have a different walk

We all have our dance

want the chance

We all have a gift

gifts set differences adrift

the smiles, the lessons, the laughter

it’s pure nature hereafter

It’s always nature

Believe it or not these words were inspired by a man who happens to call the streets his home. Oh, and all who inspire me. I show up to teach them but wow they teach me. Bless you all. Oh, and thank you readers.

Expressive Flowers

Flowers we need you all

This is exactly why I paint my various flowers. It’s nature. It’s us. It doesn’t get any better than this. I’m so glad I accidentally purchased this pink paint.

Today was a reminder of how much I enjoy just painting. I don’t need to be anywhere or do anything except play with the ideas in my head. We all need these moments in our lives.

Big Magic is such a wonderful book.I love Elizabeth’s idea that ideas are always floating around. We are merely a vessel that can bring forth those dreams. I appreciated sitting there, having the time to flow with it.

My problem is that I need to implement a lot more.

Know of any good art books? Any good reads? I’m going to do a lot of loose florals and reading this summer. Yes I’ll paint flowers and let the book write itself. Sounds good!

Ok movie time.

With Love,


Expressive Flowers

Sunday Sunflowers

Sundays are meant for fun

Go for a run

See the blooms

Gaze at the moon


Take it all in


Hopeless love?

A hopeful love that’s all around and above

So bright and colorful

My blooms reflect the whimsy in my heart and the gratitude to be among it.

Expressive Flowers

Sometimes you make bad art…

but you make progress all of the time. Or should I say process? This week I went through lots of paper, folded and ready to throw away but now I have an entry for The Magic of Color. How could I forget glorious peach.


You are the mood

No need to ask, am I understood?

I am

I can

Sweet like fruit

Spring love in pursuit

A little pink, a little yellow a touch of brown

peach roses can I always have you around?

Aren’t you always?

Anyway there’s no bad art. All of the art you make is process. You have to hold on. You’ll be surprised when you do.

Expressive Flowers

The Peaceful Place (tree with a flower swing)

tree with colorful flower swing

It’s warm and breezy.

To dream, to imagine, to live, it’s all easy

With every swing

you know home, where your truth is

Oh, to sit and ponder

of all that you wonder

because spring

you are the real thing

We are never too old

All we need is a seat and a rope to hold

The highs the lows

Peace and play, now that’s a flow!

Last night I sat for a good hour working on art for the book. Today I sat for less than 15 minutes, and I have a good poem! At lunch I’ll work on a collage project for life is a rainbow. I’m thinking a field of colorful blooms, in collage.

Ok time to start my day! Thank you to all of the new subscribers. Or I should say welcome! More fun flowers, more poems and more books.

Expressive Flowers

Fields of flowers

Fields of Flowers are there to remind us of where home is. I went for my first walk of spring. I stood before this lawn of tall grass and tons of orange, pink and yellow cosmos. It was Sunday, warm and breezy. And I came home and painted these. The color is brighter. You’ll see thee flowers in The Magic of Color.