Creative Exploration

Paint what you want

I was listening to a James Victore podcast and his words practice without doubt, practice without perfection and practice without comparison are golden. When I practice it’s not that I’m happy or perfectly painting. There is this peace and in that peace are me an the idea. There are no rules, that terrible sense of rules that makes you hold the brush wrong and you’ve made a mistake. Someone shared that very notion with me. We think it’s wrong because we’ve conditioned ourselves to believe such lies. We have allowed outside forces to condition us.

I just had my birthday almost a week ago and I’m still celebrating. I’ve been posting some of my words and getting more likes. These are what I really want to make. Thank you for your feedback. Your likes are inspiration to keep painting. I’m going to keep painting regardless.

Creative Exploration

What do you do?

The question I am working on, for when it comes up. I am working on an author bio too. Oh I could use some of your feedback, I document my process and turn it into daily inspiration. Good idea! For now I want to take a stroll through my posts. A year ago I started painting flowers. 100 ways was part of the book Learning By Heart. At that time I was working on culture.

Yes I am still working on my gift. The other day I was blown away because someone commented on my instagram post. Your work is beautiful keep sharing. My work? That’s something I say about my favorite artists. I do like my work. Yet it felt like someone appreciated my work more than I had. Then there was a blog post question. Who’s your favorite artist? The artist responded me. I am my favorite artist. I know right? Why don’t we get excited about our own work. There are times I do, all the time. But lately there’s been lots of ok or trashed work I still post most of my work because this work is part of the process, the beautiful journey! Yes I am one of my favorite artists.

I painted this flower years ago. I want to repaint my where are you flower. I tried but it hasn’t been the same. Neither am l. Thanks again for reading. Thank you for your kind words. I am learning as I go. We are learning.