Expressive Flowers

(sketch 7) Brushstroke Practice

Two red flowers showing practice with brush strokes and lines

My bottle of Crayola red tempera paint is almost empty. I feel like I should buy more. This tempera paint is easy to work with. I can play because the paint doesn’t dry as fast as acrylic. I’ve been loving EttaVee’s blog. I’ve been looking for a good video or post about how an artist brings vibrant color to life. Found it! I now know that fluorescent pink needs to be on my palette. When she talked about using Magenta and Turquoise as two of her primaries, I was like me too! Painting these poinsettias takes me back to the days when I doodled poinsettias. I didn’t intentionally draw them. I just drew poinsettia flowers. Now that I paint flowers that memory came back to me. Good. The poinsettia tutorial reminded me to have fun and trust the process.

I’m learning to appreciate the days of doodling. I had ideas. And then there’s the days of being incredibly inspired to fingerpaint or stamp with erasers. It’s the curiosity that takes you back to that sense of play. That’s where my best ideas are. What I love most about art is that everything is possible, there’s lovely surprises and most importantly there’s room for all of us!



Expressive Flowers

Pink Roses

I wrote this post a week ago and somehow it stayed in draft. Finally here we are.

It’s the holiday season. We are about to begin winter. I can’t wait for spring. Last week I wrote about my obsession with roses. Have these lovely shades of pink always been there? Have they? I could be walking along in thought and suddenly I stop. Pink and peach roses catch my eye.

My next project should be pink roses? I could work on creating pink tones. Ettavee wrote this wonderful post on how to use fluorescent pink. I have been working on painting roses. I have! I am working on the layout and working on flower arrangements. Yes, I can use my art journal for this exploration. Pink Roses is a good book title? Ok there we have it. Pink Roses it is!

I love the pinks in these blooms.



Expressive Flowers

Easy Trees

I have an idea pin on pinterest. I’ve worked on painting trees with students. These mixed media trees are a festive way to explore and build trust in your style. There are no rules, anything goes. My blog is filled with ideas and tools that make beautiful flowers. And I had to repost these trees.

Use a sponge brush without the sponge. Create a line pattern with washi tape. A simple brush works. There’s more ideas in fingerpainting too!

Paint several trees. Make a ribbon garland. Make gift tags. Paint trees on kraft paper for gift wrap. Make gift cards. These mixed media trees are a great classroom craft. How do you paint Christmas Trees?

Have a good week!



Expressive Flowers

Doodle With You Collage Flowers

I have been getting my shop ready for holiday shoppers. What I really want is to clarify what I’m painting and why?

I paint because of how it makes me feel. It’s my self-love and meditation. I’ve been going through my artwork. I’m signing my art with my name instead of Creatively Hue. I sign my posts with Siempre Mireya and likewise for my art. I got rid of art that was questionable right from the start. You know the moment when you finish your work? And the finished art doesn’t look like the beauty you imagined. Either one of two thoughts happens. The artwork is better than imagined. Or the artwork is lacking. I share the lacking work because maybe it’s me. Maybe I am stuck on expectations instead of letting the artwork be what it’s going to be.

For these blooms and the collage book these flowers will be part of, doodle with you!

The collage course is still happeing. I’m thinking March 2023?

Thank you for reading! If you can, use the contact form and let me know what you like about the blog? What would you like to read? Many of you have and thank you. And please if you have friends who would enjoy reading this blog, share it with them.



Expressive Flowers

In a Blue Moon Sunflower

Interesting story. I wasn’t sure where this was going. I started painting and the circle made me think of the moon.

Blue sunflower painted with various shades of blue

I worked with one shade of blue. It was too light. Then the color was too dark. I blended and lifted color with a brush. Out of nowhere, I had a glow. It’s a glowing moon. I kept mixing various blues. I kept painting and uttering motivational words. Keep working. Keep mixing. It will be good. If not, it’s practice.

I added a little orange to my green because orange is complementary to blue. This is confidence for the Hispanic Heritage paper flowers I want to paint. I want to explore warm blue tones. I love the idea of using color to express emotions. Blue makes me think of George Michael’s song lyrics: “I gotta have faith.” And to paint your best work, you have to have faith right? Faith in yourself allows you to be free.

Posting three days a week is working out well! I am able to have fun reflecting on my process.



Expressive Flowers

Pretty in Fall

Fall flowers in all shades of orange with a little pink

Doesn’t this color palette hug you, making you smile? My warm browns and oranges are pretty. I’m ready for fall. It’s been 100 degrees of humid weather. I’m ready for sweaters, boots and flowers. Ok, so I want pumpkin pie on the list. I can have hot tea again. I love tea, I should build a project for tea lovers. The coffee art prints and t-shirts are cute but I’m a tea drinker.

Back to my pretty in fall flowers. Painting these blooms brought me joy. What colors did I begin with?

Pink is one of my favorite colors to paint with. Pink is the color of frienship. It’s sweet. I don’t like the typical fall colors so I wanted to add a little pink. My yellow ended up looking like mustard. That’s fine. I used the yellow to paint flowers. The yellow helped warm up my orange and pink tones. I did mix in a redish-brown color with the yellow. It was beautiful.

Here’s to a good week! I’m going to go gather my to-do list. Thank you for reading!



Expressive Flowers

Keep Going Blue Wildflower

There’s this

There’s that

A million things going wrong

Oh but listen to your heart’s song

The one that’s neutral

The one that knows

In each moment love always grows

Look at what’s right

Your ideas shine

You paint with color, fingers, a dented brush, everything’s fine!

You are the colors of the rainbow

Together we’ll rise

We’ll be the kind of friends who always share fries

Just a little poem to commemorate these past days in a second-grade classroom. Oh but the art we’ve painted and will paint tomorrow, it’s going to be great! I’ve learned to listen to the strength within, to rely on my neutral state. May this spirit leads me to my weekend. I’ll be painting, adding more work to my shop, and developing my collage course.



Expressive Flowers

Collage Wildflowers

Love source collage flower

Not sure about the title for my next book project but wildflowers are what I paint. Wildflowers are wild and free. On my daily walks, I see these blooms. There’s this lawn. In the spring it was covered with tall grass and random colorful flowers. The way my thoughts meet their color and breeze, as I write the freeness and wild dreams linger. You know when you go for a walk and you begin with a thought. With each step, you let go. With every breath, you dream, you imagine and live your artist dreams. Every bloom I paint has the essence of wild and free.

Everything in nature is wild and free. It’s beautiful. The Just Ask book expresses this wonderfuly. I’m an expressive artist who paints wildflowers. Flowers that are wild and free. With every bloom I paint, I am brighter, bolder, and free. The time is now to let go of all that no longer serves me. Oh, one of my favorite songs is Quiero Ser! Yes my about me page needs revision.

My new book project will be page after page of these collage blooms. Each fower filled with experiences, thoughts and it’ll be a self-love memoir. Maybe. In the meantime, I will keep creating these blooms.

Pink flower with world needs love quote



Expressive Flowers

Acrylic Paint Swatches

Student grade. Premium. Hard Body. Soft Body. Fluid. All of these have a special place on my palette.

Today I took the chance to share my art with children. It was the first day of school. What better way to overcome first day nerves than paint. My plan was to have the children paint paper to make butterflies. Oh, but the children had their own ideas!

The textures, the mixing, blending, choosing color, what focus and confidence! Did they make a mess? Yes! Water was spilled on half the table. They didn’t mind. Neither did I. All of the students painted like true artists. No one gave them permission. They just picked up the brush and painted. The other activity was answering a question?

What do I want to be when I grow up?

What does all this have to do with swatching my acrylic paint? Do you want to be an artist? Pick up the paintbrush and paint! Try this. Try that. Try it all. Adjust accordingly. I’ll hold this experience dear as I move forward with this blog and teach my creative collage course.

I showed up to teach them. Yet I was inspired. I’m going to write a poem about this experience. A few Anthropologie-inspired blooms? I’ll finish the blue Blue Wildflowers I started.