Expressive Flowers

How do you unwind after a demanding day?

I paint of course! I create.

A lot has changed since I was a teenager. The one constant has always been art! Far too often we take societal norms to be the only truth, the way. Being a teenager, a high schooler is such a short experience. Self-expression, your spirit, this is who I am.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I will be sharing more of my art. So expect more content across all my social media. You can find me on Instagram and Pinterest.

Have a good week.



Expressive Flowers

Roses- There’s No Right Way

I’m enjoying the flower doodles I’ve been painting in my sketchbook. It feels free to work on a limited space, on I don’t know what type of paper this is but it’s good enough. At somepoint, I’ll film a video walk through of my journal. I’m looking for an 8 x 10 journal. I want something that I can keep and turn into a roses book? Prints? Yes, let’s!

I’ve been pondering the direction I should go in. I have worked with watercolor, acrylic, and tempera. I’ve painted many subjects. I’ve written seven arty books. Is it six? My favorite projects are Different Is Beautiful and There’s No Right Way to Paint a Flower. Now that I think of these two projects, there’s no need to wonder. The answer has been with me. Isn’t it always?

Different Is Beautiful is a love for nature and us. Nature is colorful and different! Nature is my childhood curiosity. Everything in nature is unique and that’s what makes it beautiful.

There’s No Right Way to Paint a Flower is about self-expression. In this book, I set out to prove that you don’t need fancy tools to paint beautiful flowers. In fact, the rarest, odd, or ordinary make beautiful flowers. This is all I want my artwork to be. I’m glad I found Suzanne Allard’s class. Her class helped me bring everything together. I have new tools and a new journal. These two journal pages had me mixing shades of blue, tapping the bottom of a brush to make an interesting pattern, and mixing lovely green. It’s much more fun mixing green than buying it.

What is your latest project? How do you feel about it?

I’ll be sharing weekly updates of roses. I’ll be doing the occasional promt post or a poem. I haven’t written poetry in a while. I do post daily inspiration and project videos on Pinterest and Instagram.

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Happy Sunday!



Expressive Flowers

New Art Journal & Ruby the Copycat

I finished a journal. Now it’s time to start a new art journal. My new journal is a smaller size. I have a limited space to work my magic on a limited space. Here are a few art journals that Ive been doodling in fro time to time. The smaller journal is a Corduroy pocket journal for my poems. The other is a journal I picked up at UCLA. In this journal I doodle and test markers to see if I can create watercolor effects. They are not. I can doodle, look at color schemes and most of all I can learn not to be Ruby the Copycat!

I had a chance to read this book and here I am in the same situation. Ruby is a new girl at school. She’s shy, nervous and scared. She meets Angela with a beautiful red bow. Angela read her poem to the class. Ruby copied it. On and on Ruby went copying. This made her classmates mad, particularly Angela.

Expressive Flowers

Roses-Imperfectly Perfect

Pink Roses Pattern

Roses are not perfect circles. The petals are random shapes. The colors vary. The roses vary in size. Roses are beautiful! We don’t have to stop at Roses either. We can get all Just Ask by Sonia Sotomayor and admire everything in nature. Everything in nature simply is. We should always simply be when it comes to painting or doing our best at what we choose to do. Simply being is what allows us to experiment, explore and reach those little habits that make up our story, our art.

Several roses painted in a magenta color

I gave my project some brighter color and I realized yet again Michelangelo is right! You begin with a white canvas. Each brush stroke is layering or chiseling to get rid of everything but the idea. This process requires trust and takes time. The entire process is all I’m going to add a little blue. You don’t question you just do! From bright brush strokes for Ettavee’s project to Suzanne’s expressive flowers, I’ve been painting a lot. There’s no right way to paint a flower! You mix up your colors. Sure there are guidelines you can follow but an artist doesn’t question. I simply paint.

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Expressive Flowers

Saying goodbye to work that isn’t working

Yellow mug with pink flowers done in collage

I deleted some of my artwork. It’s time to say goodbye to old designs. I kept the colorful blooms made with ornaments. I kept the heart shaped handle mug. The colors warm me and make me smile. Ever since I’ve read the words prioritize self-expression, it’s changed the way I paint. I’ve been mixing color, layering strokes of paint and taking courses. More on this tomorrow.

Have a good night!

Expressive Flowers, Roses Project

Roses-Hope Is Never Lost

It was a beautiful morning. The sun had risen, and the skies were clear. It has been raining a lot! Of course, that means spring is going to be beautiful. And it has been. I’ve come across beautiful flowers and a butterfly. It made my heart flutter.

With all this love in my spirit, I got out my Quinacridone Magenta, Titanium White, Medium Yellow, bright brush, and painted a lovely peach texture. I used a credit card piece to smooth out the paint. Then I was off to give an old painting new love.

Much better!

A sketch of two purple roses on a peach background

Suzanne’s class is exactly what I needed. Mixing your own green is amazing! Sporadic brush strokes are fabulous! The most important part is, I feel empowered to express my ideas.

I got to paint for the first time in a week. I’m grateful to be feeling better! Thank you so much for reading and for subscribing. I’ve been checking the numbers and Creatively Hue is growing. As I said, I’m sharing more content. I have a new idea pin that I’ll be posting on Pinterest. Do you have a tip to share? Comment below.

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Expressive Flowers, Roses Project

Show Your Work

I’ve been sharing more of ME on Instagram and Pinterest. Little by little, my Creatively Hue family is growing. I just wanted to say hello. I don’t care that I wrote an awesome post and accidently deleted it. These roses didn’t work out but they are perfect to test out the layering technique from my skillshare class. Tomorrow I’ll be painting. It’s been a long week and Quinacridone Magenta is calling my name! I’m feeling better and I knew that I would.

See you Sunday!



Expressive Flowers, Roses Project

Roses-Oh Let It Be

I’ve been watching artists create beautiful art with random tools. I used to paint like this! Used to? I wrote There’s No Right Way to Paint a Flower. Seems I’ve forgetten the delight of having the time to listen to the voice. The voice is always here. All we need to do is let the moment be. I posted about this on someone’s instagram post. Beautiful art is about putting you in your art. It’s the way you hold the brush or not use a brush. Art is about your weirdness. Art is the the way you dance, the rhythm you carry. I want to paint all the time because I want to. Art just is for me. It’s my breath of fresh air.

I was deleting old work photos on my phone. I found my paper roll flowers! There’s a thrill in not knowing what the flower will look like until you’ve finished.

Back to these roses

Here’s a breakdown of what I used:

  • sponge brush to blend paint
  • watercolor paint
  • watercolor pencils
  • stamp (Stamping with paint is awesome! Make sure you have your art rag nearby so you can wipe the sponge clean when you’re done stamping)
  • brush pen
  • white acrylic pen
  • flat brush
  • round brush
  • mixed media paper

I think that’s all for the supplies. I created a step-by-step idea pin here. I selected a tool. An idea came with it! I painted! I added a little magenta to the green and then a little yellow. I love this shade of green! I use my art rag to dap the wet paint off the paper so I could repaint it. I was all, let me fix this instead of just letting it be. I love the advice someone recently gave me. There’s no good or bad.

What’s your favorite tool? A few days ago, I roamed the isles of a Dollar Tree. I’m browsing Amazon and Blick for flat brushes and an art journal. Have any ideas? Thanks and if you enjoyed this post then subscribe to this blog. Tell a friend.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Expressive Flowers, Roses Project

Roses-Keep Working

Let me begin with how fun and motivational my paper collage wildflowers are! I’ve been creating and collecting them in a folder. I took out the folder and began reading them not knowing what to expect. My wildflower thoughts made me laugh and smile. I now have an introduction letter for the book. And just like that, my wildflowers collage book is coming together! I love when this happens. That brings me to the white vase flower arrangement I painted. Like my wildflowers, this arrangement is fun inte,resting and I painted it! How about a little poem?

7 pink roses in a white vase


Let go of all that is no good.

By the almighty, you are understood

The trees

the breeze

with every dance

they love your stance

Pick up the brush

make a mess

don’t settle for anything less

Have fun!

You’ve only just begun.

The YOUs that make you interesting

That’s the biggest bling

Never hide your face

Because you are the difference that makes this word a wonderful place!

…just a quick poem. Sometimes I realize, I’m good at poetry. Would you like to see more poetry? Let me know in the comments below. This poem and this painting will go into the book. What a beautiful start!

Quick notes for these roses

  • pink is my hero
  • Reuse old art. Save it. Fix it.
  • Working with three colors is best.
  • Hopeless moments are the defining moments
  • Layers

Oh, if you’re curious I will be creating a video of all of my wildflowers. I’ll let you know when I post it on Pinterest.



Expressive Flowers, Roses Project

Roses-sketching with Crayons

For this session, I got out my crayons and swatched them. That made me smile and excited to draw! My set is missing a few blues, pinks, and greens but I didn’t care. I was smiling inside and ready to draw! I picked up a crayon and sketched the photo I was referencing. The title of the photo was rosy pink. I was feeling rosy and pink.

I did a second sketch. I tried to Layer and blend. I broke a few crayons in the process. I’m going to work with watercolor tomorrow. Crayons are fun but painting has my heart. Crayons are great for sketching and planning color schemes. Maybe I should get a Crayola educational watercolor set?

Quick question? Have you ever done a painting-a-day challenge? Comment below. Thank you for reading. I’m going fully into this roses project. I’ll be posting every Wednesday, Sunday, and sometimes more because I have much to share. Make sure you subscribe and tell a friend.