Expressive Flowers

Just a Sunday in Summer Thought

Today I want to share some quotes. These words are filled with the vibes I’m feeling and thinking.

pink and orange paint on a ceramic plate

Nature doesn’t hurry, yet everything is always accomlished.

Tabitha Brown

Color was not given to us to imitate nature. It was give to us to express our emotions.

Henri Matisse

Nature is beautiful. Nature is so colorful, different and unique. Nature is the only true masterpiece. I must do something with that thought. Maybe a book or a zine? An art print? Yesterday, I was walking through a row of trees. I could feel the breeze, and the birds were singing. I can still feel the breeze. Tabitha’s words came at the moment when I was reflecting on my journal. I’ve been working on a flower idea every day.

I let go. I can sit and take the time to paint. Painting takes time. You have to have the quiet time where you just paint. Maybe you can put on your music, dance a little. Or have a cup of tea. You don’t have to be anywhere or do anything. You don’t need a lot of time. Some days I paint for and hour or two and others 30 minutes. There was another artist, EttaVee who posted about working early in the morning before her girls get up.

I’m grateful for my painting sessions. I got the memo loud and clear. Focus on the process. Have fun with color and BE. Some ideas will start out great and then flop. Others will be a complete turn around BUT there’s a gem in EVERY painting. I’m going to keep learning and growing.

Expressive Flowers

If you want to be happy

Not sure why but the song, if you want to be happy for the rest of your life popped into my mind. I suppose at that moment I was feeling the breeze from all the trees surrounding my home. I had just come home from a wonderful walk. I started collaging and at that moment I sang the lyrics, if you want to be happy for the rest of your life paint colorful blooms. Ok, I changed the ending, but I can still feel the breeze.

Expressive Flowers

Blending is Beautiful

This flower represents why I create. I take ideas never knowing how they’ll turn out and start creating. This type of creating comes from me. There’s no fear or doubt. Fear is always there but, in these moments, only idea patters. There’s this voice that tells me keep going. I know I need more of that in my whole life.

I painted the bloom on copy paper. The blending is beautiful! The stem and leaves didn’t come out good, but collage paper was the answer. Stamping with the round handle of a craft brush added a little more fun to this flower. I should add a little more space around the flower, so this bloom feels like it was painted on a dot wall.

Expressive Flowers

A color quote from the book

Release date for a free copy of the book is coming soon

I bought this new watercolor brush and absolutely love the way it writes. The colors express my mind and my heart. This project is about colorful thoughts and colorful art for a colorful life. It’s been crazy editing the book. I feel uncomfortably good. That uncomfortable part is probably a good place to be,

Creative Exploration

Unique Hairstyles

I found an interesting self-love project. You roll the dice. If the dice lands on a straight line, you draw a strand of straight hair. There’s zig zag, squiggle, swirl and scallop lines. I printed 25 copies to share with a class. I went over the rules. I roll the dice. They draw. One brilliant kid said, can I just create whatever I want? I questionably said OK. Would it still be a we’re all uniquely beautiful project? Oh, it was!

The kids drew according to their favorite color, book character and I’m not sure what they were thinking, perhaps emotions? The kids didn’t follow the rules. The kids made up their own rules and in doing so they taught me the true meaning of being an artist. Here’s my sample.

Doodle project for Self Love

Yeah, I followed the rules. I admit it was fun to just let go and not worry about the final piece. What I enjoyed the most is, can I do whatever I want! My best work happens when I… am free to do whatever I want.

Creative Exploration

Ornaments do paint flowers

Oh they do and what a fabulous idea! Not sure when it began? Oh right I was on a quest to paint 100 flowers. The mni ornament was part of gift wrappng on a snow globle jar? I love the ornament.

I’ll finish up these blooms today. They will be amazing!

Stamping with a random object will be one of the five flower ideas for the Creative Bloom course. Ok now I’ll go work on de coloroes.

Paint with a random object and see what happens. Oh I’ll be doing that when I paint textures today. Oh happy day!

Creative Exploration

Yes it’s possible

three orange and pink blooms with emerald green stems

Your dreams no matter the time or circumstance are posible. The color on these blooms are like yes of course your dreams are possible. Now how do I make that happen??? Ha

I was mixing up my version of turquoise green and suddenly I’m expressing a recent conversation.

Creative Exploration


Three white cosmos painted on a blue green watercolor wash for you

Cosmos have heart shaped petals, well almost. In Greek, Cosmos mean orderly, beautiful and ornamental. Our talents, our skills, our authenticity are all ornamental and beautiful. Painting like this gives me rest and ease. I have so much more to paint. I have so much more to say.

Thank you for reading. I spent a little time writing for the color book. I do believe I have an idea! More updates coming soon!