100 Ways To Flower With Power

Today begins the adventure. Here are my goals:

Continue creative exploration with observation.

Build my tool box.

This book is a creative boost for my imagination and curiosity.

The power comes in knowing that there is a world full of ideas waiting for you to take action.

I want to ignite my imagination and curiosity. There are many ways to draw a flower. You can use color, texture and shape to express lots of ideas. A flower with thick black swiggly lines creates different emotions from that of a pink petal done with thumb prints. Or what of the brown florals made to resemble vintage paper?

I need to add these ideas to the book! This book has been in the works for a long time. Corita mentions this project. James Victore mentions this project.

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Exploring, Experimenting It Helps

Wow! I have an idea for the stamp. The goal is to observe random objects. What textures can thee objects create? Let the ideas emerge. No wrong. No right. Only Make.

I see some bamboo stalks, stucoo and flowers. Texture is what makes Eric Carle’s animals interesting.

I like the bouncy rhythm. I stamped flat, on the sides and gave it a little twirl. I used a small brush to to define the shapes. The color will look much better with a scan. So you see, today I experimented with an oranament. Wonder what I’ll find tomorrow!