Creative Exploration

Finding the Flower in Eraser Stamps

I like this blue and the eraser stamp I made! I tried carving one as Corita suggests. It wasn’t working. I took the scissors and cut shapes. Imperfect circles and triangles. I dipped in acrylic and stamped. Sure I could have painted shapes but the randomness in color and texture is interesting. Painting with my left hand gave the same effects.

Randomness makes you stop and observe. Observing is good. I intentionally made petals. Then I stamped with the intention of finding the flower within. I almost threw out this page, until I observed.

Do I want to repaint these? On better paper? Yes but these will do just fine! Not bad for customizing .25 cent erasers. What would happen if I used fabric or other paper to stamp with? Mix a little water to the paint before stamping? Make monotones and stamp in layers? I should probably go back to my designs and take notes. I could apply these new techniques to my fall projects? Good one.

What have I learned from 100 ways to flower with power? So much. My creative write for today.

Thanks for reading? Are you a subsriber? Next week creative exploration- fall begins. In each project I’ll make it a habit to include tools you can use to create with me.

Creative Exploration

Color Mixing

My blue is a turquoise. I love how it makes beautiful tones of blue and green. This is a fun way to learn emotions behind color. One side of my color wheel is cheerful and bright. The other side (reds and purples) are dark and gloomy. I suppose this makes wonderful contrast. There are so many ways to paint a color wheel. I like this color wheel because the shape reminds me of sunshine. I should turn this into a quote.

Ok so I’ll be honest in hopes that I can help you. Today I was listening to a live chat with James Victore. I shared that I was angry and depressed over what’s going on. He bluntly pointed out that I am chosing to feel this way. He’s right and I knew it. I know. I needed to just express how I feel. I say that we need to be honest with ourselves and come to grips with choices we make or lack thereof’.

I overcame my tantrum by painting a color wheel. With each stroke, I smiled. I hoped. So I say do what makes you happy. Think good thoughts. The best will is yet to come.

New prints coming tomorrow. Lots more art for the shop. We are in this together. As always thanks for reading!