Love You Earth

…wasn’t going to post this but I should because it’s weird. Not sure if it will make a good book cover. I want a textured background with the title so the book looks and feels like a journal. All my books are journals to me, for me. I want others to experience my books too.

Different is Beautiful is a celebration of all living things. It is a great book. My problem is resistance. The eBook is available but I’ve been holding off on the paperback. I don’t know a thing about book cover design. I don’t have a clue about designing a book either. I had an idea and wanted to bring it to life. I need to do more of that. LOTS MORE. There’s so much I want to learn.

Today Is Earth Day!

I almost forgot. Bless the person who reminded me. I planned to release Different Is Beautiful today. I decided to postpone the date. Oh but the ebook is here. This book is a celebration of our beautiful world. I remember last year. I was searching activities for my classroom. I am the Earth is a beautiful song!

I wrote this book inspired by the wonderful collage artists in room 13 at LEE school! Differnet is Beautiful is a celebration of Earth! It’s a celebration of you and I. Everything in this world is differnt and yet the same. There is something amazing about all of us. We’ve only to look at the world around us. I’ll leave you with images and words from the book. Enjoy! I had other pieces. I have yet to scan them but I know the tree with a beehive is a wonderful addition to the book. These additions will be in the paperback when it’s published. Maybe summer or Fall?

I had so much fun creating these guys. So much work went into the book. I should do a lessons I’ve learned. Yes.

Yes, we have to be strong to survive. Our strength comes from who we are, and what we possess.  It’s how we are built or lack of that helps us thrive?

If every part of nature stands apart from the rest, then don’t you? Yes. The Wright Brothers had a crazy idea. The world said no but they knew better, thank goodness.

When I think of all the research I did I laugh. Giving myself the creeps at midnight, looking up Viper Fish and having all of these Viper images pop up, I smile. I’m an artist with BIG curiosity and lots of ideas.

Let’s take care of each other and take care of Earth! I wish I could post the whole book here but I can’t Please do check out the ebook. It’s only 2.99.