Creative Exploration

Yesterday I posted about Dada art and letting the idea take oer. Today my reading continues with the same topic. Let it be means you let go of everything else. Let go of what you know and go. My intention was improving my drawing and hand lettering. A floral arrangement on the wall gave me an idea. As I drew the idea kept growing. I followed. Don’t manipulate the tools. Let the tools work through you.

Your work is a gift and when you recognize this magic happens. Words from another artist.

Creative Exploration

Draw With Love

Yes I like love. What if I use the literal shape as a basis for drawing? I’ve done Butterflies and heart ears. What about a Lion or…? Wait a minute. Thin. Thick. Long, Short. Curvy. Patterns. The more you observe the better.

Simple shapes. Beautiful message.

Now I’ve got mountains, trees, rings, scissors, and harps. These are ideas I can paint! I went from typical to Oh!

Creative Exploration

Drawing Horses

I like horses. I didn’t plan to add horses to my sketch journal. Surprisingly, I’m getting better at drawing them. Horses are such beautiful animals. Riding off into the sunset and wild and free are ideas I want to work with. I could use the shape, an outline… I should add that to my practice. I will.

I drew the first top two using geometric shapes style. Good. Somewhere in the middle I stopped observing shapes and began drawing the exactly parts. That didn’t work so good. The lettering is a cute idea for a book or party theme decor. Maybe I could write a wild an free quote with a few horse theme letters.

I messed up on the middle horse. The middle is obviously wrong but the idea of creating a garland of winning circle flowers makes sense.

Maybe I should stick to a horse profile. Less details less mistakes.

Ok I like the idea.

Good Practice. Next time a bigger eye and paint. Wait a minute, isn’t there a horse sample in my Ed Emberly book? I should add that too.

How can I use what I like to tell my story as an artist?

Creative Exploration

How do I draw a chair

I have an idea for a pink chair.

At first I wasn’t sure how to draw a chair. I drew many. Now I have a chair that I like.

If you don’t know how to draw a chair, then draw until you can.

Now I have a chair that I like. I keep going back to the You are loved theme. The idea keeps changing. I want a book that is filled with positive thought provoking images.

Sometimes you’ve had a long day. Too Long. You go through the day wanting to close your eyes and rest. When you do get the chance you breath relief. Many times I circle Disneyland. It’s hot and I’m thirsy looking for a place to sit. When I finally do it’s always a breath of fresh air.

With every bite or sip I wonder of all the people sititng nearby. What brings them here? Are they happy? Am I?