Creative Exploration

More sketches and Sharpie Vs. Ink Joy

Here’s some more doodles for the book. I sat at the dinner table drawing and doodling… ways to draw the sun, expressions for the naysayers and supporters, the anchors. I love the sun with the heart shape rays. I didn’t plan on this but as I write I’m thinking, maybe I should use Ink joy pens for this book? The detail for the anchor is beautiful! It’s amazing how much better I draw after a few doodles. I love the guy with the bow tie and the girl with a pony tail and tie. The best drawing happens when you don’t think so much and just let yourself do what you do CREATE.

My besties convenience store is funny. I don’t know why I chose besties. There is a Love’s store. I want to work on my drawing and make this fun. I have one week to get this book together. I haven’t even tried the scanner.

Both Ink Joy and Sharpie are awesome pens. Sharpie gives me the vintage feel that might be good for this book. I’m visualizing a book with cream colored pages and a full color cover page. Sharpie gives you precise smudge free lines. Ink Joy on the other hand, tends to smudge a little. I love the boldness of the color. Ink Joy is a gel pen and gel pens a harder to use. You have to press down harder for the ink to flow out. I’ll stick to Sharpie.

Creative Exploration

Road Trip Book

I went to McDonald’s yesterday and this book caught my eye.

Of course I had to bring it home. I’m thinking about my road trip book. Seems like the idea and excitement are slipping away. Makes me think of Elizabeth Gilbert’s, Big Magic. I sat down and read all the notes I had thus far. I realized the excitement wasn’t there…not like it used to be. Not sure what to do, I started sketching ideas.

I like these letters? I’m liking the ink pen no color. This is big for me. I love color! The excitement began building and questions kept coming.

Handwriting or print? I could do a bunch of these block letters?

Wow, I spelled across wrong but notes are for ideas.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll sit down when the house is quiet and go through this book, my notes, let my mind wander, doodle, let creativity take over and write this whole book out once and for all! My excitement is back! Tomorrow’s going to be awesome!