Expressive Flowers

Pink and Purple Blooms

There is strength in letting go and painting. There’s pink, purple, blue, and a little sparkle. These colors are the creativity, faith, and play that should be in every painting session. I layered, splattered, painted and you know what, this is the best painting I’ve done in a long time. I say best because this is me, my ideas. Yes, my influences come from everywhere. But I’m not painting with outside forces. It’s just me. It’s the tools. Sure I’m holding the brush and gliding it along the page but the idea takes over. It isn’t about me. It’s the idea.

Kute Blackson had this amazing quote in one of his posts. Surrender your attachment to the outcome and get into the flow. Yes! That is what I did for this painting. I need to keep going.



Expressive Flowers

I forgot how fun it is to…

paint with tempera paint and on copy paper. Morgan Harper Nichols had this amazing video on abstract strokes and fear. I can’t paint on canvas either. I fear I’ll mess up. I can’t afford to go through canvases like I do paper. It’s been a week since I’ve painted. I had to paint.

My goal is to paint better roses. I love roses. Like the other night, I found this artist on Instagram. I too want to pick up the brush, lather up the paint, mix tones and have my roses bloom before my eyes.

Here’s a few notables:

1. Paint the petals using curved lines. When the paint is almost dry use a moist brush to spread the paint over the white space.

2. A round flat brush gives you good texture.

3. You can layer with a light color and then add details with a darker color.

4. Each petal line begins thin, wide and ends thin. Vary the starting points of these lines.

5. The petal lines are small and get bigger as you move away from the stigma of the flower.

I like the shape and petals of 2,3 and 4. Am I wanting to paint an exact rose? Like the roses on my walks? No. I want roses expressive of how nature makes me feel. I want color. I want texture. In a world of classes and social norms, I can always revel in a rose. I can always carry my thoughts to the moon and the stars.

My paper collage flowers have been wonderful but that’s tomorrow’s post.



Expressive Flowers

Magnolias Blooming in Blue

6 white magnolias on a blue and emerald watercolor background

For these magnolia’s I applied the watercolor techniques I learned from a watercolor video. It seemed like a typical video but the lessons hold true to the title of the video. Sure you’re practicing techniques but the idea is about play and letting watercolor do what it does. Watercolor lets you embrace curiosity and unexpectedly fall in love.

I had an idea, referenced a photo, and sketched with a pencil. I rarely sketch with a pencil. I probably should have sketched my trees with a pencil. That’s another post. I added layers of blue and emerald green. I dabbed a little color here and a little water there. Halfway through I had an it’s a mess I tried moment. I’m glad I kept painting. I let go of the photo and dismissed perfection. The line work, the color it works. These magnolias are imperfectly unexpected and beautiful!

Let these magnolias and all their blue remind me to have faith in my art and my process. Ok, the cat coq make a ton of art advice helped too. Perfect timing. My lines may curve a little more than they should. I may use a few more sheets of paper but the important part is to paint. How else will my best work come? I need a ton of paper.



Expressive Flowers

Doodle With You Collage Flowers

I have been getting my shop ready for holiday shoppers. What I really want is to clarify what I’m painting and why?

I paint because of how it makes me feel. It’s my self-love and meditation. I’ve been going through my artwork. I’m signing my art with my name instead of Creatively Hue. I sign my posts with Siempre Mireya and likewise for my art. I got rid of art that was questionable right from the start. You know the moment when you finish your work? And the finished art doesn’t look like the beauty you imagined. Either one of two thoughts happens. The artwork is better than imagined. Or the artwork is lacking. I share the lacking work because maybe it’s me. Maybe I am stuck on expectations instead of letting the artwork be what it’s going to be.

For these blooms and the collage book these flowers will be part of, doodle with you!

The collage course is still happeing. I’m thinking March 2023?

Thank you for reading! If you can, use the contact form and let me know what you like about the blog? What would you like to read? Many of you have and thank you. And please if you have friends who would enjoy reading this blog, share it with them.



Expressive Flowers

Pink daisies and a smile

three pink daisies pn a peach and pink watercolor wash background

Oh right I stamped these daisies with a paper roll!

Cut out your petal shapes from a paper roll

Lather up your brush with a lovely pink

Paint the roll and stamp

Add a little white to the leftover paint

Lather again and fill in gaps with happy petals

Use friendship yellows to paint the stigmas

Last but not least go crazy, build a watercolor and acrylic texture

I’m missing my candle lid

I had to write my words poetically. The magic, so to speak, transcends into what you do. Being able to enjoy the process, helps you make art, then comes freedom. The emotions, and positive energy that you feel in the creative process become the art. I guess that’s what James Victore advocates for when he says, “It doesn’t matter what your art looks like. What matters is what you say.”

You may have noticed but my writing has been more relaxed playful and all that I intend for creatively hue to be. Coincidently, I’m see new followers every day. Thank you! Let’s just paint the world beautiful!



Creative Exploration

Keep Going

Sometimes you paint and it doesn’t go as intended. The easy fix is take what works. Learn, carve out what doesn’t belong. Add the new and you have a beautiful flower. I’ve been doing this a lot lately. Michelangelo said it best:

In every block of marble I see a statue as plain as though it stood before me, shaped and perfect in attitude and action. I have only to hew away the rough walls that imprison the lovely apparition to reveal it to the other eyes as mine see it.

I know this is a simple example but there have been times when the idea gets lost. I paint layer on layer and occasionally magic happens. Out of nowhere I have an idea that I can use. I simply bring it into the computer. Mnimally revise and done. Plus all of my work is scanned and saved digitally. I can easily use it as artwork for the shop, blog and client work.

Thank you to all the new subscribers. It helps me continue my journey. New art, new projects and a new name!

Thank you to all my new subscribers. Have a question or idea? Use this form here. Have a good week. I shall enjoy my walk.

Creative Exploration

Celebrate fall with dots

Yesterday I read this post on a book.

That led to learning about Yayoi. Everything from the title to her dots made me wonder. People, teachers probably thought she was weird and wanted her to stop. And Yayoi wasn’t sorry. Why should she be. I’ve seen this artist before but what, dots everywhere! I like to paint with dots.

Here we go.

A tree seems like a good way to start fall. Soon the leaves will be falling. The cold nights are approaching. Then comes glorious spring. Now is the time to get rid of dead weight, all that prevents us from not being sorry.

To create this tree I used tempera paint and a Bruno Munari tutorial. Begin with one trunck. The trunk divides in two and contiune knowing each proceeding branch gets thinner.

What about a Kandinsky tree?

Creative Exploration

Finding the Flower in Eraser Stamps

I like this blue and the eraser stamp I made! I tried carving one as Corita suggests. It wasn’t working. I took the scissors and cut shapes. Imperfect circles and triangles. I dipped in acrylic and stamped. Sure I could have painted shapes but the randomness in color and texture is interesting. Painting with my left hand gave the same effects.

Randomness makes you stop and observe. Observing is good. I intentionally made petals. Then I stamped with the intention of finding the flower within. I almost threw out this page, until I observed.

Do I want to repaint these? On better paper? Yes but these will do just fine! Not bad for customizing .25 cent erasers. What would happen if I used fabric or other paper to stamp with? Mix a little water to the paint before stamping? Make monotones and stamp in layers? I should probably go back to my designs and take notes. I could apply these new techniques to my fall projects? Good one.

What have I learned from 100 ways to flower with power? So much. My creative write for today.

Thanks for reading? Are you a subsriber? Next week creative exploration- fall begins. In each project I’ll make it a habit to include tools you can use to create with me.

Creative Exploration

Create with a napkin?

Here’s a surprising tool. napkins!

Paint napkins with droplets of ink. Create monotones of pink.

Let the napkin dry. In the meantime, brainstorm. Cut shapes? Use it like tisuse paper? Layer a little blue. Thicker paper towels could work even better.

This is why I started the 100 ways to flower with power project. You never know what will happen. At first it was, this isn’t working. In the end, it’s exactly what I wanted. The flowers will look even better scanned.

I’ve used a napkin to wipe away watercolor mistakes but to make a flower? There’s always napkins in my house. What other possibilities surround me? How can I take what I’ve learned and apply it to art for the next prjocet. This past weekend I was planning the end of my year to focus on projects for next year. I had a few book ideas. Now I have three brilliant ideas!

As aways thank you for reading!