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Keep Going

Sometimes you paint and it doesn’t go as intended. The easy fix is take what works. Learn, carve out what doesn’t belong. Add the new and you have a beautiful flower. I’ve been doing this a lot lately. Michelangelo said it best:

In every block of marble I see a statue as plain as though it stood before me, shaped and perfect in attitude and action. I have only to hew away the rough walls that imprison the lovely apparition to reveal it to the other eyes as mine see it.

I know this is a simple example but there have been times when the idea gets lost. I paint layer on layer and occasionally magic happens. Out of nowhere I have an idea that I can use. I simply bring it into the computer. Mnimally revise and done. Plus all of my work is scanned and saved digitally. I can easily use it as artwork for the shop, blog and client work.

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Creative Exploration

Celebrate fall with dots

Yesterday I read this post on a book.

That led to learning about Yayoi. Everything from the title to her dots made me wonder. People, teachers probably thought she was weird and wanted her to stop. And Yayoi wasn’t sorry. Why should she be. I’ve seen this artist before but what, dots everywhere! I like to paint with dots.

Here we go.

A tree seems like a good way to start fall. Soon the leaves will be falling. The cold nights are approaching. Then comes glorious spring. Now is the time to get rid of dead weight, all that prevents us from not being sorry.

To create this tree I used tempera paint and a Bruno Munari tutorial. Begin with one trunck. The trunk divides in two and contiune knowing each proceeding branch gets thinner.

What about a Kandinsky tree?

Creative Exploration

Finding the Flower in Eraser Stamps

I like this blue and the eraser stamp I made! I tried carving one as Corita suggests. It wasn’t working. I took the scissors and cut shapes. Imperfect circles and triangles. I dipped in acrylic and stamped. Sure I could have painted shapes but the randomness in color and texture is interesting. Painting with my left hand gave the same effects.

Randomness makes you stop and observe. Observing is good. I intentionally made petals. Then I stamped with the intention of finding the flower within. I almost threw out this page, until I observed.

Do I want to repaint these? On better paper? Yes but these will do just fine! Not bad for customizing .25 cent erasers. What would happen if I used fabric or other paper to stamp with? Mix a little water to the paint before stamping? Make monotones and stamp in layers? I should probably go back to my designs and take notes. I could apply these new techniques to my fall projects? Good one.

What have I learned from 100 ways to flower with power? So much. My creative write for today.

Thanks for reading? Are you a subsriber? Next week creative exploration- fall begins. In each project I’ll make it a habit to include tools you can use to create with me.

Creative Exploration

Create with a napkin?

Here’s a surprising tool. napkins!

Paint napkins with droplets of ink. Create monotones of pink.

Let the napkin dry. In the meantime, brainstorm. Cut shapes? Use it like tisuse paper? Layer a little blue. Thicker paper towels could work even better.

This is why I started the 100 ways to flower with power project. You never know what will happen. At first it was, this isn’t working. In the end, it’s exactly what I wanted. The flowers will look even better scanned.

I’ve used a napkin to wipe away watercolor mistakes but to make a flower? There’s always napkins in my house. What other possibilities surround me? How can I take what I’ve learned and apply it to art for the next prjocet. This past weekend I was planning the end of my year to focus on projects for next year. I had a few book ideas. Now I have three brilliant ideas!

As aways thank you for reading!

Creative Exploration

Creative Ways to Flower

100 ways to flower with power is definitely about choosing how you want to create. Yes I am painitng but this idea applies to all of us. We skills. We have talents that can help others. Anything and everything is art. There’s power in believing.

Hearts.Thumbprints, Index finder. Stamp with the side of your finger. pinkie dots. Blend as you stamp. Monotones. Stamp with pinky finger and drag. Stamp with your knuckes. I didn’t try that. Perhaps I should? Stamp with your palm. I was practicing sillouette puppets the other evening. It was a suggestion from Learn By Heart. I’m thinking of how I can position my hand to paint a few more flowers. I could stamp with the flat coiled side of my fist. Turn anger into love. That could work!

I’m about 30 ideas away from completing the 100. Now I want to shift more into stepping away from the palatte and techniques I normaly use.

As always thanks for reading! See you tomorrow. Let me go paint the a few more thumbprints.

Creative Exploration

Create For You

You have no idea how this flower connects with my creative life right now. Always really. You learn. You grow. You grow. Learn More. Last night I read the first book I wrote. I write stories. They linger. I edit. I edit. They go out into the world like little soldiers of peace offering smiles keep goings.

It is hard to admit that glorious summer days spent writing ended up unpublished, trashed and collecting dust in the sucks pile. Deep down I know. I wasn’t writing for me. I wanted this story to be told. I wanted to say I am a writer because I say I am. I thought I was writing and rewriting letting the story speak for iteslf and I was merely the note taker.

Smewhere in all that I lost myself in a pile of MANY, I think they’ll like that. I kept asking how will this resonate with the audience. Many writers say that the most important part of writing is to write for you. Now I will rewrite the book FOR ME. I know why I wrote the book. I’ll write it like the kid who knows.

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Creative Exploration

Play and Work

Yes the two connect. The definitions are practically the same. I’m working on a new book. I drew with a liquid lipstick. It began with a shape. It ended with a stamp. The words are always here but how to express them, now that’s what creative exploration is all about!

Without the let me draw and see what happens, I wouldn’t have an idea I’m proud of. I look forward to more work and play.

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Creative Exploration

A world full of ideas

Would I rather have a set list to check off or build a list as I go? I like knowing direction and then letting my curiosity take over. I prefer why over how?

I painted these with a q–tip. I could have easily used chopsticks or a toothpick. The lesson was on using these to develop fonts. I could use these to paint flowers! I should write with a branch!

I have used the back of my sumi brush.

I have tons of ideas. Corita taught a wonderful idea. Playing with tools and techniques allows you to explore, imagine, be curious, and connect. I like asking why, always have and always will. There are so many ways to paint flowers. As you paint you discover ideas that perhaps you always wanted to express. Perhaps you didn’t realize you could or you had creative block. I don’t believe in creative block.

Our talents are with us. We need to practice them and make.

These flowers seem to say together we will. Together we shall. Juntos

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