Drawing with two hands…

is weird. I started ok with the right hand ( I’m right handed) but kept looking to see what my left was doing. Then the right hand didn’t know what to do. This is a great practice for letting go of how you think you should draw. You have to simply draw.

Lines and blobs are easy. Fun. Yellow and Pink really shows how paitning with two hands made me feel. I really need to find a book or paper that is suitable for acrylic paint. It’s the you never know what you’re going to get that’s exciting.

I’m not used to painting with two hands. That’s what made it fun.

Who knew I could paint beautiful flowers with my left hand! Using my left hand creates a blowing in the breeze sporadic angle.

…and just like that I have another flower idea, 100 ways to paint a flower has begun! See you Monday!

Draw With Love

Yes I like love. What if I use the literal shape as a basis for drawing? I’ve done Butterflies and heart ears. What about a Lion or…? Wait a minute. Thin. Thick. Long, Short. Curvy. Patterns. The more you observe the better.

Simple shapes. Beautiful message.

Now I’ve got mountains, trees, rings, scissors, and harps. These are ideas I can paint! I went from typical to Oh!

Made My First Zine

Kraft paper, primary colors, markers, and a few brushes.

My only intention is MAKE.

Ideas and thoughts. Make.

Paint is too thick. Make

Can’t add water when the paper is already wrinkled. Make.

What’s wrong with this brush? Make

Smudges. Make

Lettering is too light. Paint over it. Make

Won’t dry fast enough. Smudge for even more texture. Make

What about the words? Write

Cross out the wrong words Make

Make Make Make Make for the sake of 9 simple rules for creators by creators


Literally my experience of making my first zine!

There’s Only Make

The rooster who was born with rainbow feathers and tries to change so he can be like other roosters. Then he realizes, there’s no one quite like me! Maybe it’ll make a good story someday?

Certainly is easier to draw when you realize a bird is a series of lines, patterns and shapes. Certainly feels free when you add ideas to your journal. Some will work. Many will not. At least you have ideas that YOU came up with. Ideas that will lead to the ones that work!

Flat brushes for flowers. Why not feathers!

Allow layers to dry before I apply the next color? Have more contrast in the color? Little elements to work on. It’s time to move on and make.

Nothing is a mistake. There’s no win and no fail. There’s only make. – Corita Kent

Pink Objects

Flower, cupcake, Flamingo, dress … Flamingos are a brilliant idea. What a beautiful bird. I can picture them now, smells and pink feathers. Guess you can’t have it all.

Pink was always my favorite color. Now blue is. Both are. Pinks make the most beautiful oranges and yellows.

The yellow, pink tones and hearts….alll elements to describe ideas and how the best ones, ones that change our lives are a combination of lots of ideas. Your ideas. My ideas. Thier ideas. I don’t know why there’s superiority, classes, inferiority, discrimination, stereotying…

Everyone deserves to be included because all the greatness in this world comes from different people, in different places with different talents.

I really enjoy painting hats and simple dresses. I still have the Audrey Hepburn Hat idea: The best shade from ugly light is you. I have another fun idea to paint these flamingos.

Lines Are Everywhere

Drawing a  series of lines to use them  in art.

There’s thick, thin, soft, hard, wavy, smooth and colorful lines. Lines are everywhere. They’re the curves on the jar in front of me. They’re the lines of a freeway sign or stop sign. What about the lines of a letter? You can express different ideas with smooth rainbow colors or imperfect ones and have two beautiful ideas. Soft petals for peace. Bold thick petals for courage.

Will the observance of lines make it easier to draw?

There’s lines on leaves. I’ve been drawing them diagonally straight when really they curve. Curves are happy lines.

There’s always doubt or EGO but art seems to be that hobby and life.

I’ll certainly observe more lines today and tomorrow. I’ll be painting pink things.