Creative Exploration

Decorate A Pumpkin With You

I painted these pumpkins last year? Deep down we know who we are. Yet we play the imposter card. What will they think? But the idea is stupid. I won’t succeed. Not with talk like that you won’t. These pumpkins were inspired by a think.make.share post. The blog does this every year.

You are who you are for a reason. All I know is that I make better art when it comes frome me. In my creative zone there is no doubt, fear, happiness or passion. There’s this need to create. And well, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to the fulfilment of knowing others will benefit too.

A few of you have asked or want to leave comments. I don’t display likes or allow comments because my blog is my creative zone. This is my place where I can be free to observe and make. I have so many ideas. Every single piece of art I make brings me closer to my true self. I can only hope it radiates. Have a little fun. What is your favorite color, song, character, book or quote. Decoratae a pumpkin.

On another note I am thinking of a new name. Blue Apple Studio? Observe.Think.Make? (this one just came to me)

Creative Exploration

Pumpking Painting

Ar first I was afraid. I was petrified, thinking I would never get it right but then I kept painting and…

Love the process. There are no mistakes. These thoughts kept repeating in my mind. Oh and I was thinking of an interesting way to start this post, The song I will survive popped in my head.

Here’s what I did from left to right:

  • watercolor over white pencil and shade with watercolor pencil
  • a few layers of watercolor and then shade with pencil
  • watercolor on wet paper then when dry shade with watercolor pencil
  • salt over watercolor and shade with pencil.

I still need to add a quote and a few finishing touches. I plan on a quote that’ s about…all these images of pumpkins in various sizes and they all have a unique shape and stem. Isn’t nature telling us how beautiful we all are?

Here’s more ways to decorate pumpkins. Talk about creative exploration. I was testing out my new paint palette and inspired by a think.make.share. post

Lunch time draw. I should have taken a picture of the ones my friend made. Here’s mine. The best ideas happen when you let them. I think spot one makes me smile. Good.

Here I had 20 minutes of luch time and markers. This is so much fun. I think it was more like 5 minutes. It would be cute to draw or paint these on tags or paper bags for Halloween treat bags.

I remeber a few years ago, I painted designs on pumpkins with acrylic paint. I should have taken a picture.

Here’s a pumpkin I decorated from stuff around the house.

Tomorrow it’s back to book project. and Friday there’ll be more fall inspired ideas. I got this new project and it involves Rudolph. It’s been busy and I love it. Ok good night.