Creative Exploration

It happened!

color scheme for a poster that reads de colores

I was all set to wrap up the official De Colores book This morning I had a plan: My list was, edit the last few pages, upload artwork, forget about it for a few days and proofread with a fresh pair of eyes. I decided on the Merriweather font. I sat down ready to finish only to discover the book was missing. Yes gone, all of it. All I have is the rough draft. I do have a few paper notes, but the book is gone. And so, I start a new version, a better version. I am sad and disappointed. I can’t make the February 14 deadline but much worse could have gone wrong. Since the book is still fresh in my mind, I will spend these days re-writing the entire book. This book is a great idea! Maybe this is a chance to go back to the drawing board. I am here now. And this time I’ll write in a notebook like I always do, save an extra copy and move forward. I am an artist. I AM AN ARTIST. I made mistakes and what a way to learn from them.

Oh, but the book will be available sooner than you think! Ok I still need a few more, lots more deep breathes. Thank you for reading my blog and subscribing. I appreciate your understanding and support because art is my life!

Creative Exploration

Orange you make me happy

Taking orange and mixing in yellow, pink and brown. Oh a little water. Red of course will give you orange. It depends on warm or cool red. Orange you happy, because I sure am!

…and that reminds me of these pink and orange backpacks created for adults. Yes, apparently the designer thoughts we all need a little more color in our lives. Color is all around us. All we need to do is open our eyes and live it.

For this I layed down some some washi tape and I painted. Let’s see what I can do with pink and orange.