One project many skills

I’m curious. Are you enjoying the flowers? Have you painted flowers? I’d love to see your flower paintings? Tag me on Instagram @creatively.hue. These yellow florals were painted with a small spounge. I like trying odd objects and discovering textures or new techniques. It makes for interesting art. Blending color with a chopstick is interesting.

I have more flowers to share and am having a good time putting the book together. It’s a lot of work. Glad I am planning a few fun painting activities next week.

I am learning new skills. This is my first book with Affinity Publisher. This software is similar to Indesign, so I hear. Time will tell. I have experience with Photoshop and Affinity Photo is a good alternative. My editing is minimum.

Now I’ll go add a new floral design to my shop. Thanks to all the new subscribers.

Enjoy your weekend.

Simple Strokes Purple Beauties

All it takes is simple strokes to create these flowers. One round brush. One flat brush. Maybe use a blue color pencil to outline the petals? There is something powerful about the color purple. Purple is creativity. There’s power in creativity.

Mix up a little purple and paint with your hand, elbow or left hand. That seems weird? Who knows, it could work?

Are you a subscriber? In a couple of weeks I will be working on book cover projects and releasing a new ebook. I will be giving them away for free.


I have been wanting to lay out all of the paintings and sketches. To observe them and how they make me feel. I should lay them out across the floor and make a video. The flowers that wow me still do. They always will. The flowers that I was unsure of are still in question. Then there’s the new ideas. You should have done this. Wouldn’t it have been better to have a lighter pink. Or this technique with that technique. All the above. The doubt never goes away. You learn to work through it, inspite of it and because of it.

The beauty of 100 Ways To Flower With Power is that you can work on you, this allows you to just make art and that leads to play. Play is where magic happens. Wait a minute, I was writing on the topic of you for the book and I sat there writing and writing and I couldn’t write. Guess it was good to go for a walk. Or I just had to write. Okay back to the book

Have you ever layed out all of your sketches, drawings or paintings?

Think Responsibly

Think Responsibly Poster

I painted this months ago in lovely shades of nature. At that time the idea was, yes it’s OK to have negative thoughts but keep them to a minimum. Think Positive thoughts. I still believe that but this podcast about doubt being good has me thinking. If you are doubting then you’re not doing. It’s true because the moments when I have that spark, the warmth I am not doubting or thinking negative. James Victore said in his recent IG live, fix your sh**. Not my words but his. It’s the truth. Are you doubting? Are you afraid? Confused? Negative thoughts may always be there but we must choose to turn them into positives.

When you look at this poster as I did today, I noticed that two negatives became a postive. Sometimes you have a lot of negatives before the positive comes.

Right now I am writing this to motivate myself. I know I am not alone. That is why I create. I will continue to create and build and create more. For now I leave you with this poster. I’ll leave a link if you want to purchase.

Thank you for all your kind words and for the encouraging posts you write. You inspire me. Let’s keep creating.

Any Way Flowers

I saw@margarts who’s on like day 35 of her 100 day stamping challenge. Any ordinary thing can become even more beautiful. 100 ways to flower with power is all about this idea! There are so many flowers. All of them will be scanned and ready for illustrations. Words have been written. Words still need to be written. Book needs to be ready for spring. Sure there’s Lavendar and a few others yet to be painted. The eraser stamp florals? Yes lets.

Have a good week. If you enjoy these posts then perhaps an art print?

Positive Thoughts

Surface Design seems like a good idea! These flowers were created with a series of motions made with a flat brush. Not even sure how I mixed this beautiful color. A little red? Oh right it was just painting and that led to PLAY

The just painting and PLAY is part of the 100 ways to flower with power book. It’s all together only I need to physically do it. I have more writing and I’ll start next week.