the color book

Your art, your voice your opinion—it’s how you see the world and how you translate it back for others.

James Victore

So there I was on a Sunday morn. A quiet house and I had no words to write. Why am I working on the color book? Do I want to? I’m writing but the words, I took a break and as Curly Nikki suggested I looked for love. I sat quietly in thoughts and those of other good podcasts.

I came across James’ post and yes that’s it! My work is the world through my eyes, My choice of color, well what are my colors. I use yellows, greens, pinks, browns oranges and blues. I mix all these colors to make even more, really beautiful color. There’s forest green, turquoise and aqua. Mix a little yellow with orange and you have peach. Add a little pink and you have my heart.

That’s right, tell my story. I always have something to say. Have you every wandered and wondered how all this beautiful color came to be. I like to think the bluests of the blues in the oceans are there to remind us restore us of faith in ourselves and for each other. How can we not see such beautiful color and not feel that we are greatness, that our troubles or doubts and fears, it’ll all be ok. Mother nature knows. I could go on and I will in my new book.

Art is Freedom

I could be upset, need rest, in distress but you tell me to work on an art project and I’m good. Seriously art makes me feel… FREE. Another amazing artist said,”You feel free. Art is freedom.” Yes I’m an amazng artist. You are and amazing artist. We all are,

Many times I’ll have a plan. Plans are good but my best work happens when I play. There’s no right or wrong. I paint paper. Let it dry. Observe the dry sheets. What colors work together? Oh right that’s for my color book. I cut out my petals and arrange them according to my eyes and heart. I go from idea to idea until we’re done.

Mosaic Happy

This bloom was inspired by a park in Spain. You walk along a path full of colorful pieces and all for our eyes. I wonder who and how they were placed in such a way on a bench and on the giant Iguana on the entry way of the building.

Yes it’s all I hope for with my work. I want to continue to create the kind of work that illuminates and encourages positivity.

If I can share that with you then it’s a win-win. If you’d like to purchase this beauty you can.

I paint what I feel pink collage flower

monotone pink and orange collage flower

Every now and then I get feedback on my work…colorful, encouraging, and beautiful. Color is part of my signature style. I just paint what I feel. I paint what I feel.

I am grateful.

yellow you warm me like the sun

Yellow Yellow

you make me feel mellow

Friendship smiiles

blooms you make me want a while

most of all you make me dream, imagine, and

curious like the kid who’s free

like the kid who knows how to just be

You light me, warm me like the sun

I want to paint and have fun

Did you enjoy this week’s color series? These posts are good writings for my color book. I’m rethinking my color palette. There’s room for all of us is a book about color and a love for us humans. It will be available in ebook form in December. Oh my, I forgot about the deadline! I’m going to work on the book this weekend.

Include a little poetry in the book? What a great idea!

testing a new site?

Pink bloom with acrylic paint and the words always blooming with yoy

Not sure why but woke up today saying, it’s time to update my website. What do you think? I like this new layout. I like the color. I love these blooms!

Inner peace is always here

What a Sunday morning! I woke up early. I wrote for an hour or two…love when I lose track of time. Thoughts on my mind, feeling…not me. Not sure what it was or why it was there BUT as I wrote my whole body was peace. I hadn’t created much this week. Then I browsed my collage paper and cut out some petals. Let my eyes do the sorting and pasting. Later on I worked on collage. As I arranged a pink petal next to a peach one, my whole body was peace.

That’s it! I need to create. I literally need to create. I was stuck in the days where I had my list, my goals and daily projects. The inner peace is always with me. Outside forces don’t matter. A true artist creates always. There’s no time or right supplies you just do it. It’s like the song that was written in a restaurant on the back of a napkin. In a way it’s magic. Guess I needed to understand and now that I do I can move forward. Speaking of magic I wrote a few words on the color purple. Yes I wrote some good words for the book. That’ll be tomorrow’s post. Have I painted purple flowers?

What amazing words have you read lately?

Fly by the seat of my soul. I like this so much I added it to my Instagram profile.

Every now and then these words come to me and it’s always a sum of what I’ve been pondering.

Earlier it was perpetual curiosity. That’s me!

Last week it was I am responsible for my inner experience.

Ok I’m ready to write and paint a few flowers for my color book. Oh right purple flowers.

It takes ALL of us

The lesson on how we get our food

The podcast on gratitude for the farmer to the clerk

I don’t want to ever be that kind of jerk

Sometimes I am

I fuss over nothing

Forget who I am and what I bring

It is great and sad that we need a month to love ourselves.

To celebrate with stuff off the shelves

Look around

You and me, we make the town.

Let’s celebrate everyone everyday by being kind.

We do every time we sing and unwind.

Ok if you’ve been reading and enjoying my poems, thank you! I do like these poems. I’m just rhyming and having fun. Honestly that is what this is.