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Lessons I’ve learned As An Artist This Week

Hello! Before I continue with today’s post I want to share a posting agenda. Every Sunday I’ll post the art lessons I’ve learned throughout the week. Every Wednesday I’ll post an update on my current project including tips. I’ll be posting a random tutorial post on one of the other days. Ok, let’s get this post started.

These are the lessons I’ve learned as an artist this week.

In-between state of mind

At the first sign of mistakes, I’II want to start over. I haven’t felt the need to start over! Ok, I threw out a few sheets of paper because I made a mess with the paint BUT I work in peace. I don’t think about the work being good or bad. Sometimes I do but then I choose to keep painting.

Abundance Mindset

I’ve been blogging for a long time. Every day there are more of you. Thank you so much! And I appreciate the kind feedback. I want to believe that I encourage all of you to paint and or add joy to your days. When I read your comments I say, “Really? You think my roses are beautiful? I’m in the practice phase.” I forget that what makes art wonderful is there’s room for all of us! We can all be given the task to paint a rose. How we paint the rose is art. There’s no right way to paint a rose! By the way abundance mindset is a term I borrowed from Ettavee.

Have a little plan

Neocolours are water-soluble crayons. Before I paint, I sketch with Neocolour crayons. When I hold a Neocolour in my hand it reminds me of crayons. And crayons are childhood. These crayons help me keep art loose, exploratory, and playful!

Sometimes I’ll set up my favorite color and sketch. Or I’ll think of how the orange roses on my walk made me feel and I paint! Most of my process is anything goes. There’s this artist who likes to mix up paint right on the canvas instead of a palette. All these little ideas help me start. All you have to do is start. You don’t have to know how to paint. Just paint! I’m fact if you’re thinking I don’t know how, you’re doing it wrong.

So basically it’s the little plans that create the state of mind and state of mine welcomes the abundance mindset.

Thanks for reading and being a part of creatively hue. What you think of these tips? The blog agenda? Comment below.



Expressive Flowers

Fun Friday

colorful word art lets do this on a cream tote bag

I’m here going over my week and the lessons I’ve learned. I won a liquidex hard body acrylic paint bundle pack. Blick Art Supplies always hosts giveaways. I have been entering always thinking I’ll win. I won. I’m supper excited to use my paint. I had to share my win because, yes it’s just a giveaway but I’ve been feeling hopeful and enjoying my journaling. This is a small step toward my roses project.

More on abundance mindset on Sunday’s post.



Expressive Flowers

Roses-Everything Bouquet

Pink and orange roses in a blue scalloped border vase

The roses this year are beautiful! On Sunday I painted orange roses inspired by the lovelies I saw at UCLA. I’ll share my orange roses painting in an upcoming post. I’m not quite finished yet. Oh but let’s go over the above floral arrangement. Did I sketch this with a pencil first? No, it was Neocolor Water Soluble Pastels. I use pastels to do a rough sketch and then get right into painting. I used the last of my sun-kissed yellow to paint flowers. The orange, yellow and pink roses express the friendship, peace, and love I experience with nature. The scallop border flower pot is cute, fun, and carefree. I can’t believe all of my sun-kissed yellow is gone. I guess that means I’m ready to use the premium cadmium yellow! Yes, everything goes. As an artist, you have to explore your tools. See what happens. Keep going!

I’m the artist who signs her initials with a small heart. I like blue flowers. I want blue roses. I want to paint and let the flowers bloom before my eyes. I express how nature makes me feel. In the words of Tabitha Brown, “It’s my business.” This is how I’ve been painting and will continue to paint. Thank you for your support and kind words. I’ve been selling a few books and there’s more art to come. Oh right, I will officially go over my summer plans. I’m excited for what’s to come!

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Expressive Flowers, Roses Project


acrylic painted blue vase filled with pink and blue roses

Ok, so I never really appreciated the beauty of a rose. Roses. Typical. Right? I started noticing them last year. This year roses are huge and in such gorgeous colors. I want all this in my art, in my book? Here are my two thoughts. Why just paint roses when I miss painting all of the other flowers I paint? Oh but roses, you beautiful roses are keeping me out of my comfort! Do I know how to paint them? No. I’ve been practicing. I still don’t know what I’m doing. I love what’s happening with my work. It’s not great but I don’t want to throw it away either. My art seems to be blooming from this peace zone. All artists need to have mindfulness, connect and create from your spirit.

Sounds like I’m right where I need to be? I needed to clarify. Not to worry, I’ll be sharing my blue roses in the next post.



Expressive Flowers

What is your career plan?

I’m an expressive flower artist. I want to build my art business. The best way to do that is to prioritize self-expression.

Off the top of my head here’s a list:

  • Daily journal (practice composition, color and develop flow
  • Add work twice a month to my Redbubble shop/portfolio
  • Write a minimum of three posts a week
  • Share daily content on my social media accounts
  • Invest in me via podcasts, nature walks, and courses

I’m blooming into a full creatively hue business that offers joyful art and offers inspirational items like t-shirts, puzzles, mugs, art prints, arty books and courses.

I can do it! What’s your dream? Comment below.

Expressive Flowers

May the force be with you!

Have you ever been curious about nature? Yes I’m getting all Star Wars because I believe in the force.

I wrote an arty book filled with colorful collage animals and mindful thoughts. Today the ebook is available for free. The cover is to the right. Read it comment below and share it with a friend. You could also leave a review on Amazon. Thanks.



Expressive Flowers

Roses- There’s No Right Way

I’m enjoying the flower doodles I’ve been painting in my sketchbook. It feels free to work on a limited space, on I don’t know what type of paper this is but it’s good enough. At somepoint, I’ll film a video walk through of my journal. I’m looking for an 8 x 10 journal. I want something that I can keep and turn into a roses book? Prints? Yes, let’s!

I’ve been pondering the direction I should go in. I have worked with watercolor, acrylic, and tempera. I’ve painted many subjects. I’ve written seven arty books. Is it six? My favorite projects are Different Is Beautiful and There’s No Right Way to Paint a Flower. Now that I think of these two projects, there’s no need to wonder. The answer has been with me. Isn’t it always?

Different Is Beautiful is a love for nature and us. Nature is colorful and different! Nature is my childhood curiosity. Everything in nature is unique and that’s what makes it beautiful.

There’s No Right Way to Paint a Flower is about self-expression. In this book, I set out to prove that you don’t need fancy tools to paint beautiful flowers. In fact, the rarest, odd, or ordinary make beautiful flowers. This is all I want my artwork to be. I’m glad I found Suzanne Allard’s class. Her class helped me bring everything together. I have new tools and a new journal. These two journal pages had me mixing shades of blue, tapping the bottom of a brush to make an interesting pattern, and mixing lovely green. It’s much more fun mixing green than buying it.

What is your latest project? How do you feel about it?

I’ll be sharing weekly updates of roses. I’ll be doing the occasional promt post or a poem. I haven’t written poetry in a while. I do post daily inspiration and project videos on Pinterest and Instagram.

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Happy Sunday!



Expressive Flowers

New Art Journal & Ruby the Copycat

I finished a journal. Now it’s time to start a new art journal. My new journal is a smaller size. I have a limited space to work my magic on a limited space. Here are a few art journals that Ive been doodling in fro time to time. The smaller journal is a Corduroy pocket journal for my poems. The other is a journal I picked up at UCLA. In this journal I doodle and test markers to see if I can create watercolor effects. They are not. I can doodle, look at color schemes and most of all I can learn not to be Ruby the Copycat!

I had a chance to read this book and here I am in the same situation. Ruby is a new girl at school. She’s shy, nervous and scared. She meets Angela with a beautiful red bow. Angela read her poem to the class. Ruby copied it. On and on Ruby went copying. This made her classmates mad, particularly Angela.

Expressive Flowers

All I want to do is paint

What job would you do for free?

ten pink roses in a blue vase

What a question! I want to paint in the garden. I want to have breakfast and tea in the garden. I want to spend my days painting. I want time to just mix color, add a stroke here and a stroke there. If that doesn’t work cover it up with a brighter color. I came across a person who said don’t try. Many people say I’m going to try. Don’t try,just do it!

pink and yellow paper collage flower

So I’ve got a roses book to paint. I have started a file. I’m adding new work to my shop. Borrowing the words from an awesome first grade class, I was born ready!