New palette is beginning to feel like home

a self made watercolor palette

I’ve made a decision. I will contiune to work on 100 ways to flower with power? There’s no right way to paint a flower? Yes, I like this title much better.

Maybe every Friday or a couple of days a week I’ll paint culture ideas. I’m just not sure where I want to go with the culture project. My plan is to build a collection of textures, homes, ceramics…the Lantern Festival is coming up! In March I could display all of my work and let the story emerge. Sounds good.

That means I have 2-3 months to write, edit and paint more flowers! I could work on the flower book for 3 days a week. The other two days will be for painting small projects and work for the shop.

I keep thinking about the other day when I opened my folder of over 100 flowers and the lessons I’ve learned. This observation made me want more. This year rather than set goals that become elusive I am contiuning to learn new skills, exploring and most importatnly sharpening my mind.

The strongest strength is that of the mind.

Ok this week I’m working on more flowers, an apothecary bottle, a butterfly, a freedon idea and …. so excited! I painted a brown Peruvian rug and writing for the book. There’s a lot of digitizing to be done but that will come at another time.

Let’s make a creative week! I would love to see your paintings and see what you create.

Word of the year with watercolors

word art with watercolor

My word of the year is MAKE. I want to make more. do more. I want more of the making that happens when I let curiosity take over. I want more of the making that leads to painting with markers. Even the markers that didn’t blend with water worked. Scribble on a ceramic plate. Dip your brush in water, mix the two and you have watercolor.

word art with watercolor

I usually draw letters on the page and paint around them. That works ok but why not try something different!. That’s the other make I want more of.

If it didn’t work before, then change it up.

Here goes. Cut out the letters and lightly tape them down. Then paint, splatter, stamp and draw. If you make a mistake cover it up with a stamp or more watercolor. Keep on making until you’re done. Do what you are going to do but do it with you!

And that’s the other make. Work through the misktakes because it’s part of growing and getting better. Who says it’s a mistake anyway. Just let yourself go and keep on making. Eventually you’ll get to the good stuff.

What’s your word of the year?

How to get the most from your brushes

Why…test them out. See what your brushs can do for you. I tested brushes from sizes 0 to 6.

See how comfortable the brushes feel in my hand. Test for thin, thick and sideways trokes. The pen/brush should glide on the page as you write. The easiest brush to write with is size 6. This brush has a round pointy tip which holds a good amount of paint. It was easy to do the thin strokes. My hand shakes more with the smaller brushes. Yet the size 1 and 0 write beautifully. I say it’s in the pointiness of the brush. There’s practice too.

What is all this practice for? These words need to be written.

Many of the images have alreadly been painted. There’s a few redos. This Friday is my deadline to create two prints. I could probably do more. This week I’ll be working on a fun project. I’ll be lettering one word using markers as watercolor. What else do I have planned? I’m painting a Peruvian rug.

Thank you for reading. Have a good day or evening?

Pause for Reflection

What was I intending to paint? Intentions, what happens to them. I scribbled…folded…all ready for the trash. But why not practice Decalcomania. I added paint and let the left side blend with the right side. I still wanted to throw it away. I kept working and all of a sudden a butterfly appeard giving me wings to fly.

a little note to self

Keep going, stop just stop the maddness of wanting to throw out your work. Not everything you make will be for the shop. Create and when you feel stuck shut up and keep going. Yes intentions are good but it’s the surprises that happen in the midst of intentions that …that’s what great art is made of. I know, I have seen my work. For every idea that you think didn’t work there’s an idea, a technique that does. Look closer. The flowers that bloom don’t have perfect petals so don’t expect yours to be either. Wait that’s one for the book. I’m going to paint that too.

Be proud of your work. I sure am!

Thanks for reading. As days go by there’s more of you. Want to subscribe? There’s a link to the right of this post. Next year I am releasing a few books and more products. My current shop is moving.

More doodles

Today I sat for two hours…the house was calm … too calm…but I sat with my creativity and let my mind wander. One idea led to the next. I thought about my letters and added more ideas. Lots more!

Gave each letter a thought. I now have a map, a map that I’m excited about. A few days ago, I had no idea. Notes after notes, I mean sure I had ideas floating around but no direction. All of a sudden everything’s coming together and making sense. Don’t you just love when this happens? It’s so important to show up every day because at some point, you get past the nonsense.

I know I keep writing the same thoughts but writing this book has been an emotional roller coaster. I was grumpy a good part of this trip. But I had every single one of these beautiful thoughts. So I have my doodles and I’m working on my lettering.

I can’t believe I was sitting, just me and creativity… my memories. I sat for two hours TWO HOURS and it felt like a lot less than that. At one point I thought maybe I should go to the store and buy Sharpie pens in color. Lizard brain showed up and I said,” No I’m going to sit and write.” It was beautiful.

If you’re a creative like me then you completely understand.

More doodles and for reals plan

Today I sat unmotivated again…I tried drawing with a pencil. The erasing started… and then I let go. Sometimes I forget that the point of sketching and doodling is in ideas. Ideas don’t always have to make sense. The best ones don’t.

I’m going to sit down when the house is calm, without interruption and just draw the entire book. I’ll practice a little tomorrow. I’ll play. I want to draw without thinking.

I went through my watercolor paintings and none of them are quite right for the book. Not one.

This isn’t perfection. I can paint better. I have. I do love the trees and maybe that’ll be the cover?

I won’t keep going back and forth with this book. I’m not aiming for perfection but I need to do my best. I should have fun. I’ll stick to ink doodles for the entire book. I want to improve on my drawing skills. I can use the fall workshop to work on watercolor.

Back to the book, I’d love to sit down and let my mind wander and DRAW.