Live your story book cover

I was thinking about the bookcover for Live Your Love Story. Why did I change this fun blue book cover for plain white with blue lettering? These hearts gave me an idea. for today’s project.

Redo this note,.

Create a colorful background. Use a paper roll, cup or cookie cutter to stamp with. Cookie cutters would be great,

Not as I a planned. I stamped. I watercolored. Used my brayer for the first time. The brayer gave me a beautiful old wall vibe. I am definitely going to keep using the brayer to blend color. Wait this is like the make project. The beauty of this project is that you don’t know what will happen untill you finish.

Not sure about the lettering. I prefer sporadic writing. The problem is I don’t trust my writing. What if I make a mistake? I will practice tomorrow.

Do I have one more idea? Always!

Oh wow, even more of an old wall vibe. Yes I want to paint one of these someplace. monotone blues?

Ok tomorrow will take a look at Different Is Beautiful.

Happy Sunday!

Gave these flowers a makeover.

Painting over acrylic with watercolor is great. The next time you buy a paint brush save the plastic bristles protector. You could use a straw too.

I have some cool bookcover projects coming this week and a new notebook journal. If you like this flower then you will love all of the other flowers I am putting in the book. I’ll be taking a few photos of all of my work to celebrate this project.

New Circle Flower Journal

What a week! I have made progress. I want to say thanks for reading and subscribing. Welcome to the new followers. Cratively Hue is growing. I love it. If you have any art you’d like to share please find me on Instagram at @creatively.hue. I love learning what other artists are doing.

On Sunday I’ll be starting the book cover details and sharing the first bookcover project. Oh, April 15 was World Art Day! Earth Day is coming up! The layout for the book is finally looking good. Ok I need a break from all this screen time. Tommorw I’ll continue the editing.

Have a great weekend. Go for a walk. See what catches your eye. Fall in love with the moon and stars. Make art.

The Greatest Tool…

is you. James Victorie speaks of it as the you that demands to be heard, maybe not the you you carry around every day but you. Deepak Chopra says it’s the you, the creative curious lovable self you were born with. It is in that place where your best work happens. It is there where you decide to paint with a wheel, spray can or a straw.

These collage flowers are getting a makeover. Ok time to paint!

Just making really works

The hope the excitement and the flowers were about ready to be trashed. In fact I deleted the manuscript that I thought was close to being finished. Oh but last night Deepak Chopra’s believing can lead to reality gave me the rerouting I needed. Sure I needed to alter course and didn’t realize what or how until today. I started from the basic manuscript and just started writing. It was the words. It was the feeling in my heart. Then as I was talking and writing I made the connection. Total turn around..

I did plan to work on book covers this week but I should just paint. Ramadan started today. I want to learn about about this celebration. I love people and cultures all over the world. The world is my family.

More Favorites

because I need to know. I am confused about the layout and that has me second guessing my work. Just because you work on 100 ideas doesn’t mean you’ll have 100 good ideas. Most of my flowers are ok I am going back and forth figuring out how to incorporate all of the flowers. Not sure I want to. It’s time to go find how-to videos and keep working.

One project many skills

I’m curious. Are you enjoying the flowers? Have you painted flowers? I’d love to see your flower paintings? Tag me on Instagram @creatively.hue. These yellow florals were painted with a small spounge. I like trying odd objects and discovering textures or new techniques. It makes for interesting art. Blending color with a chopstick is interesting.

I have more flowers to share and am having a good time putting the book together. It’s a lot of work. Glad I am planning a few fun painting activities next week.

I am learning new skills. This is my first book with Affinity Publisher. This software is similar to Indesign, so I hear. Time will tell. I have experience with Photoshop and Affinity Photo is a good alternative. My editing is minimum.

Now I’ll go add a new floral design to my shop. Thanks to all the new subscribers.

Enjoy your weekend.

Every miss brings new life

The color scheme was all wrong but I like this! It’s going to make a great book cover.


  • monochromatic tones
  • peach
  • emerald green
  • pinks
  • where can I find a cube?

Ok I’ll work on some sketches this weekend. Next week I’ll be working on book covers. The book design and layout is going to take more time. I have time. Right now I am going through all of the flowers–have been for days. At first glance the flowers aren’t that good but it’s the ideas that keep me going. The more I look the more I realize that sometimes the ideas are hidden behind ugly color.

How creating leads to ideas

I like the blue flowers but still not sure about orange round shapes. The centers should have been blue? My self made font? Not so good either. I’m stuck on handwriting my words. At least I know what I want to change. I have yet to take out all of my flowers, observe them and take a photo. Or a video?

Interestingly the blue florals on the left are beautiful No intention. I was living in the moment. I had an idea I implemented it. Sure I’ve created lots more eraser flowers. Oh rght. Maybe the color was wrong. Paint was too thick. But I have ideas.

Maybe I could stamp with a lego peice or a similar wood cube? More erasers? Smother cuts. Brayer.

Okay time to add a few notes to the flower writing and go for a walk.