Heart Shape Bubble Wrap You

have my heart. The dots didn’t come out as I expected. These petals are even better. I want my pictures to not come out so washed out. The color is much more vibrant. And it will be when I scan it.

The stem was practice for another flower I’ll be painting next week. It’s this aweome flower I captured on one of my nature walks. I’m building a collection on pinterest! What a week. I painted everything I wanted to paint, finished a workshop and still need to work on the course, oh and the butterfly.

What a week. What really helped is make and I will never forget Ms. Gorman’s words. Never.

Tie Dye + Watercolor- Day 5

I’m attenting a pinterest workshop. There was mention of the trend tie dye. I’ve seen similar watercolor effects.

reasearch patterns

I do like flowers.

start painting

Paint in a pattern of circle lines. Use a little water to blend lines.

Add details with acrylic,salt, stamp, and pencils.

What is Tie Dye? A symbol of self expression. A countercultural movement. A rejection of social injustice, norms, capitalism and violence. No wonder Tie Dye is so popular these days.

This is a great article. I have to paint more of these. Let me scan this.

Drawing Trees ( Day 3)

Draw trees from memory. Draw my favorites. Draw what comes to mind. The more unusual, like leaf shape or color, the better.

Intersting how the mood of the tree changes with the strokes. My favorite is the hair looking one. It’s a great one for some of my breeze thoughts.

The square leaves is my favorite.

What should the words be? Find a place where you can rest, think, think, rest, PLAY, and dream. The color and path of the leaves make a heart shape. Literally eveything about this is thinking, resting, playing and dreaming. No doubt.

Well done!

Draw All Things Blue – Day 2

The top half is all me. I did google blue things and not much came up. I contiuned to challenge myself, thnking of project ideas yet to be finished, thinking of past projects and pinterst faves. This is a great starting point for lots of ideas.

One I’ve been wanting to create. I’ll paint that one another time but this just came to me in the car. Love when this happens.

Another good day. What’ll I do tomorrow?

What to say to a beginning artist?

In many ways I feel as though I am a beginner? There is always something new to learn. Beginners always ask the same questions? I have so many ideas but how do I know it’ll work. How do I find my voice? How do I find my style?

PRACTICE. Practice to explore. Practice for curiosity? Practice for new techniques. Practice for the answer. Some of my favorites have been simply creating with what sparked my interest.

And to think, today I am learning about Bauhaus school. This is great timing as I begin the creative journal. I have a list of activities. It’s going to be good. My goal is to build a base for many many projects.. I want to gather ideas for Creative Ways to Draw A Flower.

Favorite Posts of 2019

What stands out this year:

  • Eric Carle Art with the students at Lee. This is by far is the best experience ever. Maybe I should turn this experiene into a book? I must. Who knows how many times I have had this idea and its not going anywhere.
  • Watching and creating with the students at Magnolia Anex
  • Hearts collection I worked on for redubbble. I’ve negelected this and will return. Pick up my journal and explore for a couple of months to build momentum for my love book? I think so?
  • I enjoyed getting personal with the notes to self.
  • I’m getting better with creating and DRAWING
  • This year I’ve casually told others that I am an author and talk for hours about me. Bless them all for listening. It wasn’t hours but I found others who feel the same way. Somehow we found each other.
  • other notes to self
  • Tree collection for this holiday season

Tomorrow I’ll post some of my favorite projects. Some of them aren’t pretty but they are nevertheless BEAUTIFUL.

Creative Ways to Paint a Flower

I’ve been painting animals. Then insects. Today I painted flowers. What I’ve learned from the creative exploration class is:

  • using various tools is fun
  • using various tools makes is easy to work through a mistake and somehow make it work
  • using various tools makes it easy to come into your syle
  • using various tools gives you more ways to discover your talent and gain confidnece.

I’m going to use what I’ve learned to paint all the animals for the book. All of a sudden I have a plan. I had one before but it was elusive.

I like the flowers I painted. All it took was some simple acrylic, tempera, colored pencils and a little watercolor. I have an idea for creating a garland of flowers with a quote that reads whatever you do, do it with you.

Fall Leaves with Food Coloring

You will need droppers, food coloring in red and yellow, cups of water and paper. Mix a little of both and you have orange. This can get messy so make sure you use layers and lay down a few sheets of paper to work on rather than staining the table. For this we did use coffee liners. Layer two to three of them because dye will leak through.

It’s fun to play around with the intensity of color. You prepare the dye like you would when dying eggs. Then use the droppers to apply color.

Use brown construction paper for the trunk and place the dried circle on top of the trunk and you have a tree. You can glue a few of the liners together. Make a few cuts to form leaves and then dye.

I did this activity a few years ago but here I am trying to think of a cool project.

See you Monday.

Easy Flowers with Acrylic

I was working on some notes for Road Trip. It’s been a weird day. I woke up ready to trust my creativity and map out this book. I made progress. I wonder if Sharpie pens come in colors.

I’m about half way done. Anyway, I know it’s time to add some new art to the shop. I decided on these flowers.

Pink and Blue.

Easy left and right strokes. It’s a simple way to make some wall art.