Expressive Flowers

Pink Wild Flowers

2 light and 2 dark pink wild flowers

I really miss my candle lid. I could stamp the white areas with a little pink. I saw this art video and the artist was using clear stamps to add texture. What a great idea! These stamps are clear and from the Dollar Store. I found the stamps.

Anyway, I love these pink flowers and the light blue stems and leaves. Makes my blooms feel majestic and romantic?

Ok I’m going to go practice my peach roses.



Expressive Flowers

Pink daisies and a smile

three pink daisies pn a peach and pink watercolor wash background

Oh right I stamped these daisies with a paper roll!

Cut out your petal shapes from a paper roll

Lather up your brush with a lovely pink

Paint the roll and stamp

Add a little white to the leftover paint

Lather again and fill in gaps with happy petals

Use friendship yellows to paint the stigmas

Last but not least go crazy, build a watercolor and acrylic texture

I’m missing my candle lid

I had to write my words poetically. The magic, so to speak, transcends into what you do. Being able to enjoy the process, helps you make art, then comes freedom. The emotions, and positive energy that you feel in the creative process become the art. I guess that’s what James Victore advocates for when he says, “It doesn’t matter what your art looks like. What matters is what you say.”

You may have noticed but my writing has been more relaxed playful and all that I intend for creatively hue to be. Coincidently, I’m see new followers every day. Thank you! Let’s just paint the world beautiful!



Expressive Flowers

Work with what you have

What you have is beautiful. Beautiful is you.

On my afternoon walk I thought about my beginner days. I’m still a beginner. I want to learn more. I never want to stop learning. I saw tempera watercolor tubes at the dollar store. That made me think of my first watercolor set. It was a Crayola Educational set. Then I thought of Lindsay the Frugral Crafter and her dollar tree watercolor testing. Different tools perform different but simple tools make the most beautiful art.

Stamping with candle lids. Painting trees with q-tips. My recent paper napkin and marker watercolor textures. I could fill this whole page with ideas. This blog is filled with these ideas. When I started painting I always thought about what tools to use. Most of us don’t get started soon enough because we don’t have the right tools. Ok there’s only so much you can do with a dollar set of watercolors. Just because it’s high end paint doesn’t mean it’s going to be great either. I’m always going to love cotman’s yellow ochre. Here’s to enjoying our summer. Here’s to having fun.

We always like to ask. How do I get started? What tools do I use? How do I learn techniques? How do I paint like you? There’s only two ways to be an artist: start and make.

Usually I end with siempre but today



Expressive Flowers

I am Yours Planets Paper Collage

watercolor galaxy with paper collage plantes, moon and sun

This is absolutely not my idea but I’m glad I found it! One of my goals this summer is to read more. I love to read. I read articles and blogs but not enough books. I did just finish Julius Ceaser. Good read. I found Creative Watercolor & Mixed Media on Hoopla. Hoppla is where I’ve been reading my books.

One of the projects in the book is planet collage. What a genius idea! I want to watercolor more. I have tons of painted paper. Immediately, I thought of one of my quotes. I am yours and you are mine.

I like to gaze up at the moon and the stars. I like to feel the breeze as I did that day in the park. Always on my walks. There’s such a big world full of mystery and wonderful beauty. I’ve thought about trust as well. I haven’t written the words. I’ll be digitizing first.



Expressive Flowers

Words by John W. Gardner

Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.

John W. Gardner

When I work on a painting, I don’t use a pencil. I don’t even think about sketching, anymore. I haven’t in a long time. But I saw an artist on Instagram. She painted abstract flowers. Pencil marks were visible. Beautiful work! Part of me thought, should I sketch first? Then my thoughts wandered to an artist describing his process while working on a black ink illustration. The interviewer asked, “What happens if you make a mistake? Ink isn’t easily fixable. What if you accidentally splatter the ink?” The artist replied, “Then it becomes part of the illustration.”

The interview and the artist are still with me. There’s freedom in not using a pencil or eraser. It’s about the power of trusting in your process. Besides, where’s the fun without making? In the making you discover. In the making, your creativity ignites. Make is my word of 2022. Always will be.

Choose a word and doodle images that represent the word

It’s far better to not know than to think you know everything. Right?



Expressive Flowers

Ribbon hand painted paper?

What a great idea! On this journal session I gathered a few objects. I didn’t know what I’d create but the objects would ignite my curiosity.

I could write my poems or project pages on paper with ribbon lines. Watercolor worked pretty good. Acrylic will be better. You know what, this is a great idea for my collage flower quote/poem book. The ribbon lines give my words a love note postcard feel.

I realize that I’ve been showing you most of my daily journal work. I kept thinking, why am I sharing this? These are just ideas. But that’s just it! Ideas happen as you work. I share my work to show you that being an artist is a process. You let go of everything and create. One idea leads to the next. I’m building up my confidence too. I’m working on a collage course. I’m adding new work to the shop. Once the journal is filled with ideas. I can go through and choose the ones I want to redo. I should film it. My journal is helping me share videos of my work. I have a bunch of them on pintererst.

Thank you to the new subscribers. Oh wait, I think I have an idea for my next book project. You see it begins with one and the ideas keep coming!

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