What to learn from your projects?

Give your creativity a boost with hundreds of ways to paint flowers

To continue learning from me, I had to read Creative Bloom. Good book. Good lessons. What a confidence booster. I truly am inspired to keep painting.

Here’s a list of the lessons I’ve learned:

  • Learning By Heart is a the best book.
  • Look within. The more you look within the more interesting, weird or clever it will be.
  • you are a beautiful soul
  • give yourself time to edit so you can reflect and catch grammar mistakes.
  • No permission needed. I forgot why I started writing books in the first place. I always wanted to publish a book. I always wanted to be an artist.

If you are interested in the book, you can purchase it here.

What do you do?

The question I am working on, for when it comes up. I am working on an author bio too. Oh I could use some of your feedback, I document my process and turn it into daily inspiration. Good idea! For now I want to take a stroll through my posts. A year ago I started painting flowers. 100 ways was part of the book Learning By Heart. At that time I was working on culture.

Yes I am still working on my gift. The other day I was blown away because someone commented on my instagram post. Your work is beautiful keep sharing. My work? That’s something I say about my favorite artists. I do like my work. Yet it felt like someone appreciated my work more than I had. Then there was a blog post question. Who’s your favorite artist? The artist responded me. I am my favorite artist. I know right? Why don’t we get excited about our own work. There are times I do, all the time. But lately there’s been lots of ok or trashed work I still post most of my work because this work is part of the process, the beautiful journey! Yes I am one of my favorite artists.

I painted this flower years ago. I want to repaint my where are you flower. I tried but it hasn’t been the same. Neither am l. Thanks again for reading. Thank you for your kind words. I am learning as I go. We are learning.

You will bloom

I had a beautiful flower. Had. I wanted to make it better? Instead of throwing out this sheet I painted over it.

Pick up a flat brush and squeeze a dot of a few tones and blend. I finished with pink watercolor. What a great idea! Was my initial flower a loss? Did I have to start over? No. Oh but I love blending. Sure I think about what colors to combine. It’s always a surprise. I simply paint. Trust the idea. Flirt with the idea. I keep writing these words. I have to.

Here’s to more flowers. I have more paint. In every mistake there is a beautiful lesson.

Let’s see:

  • adding pink watercolor at the top
  • practice is the wonderful journey
  • adding a little water to acrylic paint
  • take what didn’t work and make it work
  • question why you label a mistake a mistake
  • take a break to declutter your mind

On how to be an artist

use a paper roll

Thank you for reading and subscribing. I share my work because I believe I was born an artist. In some way we all were. It’s our skills and talents that can help others like a great song that makes you sing or move instead of doubting or worrying. You have to say yes to the idea. Yes to imagination. Yes to play. That’s why flirt with creativity is serene.

At first you surrender to the idea because you want to. Through the process of creating you arrive at the answer, the full intention. It becomes so clear. Paper roll flowers where simply an idea. I wanted to learn how to be an artist by exploring 100 ways to create flowers. Now I want to teach a class. Paper roll flowers are fun because you never know what will happen.

Flirt with creativity

Shades of pink acrylic blooms

Not the pinks I intended to mix up. Thank goodness. Mix red with a little blue and then white. Using turquoise and aqua creates plum pinks. The color of a blouse? A shade of lip balm? The color took over. I had to paint. I finished with a paper roll flower. These flowers are easy to make and sporadic. At first it seems like a mess, As you work the idea begins to bloom. I’ll share the finished floral soon. Here’s the blooms that started it all.

Flirt with idea.

Flirt with imagination.

Flirt with creativity.

Flirt with impossibilities.

Just looking at the the blooms encourages me to keep creating and keep sharing.

I was in an Anthropologie store today and inspiration struck. I am already excited to paint this week. Want to purchase this print? Click on the art print.

Ok time to go for a walk.

An Ornament, hearts and belief make good blooms

Oh it really is.

The best comes of course when you are creating. You are deep in practice and you stop and question. Keep going Keep making. Out of nowhere it will come.

When all else fails just paint

I wanted to mix up beautiful color and let the brush paint what I felt. You know the feeling. You feel a connection and the idea practically paints itself. It’s so natural that you question.

Circles Make Good Flowers

reposting this from April and it’s a great reminder to always embrace your ideas. The more you the better.

Shapes are fun. Circles are easy to draw. No they don’t have to be perfect. Draw them with your left hand in various sizes. The choice is yours.

I leave you with an inspiring quote.

“The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke” – Jerzy Kosinski

Oh yeah I have lots of ideas. My next question is how do I learn creative writing and poetry. Reading and writing of course.

Tips for using Acrylic Paint

Today I had the I can do this all day momentum. What really made me smile is that I figured out how to keep my paint creamy.

  • With a flat brush paint water over a your mixing plate. My plate is a $2 plate I bought at Walmart.
  • Squeeze the paint onto the wet plate,.
  • Swirl each color until it is smooth. You could use a palette knife.
  • Add small drops of water util you have creamy paint.
  • You could mix a little white to your color
  • Have fun!

I place a color on each corner. Add a drop of white in the center. Then I have the rest of the plate to mix color. The magic begins! All I had to do was practice. Yes with practice and a willingness to explore I found the answer. Not so good with the actual flower artwork. That’s another post.

Love Lives Here Bouquet

learn to observe your art as you keep practicing

Remember the first attempt?

As I have been writing, alot these days, I am drawing and painting flowers for the practice. Lately I have been showing up with doubt and negativity. Yes I planned to paint a Ranunculus,still do. I love the idea of this, layering with acrylic and filling in with watercolor. The hearts, these were inspired by actual leaves.

Which brings me to my practice!

Make art. make a mistake? keep going. Observe. repeat.

Somewhere in the mistake and keep going I stop. It’s the mistake that prevents me from the going, the making. Everyone that succeeded did so because they had losts of practice. In practice you build flow. In practice you make changes because you learn. I made slight changes. What a diference. I went from Ranunculus love to love lives here.

I love the shape, the layers of these blooms. It’s like you see one flower but there’s all these layers, all the mystery and magic of the flower. Or should I say a person. Love lives here feels right. You choose to let go of the doubt and hold loves hand. Next time you want to throw out your work, save it. In a few days, a weelk, look at it with a fresh pair of eyes and keep making art.

Oh I should paint these with a turqoise or aqua background! You see I can keep going.