Expressive Flowers, Roses Project

Roses- no roses exploration

Three Pink Sunflowers on a blue background

Today I took a break from roses and painted something for the shop. By shop, I mean the kind of work where you set up your supplies. It’s like being in a classroom and telling students they get to paint. You see the biggest smiles. Rarely do you hear, “What should I do?” Come to think of it, children always ask for more paper. Today, I was that kid! I don’t think I even thought about color schemes. This is the flow I need, the flow that always leads to good. The good will come tomorrow. This pink bouquet was good!

Let’s see, how did I do?

Looking at the color wheel, I see that pink is my hero. I mixed pink with green. I should have added a little pink to my ultramarine. I want more contrast between the background and the petals. I can outline the petals. Maybe do a second layer of blue? A splash of blue?

Thank you for reading! Every day there’s more of you. I’m working out what my regular posting days and time will be. I’ll outline my agenda tomorrow.