Light and Dark Color

Oh my I forgot how beautiful this painting is. There is dark mysteriousness. The moon is dreamy, so warm.

Without a dark stky there is no glowing moon.

Always greeting my mind my heart, hi!

No dreans are to big

No matter the season there’ll always be a fig

The way you glow

Needs and wants I have them, this I know

Ok we’d be foolish to say more dark times please. Dark times are the moments we become wiser, braver, stronger and smarter. Maybe many dark times hurt so much because we aren’t used to being responsible for our inner experience. Many times what we call dark times aren’t that dark. It’s more like time to remind ourselves of who we truly are. We were born to make beautiful art!

With color this is the same concept. You have red, mix in a little white and you get pink. You have black, mix a little white and you get graceful gray. Lately there have been several occasions where I add too much blue or green and the color is dark, all seems unworkabke. Then I add a litle white or yellow, sometimes who knows what I I mix up. Suddenly, it’s where have you been all of my life.

Copy Paper Feels So Free

I ran out of mixed media paper. It’s more like acrylic paper. Mixing is harder with acrylic than with watercolor. By the time I mix a good color the paint is all dried up. Mixing with these types of primaries is a good challenge.

These blooms make me feel like I painted a mural. I could change the color but the blooms and the blending are beautiful. Then I started painting on copy paper. Copy paper and inexpensive paints! It feels so free. Oh and spraying watercolor over dry acrylic is like using watercolor over masking fluid!

pumpkin colors

Oh here’s an idea for the book. Let me write that down. I have a list of topics surrounding color. That reminds me, flowers is a good one. My thoughts are all over the place. I threw out the first writings. Then I realized hello just write. Who cares if it makes sense. Write. I love color. Color is one of those elements that feeds my perpetual curiosity. Oh that reminds me of the de colores song. Yes that’s the story I shall write. Suddenly the fire is once again ignited.

Most of the pumpkins are orange. I never noticed but there are deeper orange tones and light orange tones. Then you have white pumpkins and yellow ones. Ooh I’ve seen some grayish brown ones. All these colors are signals of change and hold on because it’s going to be beautiful.

What a wonderful mindset!

In two months I’ll be sharing the free ebook. If you are interested then subscribe to my blog.

With love,

Have a good week!

Color tells such a story

Today I had to test out this new tube of acrylic paint. Oh the pinks, yellows and oranges I could create-perfect for the around the world little project I had in mind. Who new mixing up a little red with this pink would create such a beautiful peach. Mixing color is a great way to learn about the element of color.

Around the world is another fun project. I need a few in between projects while publishing books. Learning about art has enhanced my appreciation for culture around the world. The colors excite me so. I love color!

Right now there’s sketching for Road Trip to be done. Then it’s Ellie. Yup, I need to repaint the book and the cute characters too. Wait, I need to work on the collage art too. I’ll put that on hold.

Tonight I need to get the paperwork started for the Live Your Story paperback. And finish the sketches for Road Trip. The illustration method will come to me.