Roses Project

Roses (Mixing Pinks)

Here are the first swatches. The first row is my five pink hues. The next few rows are the pinks with titanium white or titan buff. I’m imagining pink roses. Pink roses are friendship, love, a little flirty, nurturing, and playful. These are all the emotions I am when I’m painting or in nature. I included two red hues. I have a few more reds to try. Next, I’ll be referencing and mixing from my Pinterest pink board. And speaking of today’s prompt, Learning By Heart: Teachings to Free the Creative Spirit has changed me. This book is the start of my expressive-abstract-no right way to paint flowers mantra.

Eric Carle is another favorite. Books are my gateway to fun, adventure, curiosity, joy, and bravery. This prompt helps me set the mood for my roses project! I’m not sure where this project will take me. I welcome all the good to come. I want the roses book to be about friendship and love for the spirit.

Creative Exploration

Tips for using Acrylic Paint

Today I had the I can do this all day momentum. What really made me smile is that I figured out how to keep my paint creamy.

  • With a flat brush paint water over a your mixing plate. My plate is a $2 plate I bought at Walmart.
  • Squeeze the paint onto the wet plate,.
  • Swirl each color until it is smooth. You could use a palette knife.
  • Add small drops of water util you have creamy paint.
  • You could mix a little white to your color
  • Have fun!

I place a color on each corner. Add a drop of white in the center. Then I have the rest of the plate to mix color. The magic begins! All I had to do was practice. Yes with practice and a willingness to explore I found the answer. Not so good with the actual flower artwork. That’s another post.

Creative Exploration

Painting Emotions

I want to spend more time on color. I have a good book in mind. I could look at my work and observe color. How does the color scheme represnt the emotions and sentiment?

Happy and sad are easy. As I watch a movie I can observe color and emotions within the scene.

Today I observed a floral jar on a coffee table. I looked at shapes, how I could paint each detail. Then I sat for less than 30 minutes. It seemed much quicker. I painted.

My goal was to play. I did. I used an angle brush for lines and the handle to stamp. Using my pinky finger for flower petails worked great.

The flowers are beautiful. I’ll have to paint this on thicker paper for the book! I am loving Corita Kent’s , Learning With Love.

Observing details and shapes makes drawing much easier. I had no idea that leaves and petals have lines and color variants only visible upclose. The lines are curvy or squiggly. That’s another project I’ll finish later.

Everyone can paint.