Orange and Pink Keep Going Bloom

pink and orange keep going flower

I love the soft pink with deep greens. I never would have had this beautiful idea had I not made a mess with the watercolor marker.

To make this bloom I added drops of paint to the paper. Then I blended and painted in an upward motion to get the ragged border. That’s it! Easy and unexpectedly beautiful every time. Can’t wait to scan and rearrage a few of the details.

Pink Collage Blooms in Progress

Collage is another fun way to make art. You paint textures on paper. You let your eyes create color balance. You don’t know what it’s going to look like until it’s done. You have to trust the process. Sometimes we want to control every single detail. It’s more like all the time. That’s why I stopped sketching with pencil because if I do I start thinking perfection. This design is one of my favorites. I just made it. It was all play.

every butterfly needs a cocoon collage

Yes that is why I started Creatively Hue. Creatively Hue is my cacoon where I can bloom. When you’re ready you just come forth open up your wings like the hungray caterpillar and flutter. Every day there are more of you and I can’t thank you enough. If you aren’t a subscriber then please subscribe. There’s poetry. Fun blooms,always. Books and so much more. Your best work is waiting!

mother nature

Painting on tissue paper. Painitng on tracing paper. Painting on newspaper. They’re all good. Wherever you go. Keep doing your thing. Know that there’s a whole universe believing in you. In case you forget go take a walk. Roam in fall leaves. Look up at the stars. Smile and be happy. There’s always a reason to be. I’ll do some collage.

This weekend I’ll be writing. I’ll be drawing.