Expressive Flowers

One brush blue flowers

I forgot to upload the photo to yesterday’s post. Fixed it.

I’ve been arriving at my art sessions with an idea. Then I start creating. There’s no is this going to sell? Will I write about this project? All I do is create and it’s good. The blue blooms for example, are imperfectly beautiful!

Can I paint flowers with one brush? A blue shade I saw in an Anthropologie ad was on my mind. I mixed a little orange with yellow ochre for the centers. I added a little orange to my green for the stems and leaves. Now these are the colors I can work with.

My spirit is free and has been this entire week. I like sketching. I love painting. Today I painted paper and created wild thoughts collage flowers. I’m going to post the video on Pinterest tomorrow.

I’ve been making idea-pin videos on Pinterest. This is my get-friendly with the camera phase. I’m going to publish a collage course. I need practice. I keep thinking am I ready to publish a collage course? Should I wait? I should publish the course anyway. Pinterest is a good starting point. I’ve been doing nature walk videos and idea pins.

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Have a good week.



Expressive Flowers

Butterfly Floral Collage

a yellow butterfly filled with pink and blue flowers

Not sure where this came from but Wow! I wasn’t sure what my journal entry would be. Catcoq’s email was about animal motifs. I read a fabulous EttaVee post on abundance mentality. You know I had to do something with flowers and a butterfly. Beyoncé’s new song was fresh on my mind. That is all I have to say about this beautiful butterfly. I do want to paint the background. I want to cursively write the word fly someplace inside the butterfly. I want this to be a print on the wall. As the color catches your eye, you’re curious, and your eyes lead to fly. Altogether the word fly just makes you want to release, flow and fly. Fly like the wind. I want to fly. I need to fly.

Ok so I had a lot more to say. I should write a poem. I shall. It’s written.

With Love


Are you a subscriber? There are lots more blooms to come. All these journal entries are going to lead to a book project. Not sure what that book will be. I do have an idea. It will come together.

Expressive Flowers

One Yellow and Two Pink Cosmo Collage Flowers

yellow and two pink collage cosmos

What I love about collage is, that you never know what you have until you’re done. You begin with copy paper and leftover paint. You observe the textures and cut out the leaf, petal, or whatever it is you’re working on. You trust your eyes. You focus on the process. I’m never thinking, will this sell or will it be a great post? The beautiful part is how everything comes together.

The pinks, yellows, and greens with just a touch of blue make these blooms happy. Not sure why but I’ve been thinking about the flowers and colorful displays of Anthropologie. Yes, Anthropologie. The window display was full of flowers made of old book paper. They were painted pink and orange. Then outlined with gold leaf or something like that. I don’t know but that’s what I would use. Of course, all of this thinking led me to my collage course. In the fall I will put together a mini-course, maybe on skillshare? Then sell a full collage course with three or four projects. The book paper flower will be one of them.

Collage is easy, fun and I’m good at it. Collage is a great way to explore and learn how to be an artist. How do we overcome creative blocks? How do we find our voice or style? How do we get over perfection? Collage can help you answer all of these questions. With collage, you learn to work with what you have. You work never knowing what will happen. The whole process is trust. You work in the moment. All the noise shuts off and you focus on the idea. The idea creates itself. You are just using your hands to build it. Oh, wait that’s how Carrie Schmitt painted at the party!

More collage. More paintings. I have a wonderful yellow tulip idea. After the yellow tulips I could do a book flower? Sure why not. I do have a journal to fill. Thanks for reading and thanks for subscribing. I’d love to see what you’re creating. Email me. Tag me on pinterest or instagram.

With Love


Expressive Flowers

Because I love Eric Carl‘s Work

Tomorrow I’ll finish this flower but yes, I love Eric Carle’s simplicity. He just paints and it’s beautiful.

I like my work too.

olorful collage flower

Collage has taught me to have patience and trust the process. It could take about two hours to work on a piece. You let your eyes do the arranging. Maybe collage can help me be a better painter.

Expressive Flowers

Collage and Color Purple Bloom

Same concept but better. The color, color keeps on shinning much brighter.

I can actually look at my work and see the ideas. It’s like I’m looking at someone’s work thinking, ok yes, beautiful, I see what you’re doing!

Expressive Flowers

Painting with a napkin?

Yes I was playing around with a big flat brush. Some paint splattered on the page. The shade of yellow I mixed wasn’t working. Like a true artist I made it work. I had a napkin and why not paint with a napkin?

You are pressing and blending at the same time. There’s no control of what the flower will look like until you finish. You can create watercolor textures and then write quotes over them. That’s a great idea! When the textures were almost dry I used a flat brush to define the shape of the flowers. The stems didn’t look right so I cut out the blooms and repainted them. Collage you you are a saver. The blue flowers were all napkin. I’m still working on these.

There is no right way to paint a flower. Always work with what you have!

Supplies used were watercolor, napkin, and a small flat brush

Expressive Flowers

Much Love

Sometimes I feel small

but then I see you growing and it’s all so tall

And I come to my senses

This season, especially at this moment, I feel much love.

My poems are getting better. My blooms are wildly free? That’s a good aspiration. Here’s to you. Here’s to me. Here’s to us!