Creative Exploration

Peace in Eric Carle collage style

This is one of my favorite pieces. It’s the color. It’s the texture. Peacocks don’t like snakes and yet they’ll fight them to the end to protect their territory.

Oh what of my horse. Horses run wild and free. That is all I long to be.

Let these be a reminder of my awesome book. Yes I am proud of my childhood curiosity coming to life in this book. I want to get back to creating and be responsible for my inner experience. I can’t ride two horses at once. No matter where I go no matter what I do the peace I feel when I go for walks or when I paint, that is always with me. I feel it now as I write. I feel it when I work on collage. Ok so this weekend I’m putting together the first rough draft of ,There’s room for all of us. Now’s an excellent time. I have my warm white acrylic ready to paint sunflowers.

Thanks for reading. Now I’m going for a walk. What does fall mean to me? Should I submit a piece for an art exhibit? The deadline is tomorrow.

Creative Exploration

Projects Help You

I;ve been doing a lot of lettering these days. I like letters. There’s been a lot of greem too. Green is growth and renewal. Now certainly is a great time to do that. All this makes a good time to share this little chick.

Not sure if this chick made it in the book. I remember holding them in my hand. They are so soft and cuddly. Writing this book, the whole concept of different is beautiful makes me quesion of fully understand my purpose as an artist. I create and it makes me happy. If it makes me feel good then that radiates. That’s exactly what I want. I’ll leave you today with some words for my latest read.

Nature has furnished you with means to coommand respect; but you do not use them.

Who knew that I would find such a beautiful phrase in Aladdin and the Arabian Nights! There you go books are indeed amazing. I love my Different Is Beautiful even more.

Thanks for reading!