Expressive Flowers

Growing With You and for You

five pink and orange collage flowers

These blooms were inspired by a few flowers on my pinterest board. I do keep a collection of flowers, trees, culture and of course color. I’ve been feeling extra appreciation for nature. Nature is always with us. It’s in every breathe.

It’s July and time to begin the self love project. The ideas will come from my self love pinterest board. Good timing on creating these heart petal collage flowers. I should do the Anthropologie paper flower next. I will. I’m going to have such a great time working on the collage course. For now let the self love projects begin!



Expressive Flowers

If you want to be happy

Not sure why but the song, if you want to be happy for the rest of your life popped into my mind. I suppose at that moment I was feeling the breeze from all the trees surrounding my home. I had just come home from a wonderful walk. I started collaging and at that moment I sang the lyrics, if you want to be happy for the rest of your life paint colorful blooms. Ok, I changed the ending, but I can still feel the breeze.

Expressive Flowers

Warm Wishes

The yellow ochre flowers are warm. The pink and orange flowers are cheerful. Lunchtime art felt so free. I laid down all of my painted papers and cut and arranged according to my eyes. I need to buy cheap brushes for painting textures. Letting go and painting is good for the spirit.

Have you tried collage? I’d love to see your work. To see finished pieces of my work visit here.

Creative Exploration

I Am Here-pink and yellow collage

To walk with nothing to do but look around and admire the color, shapes and texture is…amazing. You for a moment breath and feel such a peace. It’s like yes keep on enjoying the view, I am here to listen. I am here to remind you that you are a living breathing beauty. We both are.

Not sure when I created these flowers, probably a few months ago. The flower petals look like hands. The words need to be rewritten. I will be working on lettering this week and writing for the book. I want to do more eraser stamping florals and…