Here’s the lemon. The candle lid floral stamp is hardly visible, Tracing paper may not be the best option for stamping. I do like this simple lemon and the idea is even better. I should have taken more care in gluing the lemon. Somehow the unintended bubbles reinformace my thought. Lemons like life’s problems can be too bitter to eat alone. What makes a world of difference is knowing that just the right amount of lemon makes good chicken or bars. The choice is always ours. I write and create the advice I need.

I can’t believe it’s Friday again. I have been painitng lots of new work. Much of it is me saying I’m gong to paint. I don’t know what I’ll paint. Or paint corn but end up painting lemons and leaves. Oh I painted curcles and a cactus. Collage lettering. Life is truly better when I paint what I want. I am better.

Have a good weekend. I’ll probably do a weekend post.

Collage Lettering

There’s always a reason to believe that someone…the moon and the stars or the cool breeze on a hot summer day is routing for you.

It’s us, our ego that gets in the way.

Now is a good time to start my creative journal. I have a list. It’s good. Maybe today’s the day I’ll read You Are Loved.

Daily Prompt – Book

If there is ever anything in the world you want to know, it’s in a book. Arabian Nights, Wonderlands, Castles, Apothecary, you can have an adventure. Books have and will forever be the cheapest means of learning, escaping and dreaming.

I have tons and tons of ideas in my head. There’s so much in written words. Books are a treasure. Books have taught me some of the most important skills. Books are doors which lead into the artist’world for generations to come.

So here I am having written a few books of my own. I write for the joy. I write because there’s this sense that it had to be written. I write because I want to. Writing and creating brings me such joy! My latest idea is this book. The color and sporadic lettering simply represent what this book is about.

Here’s another potential for the paperback. Wait I’ll create one now. Right now all that’s available is the ebook.

Happy Dance! I love this paperback cover.

bookcover with butterfly

I do love the blue texture I painted! Well now I guess I know what to do with it. New print for the shop? YES! Only instead of the font, I write my own letters. Different Is Beautiful print coming soon! I am playing with ink and sumi brushes today.

Different Is Beautiful celebrates every element in nature. I use color and texture to create collage animals that illustrate the beauty that comes from being YOU. The world is filled with wonderful color, patterns, skills, talent and uniqueness that well… what would the world be without out this beauty.

There’s so much beauty in this book. I should share more of it. I will. Two to three days a week I’ll post creative exploration.

Thanks for reading!

Collage Animals 2

There were so many animals that I didn’t realize existed. Others I never fully apreciated. I suppose the same can be said about each one of us. We all have something that makes us beautiful. Which reminds me of an interesting National Geographic article. It was about why we’re so afraid of snakes. It was about King Cobras being shy. I’ve yet to finish the article but wow I’m speechless.

So we judge, criticize and undervalue each other? it’s certainly something to think about.

By the way book creating is complicated. It’s all in the details and editing. My Live Your Love Story paperback came in the mail yesterday and all of my illustrations are in black. Not what I planned but I think I like it. You can see the book on instagram @hellomireya Let me know what you think.

Have you subscribe to the tribe?

February 1st?

Time flies when you’re having fun! I just checked and Live Your Love Story is now available. The book is 90 percent the same. I did redo most of the lettering, changed the ending a little and a few minor changes later I am done! Or so I thought. I need to change the cover.

I’ve restocked some prints in my etsy shop.

Different Is Beautiful is looking wonderful. I love the blue tone collection I put together for the front page of my website.

Much more to come. Please subscribe to the tribe. If you do thanks and email me. Let me know what you think of the book.

Have a great weekend!

Dung Beetles

Flightless dung beetles don’t fly. They can roll a ball 50 times their weight. Not easy yet they do it. Seems impossible but flightless dung beetles do it. They don’t sit around and focus on the fact that they will never fly like all the other Beetles…that would be a good story to write.

These days have been emotional. Have yet to do the paperwork for Live Your Love Story. I finished the edits. They’re beautiful! I might redo the bee for Different Is Beautiful.

Holiday Collage Art

So I didn’t exactly paint a tree tonight. My collage tree works and here’s why. Today I just, I can’t let go of the meaness that goes on. I speak of the new kids in school to the Jokers of the world. Here we are a week from this big holiday called Thanksgiving. We drive ourselves crazy cooking the perfect meal. We feel down when we don’t deliver. Then there’s the comments. Yeah. But that’s not what the holidays or any day is really about. Sure I long for the days of grandma cooking for us all. Yes she was a good cook but that’s not what I remember the most. What matters is you. What matters are people and their purpose. When we focus on us we care less about the dumb “stuff” Give love.

I really like collage. Should I illustrate this new book collage style? Wasn’t that the original plan?

Eric Carle Collage

…there’s a book inspired by Eric Carle’s collage technique and many MANY watercolor beautiful messes …

There comes a time in every project when you realize it’s time to alter coarse. I wanted to make good use of these messes but it’s hard scanning 140Ib paper.

I said goodbye and recylced most of the lovely textures. It felt weird. And then it hit me. I can keep use some pieces to test ideas. I’ve been seeing lots of collage work these days and today I had to try.

…inspired by a movie quote about making the impossible possible.

This one is inspired by long lazy days writing and sketching. It didn’t work out but I don’t care. I had fun.

Ahh… I long for those days again. The days of me and my Roxy. The summer days will soon be here.

I’ll do much better with thinner paper. Thinner paper will help me layer and scan easier.

I just remembered this Elmer’s liquid glue I saw at Target. It’s Wise Trees all over again!