Expressive Flowers

Who needs watercolor…

two flowers made from watercolor and a nap

when you have markers! I’ve tried this technique on my there’s no right way to paint a flower project. I forgot how beautiful the results can be.

The beauty of art is there are no rules. There’s no right or wrong.

I wanted watercolors and paintbrushes. I was gathering supplies wishing I had an art cart. I could roll from class to class. And, there was how can I teach art without my favorites? Hello, you’re an artist! You’re creative. Collage with construction paper? I can use construction paper instead of my usual paint! I’m going to upload the video on my Pinterest page. The students’ ideas are a reminder that you don’t need fancy tools. You just need one idea. One idea leads to another watercolor paper towel flower. I’ll be posting a video on the watercolor paper towl flower. I can’t wait to see what the students will come up. It’s going to be beautiful.

Green and pink painted towels for collage

To make your own flower

Use your markers to scribble and draw on a paper towel. Add a little water. Let it dry. Cut your shapes and glue. I can’t wait to see what the flowers will look like!

Creative Exploration

About a Valentine’s Heart leaf tree

This is more of a note to self but I suppose there are others in this world who need these words too.

Left over Valentine’s hearts?

It was an idea from the start!

Teacher said green, blue, yellow or brown

The students painted with black, purple scribbles and lines

Would the tree turn out fine?

What would other teachers say?

But the children, not once did I hear is this is ok?

There were moments of look at my work.

Friendships were mended.

Quiet voices transcended.

It was like a spanish word and its accent

How does one make a masterpiece?

Tune out the noise.

Place with posie

Serves me right, well

For the chilren, I mean artists, are the swellest of the swell.

They know that a Valentine is a leaf with heart.

Creative Exploration

teaching art…

Here’s what I’ve learned teaching children the fun of art.

Everyone loves art,

Be it a song or paint, art keeps no one apart.

I’m an artist and there’s no one that paints like me.

BUT together we really did create a masterpiece.

Everyone needs a safe place.

There’s so much your eyes shouldn’t see, too many you shoulds or can’ts to erase.

Picking up the brush leads to forgetting, forgetting the paint brush and using your thumb.

Or opting out of water while using watercolor, oh the textures and the trees leave my voice numb.

I have to keep creating…my books…my words…. it’s as obvious as the nose on my face.

I suppose I will and must protect this happy place.

There’ll be ups and downs, lots of downs but through it all ,I shall cling tight because I hold the Ace of Spades.

Room 12 you forever have my heart.