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Feck Perfuction

This book is a good read. I have read it before but now I’m reading it with my new word of the year Greatness.

Ok wear your invisible crown if you want to but I just mean the greatness you were born with, the greatness you felt when you scribbled on a paper and hung it on the refrigerater, the greateness you felt when you had an idea and shared it. Most importantly there was the time everbody was your friend because you just wanted to play.

Wiat a minute I should paint the word greatness? A few sketches?

Creative Exploration

Projects Help You

I;ve been doing a lot of lettering these days. I like letters. There’s been a lot of greem too. Green is growth and renewal. Now certainly is a great time to do that. All this makes a good time to share this little chick.

Not sure if this chick made it in the book. I remember holding them in my hand. They are so soft and cuddly. Writing this book, the whole concept of different is beautiful makes me quesion of fully understand my purpose as an artist. I create and it makes me happy. If it makes me feel good then that radiates. That’s exactly what I want. I’ll leave you today with some words for my latest read.

Nature has furnished you with means to coommand respect; but you do not use them.

Who knew that I would find such a beautiful phrase in Aladdin and the Arabian Nights! There you go books are indeed amazing. I love my Different Is Beautiful even more.

Thanks for reading!

Creative Exploration

Daily Prompt – Book

If there is ever anything in the world you want to know, it’s in a book. Arabian Nights, Wonderlands, Castles, Apothecary, you can have an adventure. Books have and will forever be the cheapest means of learning, escaping and dreaming.

I have tons and tons of ideas in my head. There’s so much in written words. Books are a treasure. Books have taught me some of the most important skills. Books are doors which lead into the artist’world for generations to come.

So here I am having written a few books of my own. I write for the joy. I write because there’s this sense that it had to be written. I write because I want to. Writing and creating brings me such joy! My latest idea is this book. The color and sporadic lettering simply represent what this book is about.

Here’s another potential for the paperback. Wait I’ll create one now. Right now all that’s available is the ebook.

Happy Dance! I love this paperback cover.

bookcover with butterfly

I do love the blue texture I painted! Well now I guess I know what to do with it. New print for the shop? YES! Only instead of the font, I write my own letters. Different Is Beautiful print coming soon! I am playing with ink and sumi brushes today.

Different Is Beautiful celebrates every element in nature. I use color and texture to create collage animals that illustrate the beauty that comes from being YOU. The world is filled with wonderful color, patterns, skills, talent and uniqueness that well… what would the world be without out this beauty.

There’s so much beauty in this book. I should share more of it. I will. Two to three days a week I’ll post creative exploration.

Thanks for reading!

Creative Exploration

February 1st?

Time flies when you’re having fun! I just checked and Live Your Love Story is now available. The book is 90 percent the same. I did redo most of the lettering, changed the ending a little and a few minor changes later I am done! Or so I thought. I need to change the cover.

I’ve restocked some prints in my etsy shop.

Different Is Beautiful is looking wonderful. I love the blue tone collection I put together for the front page of my website.

Much more to come. Please subscribe to the tribe. If you do thanks and email me. Let me know what you think of the book.

Have a great weekend!

Creative Exploration

Altering Course

Last night I was listeing to an episode of Creative Rebels and there was mention of Picasso. Picasso copied other artists to master techniques. Then he created his masterpieces. And so my goals for Road Trip have changed:

  • all words will be typed in a chosen font.
  • sub divider pages will be hand drawn
  • followed by paintings

Most of my practice has to go into writing and drawing. Simple doodles and a font will help me. I get ideas. I begin thinking I can do it all. Then I crash and burn. It’s best I use this book to learn how to draw and write.

Tomorrow, when it’s nice and quiet, I’ll begin doodling.

Creative Exploration

Keep Going

Does any artist ever really work on one project at a time? I doubt it. Road trip is a lot of fun. Today I painted a camera and shoes. The shoes need to be redone. Tomorrow I’ll use markers and colored pencils to add in the details. I keep visualizing these textures and page layouts. I opened up an Etsy shop. I painted flowers using simple brush stroke techniques.

The big lesson for today is that when you work on projects you realize how much your skills change. This happens when you let go of perfection. Not all of my flowers worked out but it was great to keep going in spite of the mistakes. Sometimes it helps to say, ” I don’t have all the answers but I can act like I do.” Working on these side projects has really become part of my process.