Roses Project

Roses-Observe & Paint

What is my happiest moment? Well, it certainly isn’t the meatloaf I cooked for dinner. Ha. My happiest moment is when I can see the idea form before my eyes. When I’m painting I can visualize the bigger picture. I see how all the details work together. I don’t care about the outcome because I’m busy loving the moment.

Pink abstract expressive roses

I admire the artists who can have a beautiful photo on an iPad right next to their paper. And they paint as they see all the details. It’s the focus of being in that moment. Art takes time. It takes time to build flow. There’s this artist who paints a realistic pear. It takes her three hours. I can paint for three hours. I have. And painting these roses confirms that I’m better at painting how I feel. I can look at a flower on my walk. Then come home and paint. Every artist has their technique. That’s the beauty of art. There’s room for all! Time to listen to a podcast and observe flowers.

Expressive Flowers

Rain means spring is going to be beautiful

Yellow mug with pink flowers done in collage

Now it’s cold

But soon we will have spring to hold

It’s raining

Far too often, you are complaining

I don’t see change

Oh, but it’s time for YOU to rearrange

Rain is here

Leaves have fallen there

Colors are always growing

Your spirit is always glowing

When it rains

Imagine and dream, take that train

Rain means spring is going to be beautiful

Spring needs rain

Fall needs summer, it’s a chain

Now rain can lead to a storm

It’s scary to be beyond the norm

Take care of you you

Do what you do!

Rain gives us that time, you know

We can sit and feel the spirit who’s ready to go!

I appreciate this poem. I’m sitting her on a Saturday morning. Yes it’s been cold and raining but spring will be beautiful! Thank you for reading. Make sure you subscribe. Did you know I have books for sale? Art prints?

Expressive Flowers

Pink Sunflower

Pink paper collage flower

Writing allows me to freely express myself. Writing helps me reflect. With a book you can go anywhere in the world you want to go. Writing is a doorway to the spirit. I blog because I’m not confident being on camera for a YouTube channel. Yes I know, and that’s why it’ll be good to film my course. I’ve been filming idea pins for Pinterest.



Expressive Flowers

Earliest Painting Memory

My earliest memory is finger painting and making a mess! I’ve loved art every day of my life.

I still like to make a mess!

Here I am stamping with an eraser. It’s Corita Kent, James Victore, EttaVee, Shantell Martin…who opened my spirit to an art that has me understanding, this has always be me. I am an artist!

I’ve been going through all of my art and penciling in projects. Beginning next week I will start using these prompts to share my roses project. Is it next week?



Expressive Flowers

Art and Bravery

How are you brave?

I’ve been thinking about this question all morning because am I brave? Just now, I have an answer. Bravery is in the small big things. Bravery is knowing what’s you, what’s the outside, and choosing you. Who you are is a light shining so bright, it’s a gift and like a cup of water versus the shores of Lanikai Beach, we all make a difference. Any time you can stand against the talk, or see spring amid a storm is that not bravery? Maybe one small act will lead to something bigger?

This is a hand painted collage art animal book about self love. It's dedicated to us.

I have published 8 books. I have written, edited, and illustrated these books. Do I have a degree in these subjects? No. All I have are the words I’ve written. I like writing! I wrote in college. I write for this blog. I do all of this despite the small voice that says I shouldn’t. There’s an even bigger voice that says I should. That’s brave right?

Thank you, WordPress for encouraging me. Art dreams here we come! WordPress is doing #bloguary daily prompts in January. I’ll be using these prompts to share my work every day.

Do you know of a video, course, or post that will help me paint roses? Comment below and thanks! Feel free to share a link to your art as well.



Expressive Flowers

Wildflower thoughts: from the spirit of an expressive artist

It all started with an Anthropologie window display. I’m always inspired by the color, textures, and art on merchandise bags. But this display caught my eye, and I’ve been dreaming ever since.

…and for a while this idea was fresh in my mind, until I started painting. I had an old calendar book and it’s been colorful, whimiscal and wonderful!

Various papers painted with vibrant orange and pink tones

I’ve got quite a collection.

This spring or summer, my collage flowers will be a book. Each page with its own blooming thought. I want my book to be a silly delight for the spirit. That sounds like a great idea!

As a sweet for Valentine’s Day, I will be painting roses. I’ll be swatching all of my pink paint and mixing viva magenta, working with fluorescent pink, I’m going to study stems and leaves, explore different tools, and work on texture…it’s going to be good. I’m filling out my agenda and will begin the roses project in January and lead up to February.

I appreciate your readership. If you’re here for the first time then please subscribe. If you’re a subscriber, thank you! Tell a friend. Aside from the book, I have a new course coming.