Pink Circle Pattern Flower Notebook

The notebook is here! These are some of the first designs for the flower project. Right now I need to put into action all my ideas. I have a brand new book cover idea for live your love story! Different is Beautiful is coming along too. Interesting how sometimes you paint amazing and others you can’t get anything right or so you think. Yet I continue to paint and see the beauty in every single piece.

Are you working on a project? Maybe it’s a book or a poem? If you need a journal this beauty is available.

Happy Sunday!

Gave these flowers a makeover.

Painting over acrylic with watercolor is great. The next time you buy a paint brush save the plastic bristles protector. You could use a straw too.

I have some cool bookcover projects coming this week and a new notebook journal. If you like this flower then you will love all of the other flowers I am putting in the book. I’ll be taking a few photos of all of my work to celebrate this project.

The Greatest Tool…

is you. James Victorie speaks of it as the you that demands to be heard, maybe not the you you carry around every day but you. Deepak Chopra says it’s the you, the creative curious lovable self you were born with. It is in that place where your best work happens. It is there where you decide to paint with a wheel, spray can or a straw.

These collage flowers are getting a makeover. Ok time to paint!