Expressive Flowers

How Do You Run An Art Business?

Mix pink in various tones

I have been trying to build an art business for years. I love art. My imagination, creativity, and certainly my curiosity, come from my artistic spirit. In the words of a friend, “Don’t try, do it! Today I’m going to list what I believe I’ve been doing wrong.

Show Your Work

This is not about good or bad. It is showing your work, YOU. Here I am. I am beyond ready to share my work. I should be sharing videos but I’m worried about what I look and sound like. I don’t have my picture on my website and I don’t sign my art. When I’m in nature I feel peace. I simply am. This connection is where my best work is. This was just a doodle but it works because I felt peace. I will be working on my journal.

Blue Flowers in a Blue Vase

Share Your Work

Austin Kleon has an entire book on this subject! Right now I have three platforms: Redbubble, Instagram, and Pinterest. My goal is to share content on all of these. I have not had consistency on my social medial platforms. Redbubble is my portfolio. Instagram and Pinterest will be where I share behind-the-scenes and inspiration for my projects. Since I’m hyped up, I will post a roses project update on Pinterest. Why not! I must say, since I’ve started daily content, my fan base is growing!

I’m just not in the mood today

Sometimes I hear this, in my voice too and it’s like mood? I finally realize that living life has nothing to do with mood or emotion. I go back to Kute Blackson’s powerful message of serving the soul. Serving the soul is actively knowing you have self-control. Your soul has nothing to do with what’s going on around you. In art terms, I will be inspiring myself as I’m painting. It’s ok you’re fine! Paint. Pay attention to what the tools do.

Invest In Yourself

SHOW UP! I have been watching too many Shop with my videos. There’s equipment that I need to purchase. This involves mindfulness and healthy eating too. There’s a financial/ economic side to running a business.

a yellow sun with pink aqnd orange rays and the words bella vida

As I said, I want to blog and share more of my work. What are your tips? How do you run your art business?

Now I’m going to do a little roses idea pin. Have a good week all? May the Fourth be with you!



Expressive Flowers

What’s Your Favorite Tool?

Silly me! This morning I realized that I forgot to check the allow comments box. So here we are.

What’s your favorite tool? I roamed the isles of a Dollar Tree. Nothing sparked my curiosity. I’m browsing Amazon and Blick for flat brushes and an art journal. Have any ideas?

Expressive Flowers

Trust and love the Process

There I was admiring EttaVee’s strokes of bright colors. Her words resonated. I too am looking through my work and posting designs in my shop. And I realized that I don’t appreciate my work enough. I have and like painting with indifference. I’m in my zone. I get an idea. I want to see it. I work or should I say play until it’s finished. It’s beautiful!

The first story I wrote was Bellisia. She is a bee who is destined to be queen. She has her ideas of the kind of queen she’d like to be. Claude is feared because he’s a big bear. All Claude wants is to paint. The book was meant to celebrate the uniqueness that lies within each of us. I spent a summer writing and editing. I have the sketches of the characters but the story didn’t work. Then Wise Trees came and after that Different Is Beautiful. Different Is Beautiful is my childhood curiosity. Fast forward to my flowers. I paint wildflowers with wild thoughts. With every flower I am brighter and bolder. I get something out of every project.

Project are my love, hope and breath of fresh air.. When I paint I meditate. I learn. I reflect. I’m glad I was born an artist.