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Last Thoughts of 2022

I was working on this post yesterday and accidentally hit publish before I was done. Now that I’ve cleared that up let’s get into the last thoughts of 2022.

Runner’s up

Oh right, I’ve been sketching floral arrangements!

I archived my work

I went through all of my art files and read all of my book projects. It was nice to be inspired by my own work! It’s good to review your work and see how you’ve grown. Sometimes I lose sight of what I’m doing and then I read one of my books and go oh, that’s why. On the days when I can’t paint or feel like I’m an imposter, I look at old work and surprise myself with an awesome piece.

I’ve written over 1000 posts

This is not all in one year but I have written 1000 posts and over 36,000 words. I want to write more stories. Writing is one of my favorite hobbies. My first story was about Ana & George. Three stories later I wrote Different Is Beautiful. This year I wrote For a Colorful Life. I recently read Live Your Love Story. It’s a fun quick inspirational read. I’m working on a new book. Do I know what I’m doing? My work makes my spirit dance. That means I’m doing something right. Oh, I started writing poetry this year!

It’s been a wonderful year! I thank all of you who reach out to me with your comments. Here’s to all that’s to come! That’s tomorrow’s post.



Expressive Flowers

My Favorite Projects of 2022

It feels weird writing 2022. Yet it feels like it’s time for a new year, a new attitude, and certainly new artwork.

I want more of these ceramic vase floral arrangements. My journal has a few pages left. That means it’s time to paint on the big paper.

sketching flowers with tempera paint

It’s tough to classify these kissed by the sun mug flowers. Kissed by the sun? That should be the title of this work. I can add these to my favorite color palettes of 2022 and my favorite paper collage project of 2022. I have.

Yellow mug with pink flowers done in collage

I used a lot of simple tools to make beautiful flowers.

Testing different tools to paint flowers

It’s the beautiful blue flowers on the left that have my heart. Sometimes an idea works and sometimes it doesn’t. (flowers on the right) This is definitely one of the lessons I’ve learned this year. I have that list too.

Not sure when I stumbled on this idea but wow, I must keep stamping with ornaments. I only have one. I have an idea to stamp with a ball wrapped in yarn or a rubber band. That is on my list!

7 pink and orange ornament flowers

I think this was one of those occasions where I had leftover paint and simply painted. The random stuff is usually the best. The brushstroke texture is wonderful. The color warms me and makes me smile.

three golden yellow blooms in acrylic paint

I painted over the texture and used the back of the brush to stamp the dots.

Oh, right Vaseline makes lovely texture. And the color is warm and cheerful. This will definitely make the color palettes of the 2022 list too.

golden orange blooms painted on pink orange texture background

Oh my goodness. I miss my candle lid. Not sure if Bath & Body Works makes lids like this anymore. If you know of a place where I can get something like this, please do tell me. I should go to Dollar Tree next week and see if Valentine’s section has something.

Ok, so I have generated good ideas. It is time to bloom. I’ll be posting daily this week and sharing more of my favorites and goals for 2023.

Than you so much to all of the new subscribers.



Expressive Flowers

Mixing Vibrant Color

I finally have the pink tones I’ve been searching for.

Various papers painted with vibrant orange and pink tones

I came back from a walk filled with white and pink roses. I don’t know what to say except I can’t wait till spring. Now here I am writing this post. Seeing all those colors made me appreciate my flourescent painting exploration even more.

I squeezed fluorescent pink, red and indian yellow onto a palette. I was looking for my notes from Etta Vee’s post. I decided to be the artist I am and play. All was calm and quiet. My spirit painted and dare I say it, mixed the perfect pinks. I had vibrant orange. Vibrant colors, we are going places. Oh, and adding titanium white made a dreamy orange cream. I let the paintbrush glide on the page. In the texture, the words you are your own hero emerged. Yes! I was in the moment. I usually have one flower on one page, maybe two. The message is written on each flower.

yellow collage flower with the words let's written inside

But what if you turn the page five times to get the full message. Each page’s bloom is more vibrant than the last. I can do a test run with an idea pin! The ideas are always here. It’s only a matter of being in a quiet place so you can hear yourself think. It’s the best place to be, right there living.

Now for the collage work. Next time I go to Blick I’m going to buy a newspaper pad to paint on.



Expressive Flowers

Sketch 5 & of course you’re there

three roses in a ceramic cup painted with blue tempera paint.

Not sure why, but I’ve become obsessed with roses. There are peach roses and variations of pink roses. Oh, how can I forget my lovable white roses! Now I’m liking the blue roses I’ve been painting. I should paint blue roses when I’m done writing this post. I shall! I’ve been observing the improvements in my journal papers. Are my roses looking more realistic? No, and I don’t want them to be. I feel like I’m coming into my style. Suddenly the right voice says,” Your style is always here. I’m always here.

Michelangelo said it best.

The sculpture is already complete within the marble block, before I start my work. I just have to chisel away the superfluous material.

And the superfluous material is emotions, expectations, routines, jobs…all the clutter and nonsense that we pick up from being humans. I think I’ll go for a walk outside now. It’s cold but my thoughts will keep me warm.



Expressive Flowers

Sketching with paint 2

Copy paper. $4 medium size tube of acrylic paint. Tempera Paint. One Brush. Game Changer!

Green vase with green flowers sketch practice

That is all I need. I usually paint on Canson XL watercolor paper. I have Golden Acrylics. There are beautiful greens and pinks. Right now copy paper and tempera paint are working beautifully. I painted this in like 15 minutes.

Lately I’ve been arriving at my painting sessions with these thoughts:

I like my colorful art on a cream background but other artists have full page color.

Should I be thinking about trends?

Should I take time and draw with pencil? But I want to paint!

I should get to know good paint but I don’t want to waste my good paint.

The good paintings happen on cheap paper with the wrong colors. When I try to replicate, I can’t.

Maybe I should sketch with a pencil first?

The biggest thought of all is that I’ve been painting for a long time and have yet to see the results I seek. It’s been about three years since I started painting flowers. I’ve written six stories and counting. I self-published the books. I wrote, edited, and purchased an ISBN for three of them. I painted all the artwork. Have I grown personally with these projects? YES. Am I keeping my writing skills alive? YES. Is my curiosity satisfied? YES. Am I having fun? YES. Did I fulfill a life dream? YES.

I was recently asked, “What do you see yourself doing? I was beaming on the inside with ART. I am an artist. I always will be. I want THE story. You know the story of I just doodled to pass the time or for comfort. I started posting and I’ve been busy ever since. Not my story AT ALL.

I am an artist. I like the feel of the paint on my fingers. I like that I can paint with ornaments or a fork. This post is about me saying forget about the art business. Keep creating and growing. Be open to what lies ahead. Trust that you will be where you are meant to be. Let go, stop comparing, judging, and keep painting.



Expressive Flowers

Flow with paper collage

Pink paper collage flower

What I love most about paper collage is that you get to paint all these simple textures. Yet the beauty is revealed when you cut leaves or flowers. You let your eyes arrange. Color comes alive. Paper collage does take longer to create. It’s easier to pick up the paintbrush and paint. I rarely throw out a collage project. That’s because I get an idea. Today it was a sunflower. I wanted a pink sunflower.

It’s like the idea comes to life. I’m just the hands. the painter that puts it together.

I wanted an idea to express the importance of taking care of you.

every butterfly needs a cocoon collage

I was drawn to an Ana Victoria Calderon book project because it helped me express how colorful and beautiful our world is. Wait a minute! Is this in my shop? It should be. That reminds me, I need a white ink pen. I want to write something at the bottom of the page.

watercolor galaxy with paper collage plantes, moon and sun

This window display had me. I had to do my own version.

This is a book project in the works.

yellow collage flower with the words let's written inside

I’ve got many more ideas.

Colorful letters spelling Alma Libre on a blue background

I have been posting idea pins on how I paint my flowers along with a little artist chat. These videos are preparation for the collage course. I’ve not forgotten. Not sure how I started working on paper collage. Oh right, it was Eric Carle!

In case you haven’t noticed art is my life! I love painting and enjoy writing abot it too. Thank you for reading and subscribing to my blog. If you have a friend who would enjoy these posts then share it. If you have a blog please use the contact form to let me know about it.



Expressive Flowers

An Artist Signs Her Work

Three paper roll blooms

My name is Mireya Pizarro. I am the artist. I am the writer. I have gone back and forth with how to sign my art. At first I didn’t even sign my work because am I an artist? The verdict must still be out on this one. I just paint. My curiosity needs to be satisfied. It doesnt matter what I’m feeling or thinking. When I pick up the paint brush it’s all play. I love love losing myself in the idea because nothing matters.

So I have gone through creatively hue. This is the name of my site and blog. I have signed my art with Mireya. I recently blogged about my name and how I’m usually the only one. Now I’m thinking MP. Morgan Harper Nicols signs her work MH. I like it.

Any way I had to share this. I want something that is easy to remember. Do you ovethink little things like this. It’s that CatCoq uses her signature to promote her brand. I want people to find my work too.

How do you sign your work? Do you sign your work?

Expressive Flowers

There’s a Gem In Every Project

Ana & George was my first book project. For a short time, it was published but I stopped selling it because it was too much of a work in progress. The story began with a destined-to-be queen bee. Bellisia wanted to travel the world, and engage with all her worker bees. She wanted to fly with the butterflies and visit all the flowers. Somehow Bellisia turned into a baker bee named Ana.

And slowly all these characters emerged. Each one with a spirit that refuses societal norms. It’s not about being different. It’s a want to be yourself. I kept going back and forth with ideas. I would sit for hours and write. Then throw it away and start over. I loved imagining the characters, letting my mind wander, and writing. I got to be part of the adventure. Painting is my love and my adventure. Every project I work on is an adventure.

I now realize that I let this story go for good reasons. What do I know about writing and illustrating a chapter book? Absolutely nothing. That’s exactly why I had to write it. If it weren’t for this story I wouldn’t have had the courage to write Different Is Beautiful. I have many more poems and stories to write.

I just read Ana & George. It’s been years since I’ve read this story. I thought I deleted it. I’m glad I still have it? Maybe I can turn the book themes and characters into a whimsical thought journal book? What a cool idea! I should do some creative writing while the idea is still fresh in my mind.



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New Header, Heading New Places

I forget what post I was reading at the time, but the word momentum was included. Momentum. The days when I am surrounded by my supplies and stillness. My mind and my heart are where they need to be. I paint and the hours go by. Since I’ve been on this topic, my There’s No Right Way to Paint a Flower book comes to mind.

This was my thought process for the book.

100 ways? That’s a lot, can I do it?
I’ll challenge myself to 200 ideas.
I keep checking off the list.
I still have 30 ideas to go.
Wow I never noticed this color before.
Forget the list. I just want to paint.
Go for a walk. Explore.
Keep painting.

And so for this glorious Sunday, I post for the work that was, for the practice that is. I just read the book. It is good and so right! Want to get your copy of There’s No Right Way to Paint A Flower. Thank you for your support. Like these blooming thoughts and art? Subscribe so you’ll be the first to know about new books and courses. You can get these post right in your mailbox.



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Doodle With You Collage Flowers

I have been getting my shop ready for holiday shoppers. What I really want is to clarify what I’m painting and why?

I paint because of how it makes me feel. It’s my self-love and meditation. I’ve been going through my artwork. I’m signing my art with my name instead of Creatively Hue. I sign my posts with Siempre Mireya and likewise for my art. I got rid of art that was questionable right from the start. You know the moment when you finish your work? And the finished art doesn’t look like the beauty you imagined. Either one of two thoughts happens. The artwork is better than imagined. Or the artwork is lacking. I share the lacking work because maybe it’s me. Maybe I am stuck on expectations instead of letting the artwork be what it’s going to be.

For these blooms and the collage book these flowers will be part of, doodle with you!

The collage course is still happeing. I’m thinking March 2023?

Thank you for reading! If you can, use the contact form and let me know what you like about the blog? What would you like to read? Many of you have and thank you. And please if you have friends who would enjoy reading this blog, share it with them.