Having a my art isn’t good enough moment

I painted this bloom days maybe weeks ago. The softness of the pink with the green especially in the small leaf is a beautiful contrast. And yet I felt I had to add more, a darker pink? I didnt care for the way the pink bleneded but the color yes it takes my breathe away. You can’t see it here but holding it in my hand…why did I feel the need for more. I suppose in some way I was having a my art isn’t good enough moment.

My blooms aren’t realistic or the most beautiful, the color and how they make me feel, that’s my why. Even the other day I was walking among artwork, an exhimit featured art teachers from a local school district. It was again breathetakingly beautiful. I don’t know why the artist created these artworks. It was the thrill of sitting there with an image of the artist air spraying, or wheel throwing deep in their work that capitivated me.

Then I thought about my work. I love LOVE getting lost in my tools. I swirl a brush and a beautiful bloom appears. I think it’s all simple! How could my beaties be art and hung on the wall next to these or in any exhibit for that matter. You know what they can!

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Colorful Leaves for the book? Yes

colorful fall leaves
colorful fall leaves

Talk about color! I love it when there you are walking along, your day, taking it all in and you see leaves. Yes, leaves in such amazing beautiful color. Thank you nature! I totally have to add these to the book. The way these leaves fell off the tree. Nature you are my beloved art teacher. You are teacher of all things. It’s going to be fun creating this texture page. Creating these textures will be good to wrap up my year in thoughts and to prepare for my new course.

Shop sale

Having a good day are we? Just a reminder that all of my work is on sale. This week only. Well my books aren’t on sale but you can purchase those too. Thank you for being a fan!

On working on a project

Why isnt’t this a print?

A 6 x 6 book size? Can I publish a book that size on KDP? If I want a book that size, I’ll make it happen. The book I am talking about is A World Full of Color. I’ve been reading and writing and what a book! I am excited to keep working and even more excited to share the book with you.

As I write this post a news segment of Designercon plays. A designer proudly shares the story behind her colorful backpacks. A new thought for the book? Write it down and see how it all comes together. The stuff I threw away because it left me unmotivated gave me a fresh start. It always works out.

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My tool box

I’ll be putting together a list of tools I wish I had when I started.

About a Valentine’s Heart leaf tree

This is more of a note to self but I suppose there are others in this world who need these words too.

Left over Valentine’s hearts?

It was an idea from the start!

Teacher said green, blue, yellow or brown

The students painted with black, purple scribbles and lines

Would the tree turn out fine?

What would other teachers say?

But the children, not once did I hear is this is ok?

There were moments of look at my work.

Friendships were mended.

Quiet voices transcended.

It was like a spanish word and its accent

How does one make a masterpiece?

Tune out the noise.

Place with posie

Serves me right, well

For the chilren, I mean artists, are the swellest of the swell.

They know that a Valentine is a leaf with heart.

Orange and Pink Keep Going Bloom

pink and orange keep going flower

I love the soft pink with deep greens. I never would have had this beautiful idea had I not made a mess with the watercolor marker.

To make this bloom I added drops of paint to the paper. Then I blended and painted in an upward motion to get the ragged border. That’s it! Easy and unexpectedly beautiful every time. Can’t wait to scan and rearrage a few of the details.

Pink Collage Blooms in Progress

Collage is another fun way to make art. You paint textures on paper. You let your eyes create color balance. You don’t know what it’s going to look like until it’s done. You have to trust the process. Sometimes we want to control every single detail. It’s more like all the time. That’s why I stopped sketching with pencil because if I do I start thinking perfection. This design is one of my favorites. I just made it. It was all play.

every butterfly needs a cocoon collage

Yes that is why I started Creatively Hue. Creatively Hue is my cacoon where I can bloom. When you’re ready you just come forth open up your wings like the hungray caterpillar and flutter. Every day there are more of you and I can’t thank you enough. If you aren’t a subscriber then please subscribe. There’s poetry. Fun blooms,always. Books and so much more. Your best work is waiting!

Hue Beauty

A hue is beautiful on its own but it’s only until you mix it with other colors that true beauty is revealed. You have your primaries. You have your secondaries. Add white or water. You can take 8 shades and turn them into 64 colors.

I am an artist and I like to paint without pencil sketches and referemce photos but my best ideas come from nature, podcasts, music, my experiences and those yet to come. I am grateful for every canvas that made me ask why. I am grateful for the songs that encourage the grandeur between us. I am greatful for the lessons that each season brings.

Wild and Free

That’s it. That’s why I paint. I want to run like the wind. I want to frolic, feel the warmth of the sun, have time to fall in love with the flowers, the breeze, birds…and keep wandering right into the moonlight.