You are a gift

I’ve been wrapping up 2021 and focusing on preparing for 2022. I have tons of projects. One of these is redesigning my blog. I wrote a new about me page. I am working on a year in review and a preview for 2022. The year is going to be big. I feel blessed and brave enough to share my gifts. In doing so I enourage you to do the same. You are the gift. No matter what happens know that you’re not the experiences that you’ve been in. Who you truly are no one can take that from you.

This post contains a list of art resources inculding a sunflower fingerpainting idea

Here’s the new about me. I’m still working on the page.

Mireya is a visionary creative with perpetual curiosity. Her true loves are culture, animals, flowers and color. Her work is expressive of the emotions and thoughts she’s felt since childhood. Growing up art was always murals and line perspective. Her favorite work of all is School of Athens. The little art that she was exposed to was perfect with all its principles and elements of design. For a while she stopped painting because self-portraits and capturing the light on a rose? That’s not her kind of painting. Yet she loved color. She fell in love and continues to fall in with love with every artist’s why and how! No matter how much she pushed away her creative spirit, that light it was always burning. She filled the house with paper decorations, imagined the worlds inside her books, wrote her own stories, many of these are still in her mind. She would constantly zone out, lose herself in thought. She still does.

Not sure how but a door opened to up a world of black marker doodles, radical typography, hardcore aesthetic, texture tissue paper animals and her favorite resource of all, Learning by Heart: Lessons to Free your Creative Spirit.

Yeah, that’s my story and so Creatively Hue is my place, our place. A place where you make art and be you. You don’t have to know who that is. You just pick up the paint brush or paint with your fingers. There are no rules. Sure, learn what you want to learn but the real magic happens when you bloom with you. No not the physical you or the societal you, but your inner spirit. One day you’ll realize I knew who I was all along.

Bloom with you. Your best work is waiting.  

What is Christmas?

Christmas is what you make of it. There should be a little of Christmas every day.

It could come listening to a song.

How about walking with your head held high because you know you already belong.

What you say to start the day.

Letting your friend know that it’ll be ok.

a cup of tea.

A podcast episode that reminds you to open your heart and let it be

Having a warm blanket when it’s cold outside

it’s paintng with neon acrylic or melted crayon, you decide

Christmas is the light that burns inside you

it’s your courage and bravery in everything you do.

it’s a laugh, a vocie that says yes when the world says no

it’s rocking a polka dot dress because you’ve got places to go

Sunshine Bloom and Textures

Sunshine Pink & Orange Bloom

Stamping with the handle of a paint brush creates beautiful texture. I watched a few videos on how to paint paper for collage. Eric Carle inspires my work. You have fun. You play. You open up to what happens. It’s always a beautiful experience.

For this bloom you add drops of acrylic on the page. Use a flat brush to blend and spread the paint creating petals. You can add a little more white where you want pink. The colors I used are Indian Yellow, Magenta, and White.

Ok now I’m going to use the last scraps of papaer I have and one final flower for this year of course. I saw this video last night and I have a new project idea!

Bloom no matter the season

bloom no matter the season watercolored brushed quote

I painted these blooms with a size 10 brush. I also needed the reminder. I am spending this week painting a few more flowers. I’ll be painting textures for the new book. I’m looking back at my work and preparing for new projects in 2022. My color book is coming along. I think January is a good time to release the book. I’ll probably drop a teaser, a few pages for download in a week or two. Some of you are already email subscribers so I”ll send you the teaser. Maybe I can finish the book. I’ll do my best.

I want to work on the creative bloom course. I just want to keep painting flowers. This is my moment to take a deep breathe and bloom no matter the season. The weather is cold. Yet I’ll bloom like I was born to bloom.

If you are not a subscriber please do, email me so I can send you the teaser. Also please let me know what you’ve enjoyed seeing on my blog? I’ve got ideas for next year but I’m planning more.